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Asian Journal November 4, 2011 edition

Asian Journal November 4, 2011 edition

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Published by: ASIAN JOURNAL on Nov 03, 2011
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 Simply Put .. p. 19The Difference betweenForesightedness and Vigilance .. p. 11
Pres. Noy Aquino: It’s ‘all-out justice’
(Continued on page 9)
Charice Pempengco’sfather stabbed dead afterdrinking session
Phl welcomes symbolic7 billionth baby
Parol Competition at PhilippineLantern Festival December 3
Philippine conjoined twinsto be separated
Camille Galura kisses her newborn baby named DanicaMay, the Philippines’ symbolic seven billionth baby, at the Jose Fabella Memorial Medical Cen-ter in Manila yesterday. AP 
 By Sheila Crisos-tomo
(The PhilippineStar) MANILA,Philippines, 11/1/11-- The Philippineswelcomed shortly af-ter midnight Sundaythe symbolic seven billionth baby – agirl born at the gov-ernment-run Dr. Jose FabellaMemorial Medical Center inSta. Cruz, Manila.Danica May Galura, thesecond child of common-law
Victim, ‘killer’ both drunk, say investigators
San Diego, CA. The 14th AnnualParol Philippine Lantern Festival on De-cember 3, at the Jacobs Center’s Celebra-tion Hall, 404 Euclid will be highlighted by the Parol Competition where thegeneral public and students are invited tocompete.There are two competitions for thegeneral public and students to participate.The Grand Competition will award $250for First Place, $150 for Second Place and$100 for the Third Place Winner. Partici- pants in the Grand Competition will berequired to submit a registration fee of $10 by December 1.The School Competition is open to allstudents from Elementary, Middle andHigh Schools. No registration fee is re-quired. The top winner in each categorywill receive $50.00.RULES & REQUIREMENTS:Submit Registration Form by Decem- ber 1 and applicable fees.Parol must be decorated by applicant listed on Parol Competition Registration Form.Parol must be a three - dimensional lantern.Parol dimensions are a minimum 12 inches height/12 inches wide/ 2 inches deep.
Parol must be a ve points star at a minimum: one pointing upward, two outward, two
downward.Parol must have two traditional tails on the two bottom points.Parol material to be used maybe of crepe paper, cellophane wrap, tinsel, metal, shell or fabric.
Bill Labestre
Msgr. GutierrezBen Maynigo
Commingling of Governmental  Powers .. p. 8
(Continued on page 7)
November 4-10, 2011
(Continued on page 2)(Continued on page 21)
PhilippineRadioAM 1450M-F 7-8 PM
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San Diego’s first and only Asian Filipino weekly publication and a multi-award winning newspaper! Online+Digital+Print Editions to best serve you!
November 4-10, 2011
Charice Pempengco
 ATTEND FREE PRESENTATIONS  November 19 -- November 26, 201110 a.m. -- 5 p.m. in San Diego and TemeculaCall 619.746.3416 for reservations
(Continued on page 9)
By Maricar Cin-co
, Inquirer SouthernLuzon, INQUIRER.net | CAMP PA-CIANO RIZAL,Laguna 11/1/11 – Theestranged father of international sing-ing sensation CharicePempengco was stabbed deadin San Pedro, Laguna beforemidnight Monday, police saidon Tuesday.Ricky Pempengco, 40, diedon the spot after sustainingtwo stab wounds in the chest,said Superintendent KirbyKraft, San Pedro police chief,in a phone interview.
Witnesses identied the
suspect as a certain AngelCapili, 35, who is now thesubject of a police manhunt.
 Reprinted from Inquirer.net 
| PALO ALTO, Califor-nia, 1/1/11 – Two-year-oldconjoined twin girls who were born in the Philippines were
undergoing nal preparations
Monday for a complex sur-gery at a California hospitalthat is meant to separate them.Doctors at Stanford Uni-versity’s Lucile Packard Chil-dren’s Hospital are planning anine-hour procedure Tuesdaythat, if successful, will allow
 Angelica Sabuco, 2 (right), and her twin sister An- gelina (left), draw on paper with the help of their mother Ginady Sabuco (center), at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Monday, Oct. 31, 2011 in Stanford, California.(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)
Says ‘all-out war’ won’t resolve problem
By Jocelyn Montemayor, Malaya
President Aquino yesterdayvowed an “all-out justice”campaign against what hesaid were “lawless elements”responsible for the recent skir-mishes in Basilan, ZamboangaSibugay and Lanao del Nortethat has so far already cost thelives of 34 soldiers and civil-ians.“We will not pursue all-outwar; we will instead pursueall-out justice. All-out war isindiscriminate and borne outof anger. All-out justice is so- ber and fair; it is based on therule of law, and leads to last-ing peace,” the President said
in a brieng in Malacañang
after meeting with the CabinetSecurity Cluster.He stressed that the gov-ernment is not after the MILF but only the lawless elementswhich are contained in theOrder of Battle of the policeand military.“We are not interested inknee-jerk actions that will jeopardize our efforts to ad-
dress the roots of conict in
the region. Anong klaseng pag-iisip ang nagsasabingawayin ang lahat, sabay-sa- bay, maski ang nananahimik,sa lahat ng sulok ng Pilipinas, para lang masabing may gina-gawa ka,” he said.Aquino said his decision isnot borne out of ignorance but based on available facts.
“The difcult peace pro-
cess cannot be enhanced byshedding more blood and gen-erating more ill will. We haveto exhaust all possibilitiesfor attaining peace throughdialogue.”Aquino said as part of the“all out justice” effort, he
ordered intensied operations
against criminal elements,enjoining the public includinghis critics to understand andsupport his decision.“Let me remind everyonethat there are those who willtry to use this incident to gain political leverage and further agitate the public. Rash deci-sions fuelled by a thirst for vengeance can only serve todishonor the memory of the
Page 2November 4-10, 2011 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
(Continued from page 1)
For more information
 call 619.955.6277 or visit www.ctvattys.com
couple Camille Galura andFlorante Camacho, weighed5.5 pounds at birth.
“We just welcomed the seven bil-lionth human being. I think this issymbolic in the sense that we wouldlike every Filipino and, of course,every human being that comes intothis world, (to be) born with dignityand with all the opportunities in be-ing able to achieve to the fullest the potential of his being a human being,”Health Secretary Enrique Ona said.Danica May’s birth came amid an
explosion of camera ashes in the
delivery room.“She looks so lovely,” Camillewhispered softly as she cradled her tiny baby.“I can’t believe she is the world’sseventh billion,” she said.Florante, her partner, quietly stoodin a corner wearing a white hospitalgown as television crews and photog-raphers crowded to get a shot of hisdaughter.The parents and the baby were met
 by United Nations ofcials in the
Philippines including UN PopulationFund Country Representative UgochiDaniels, who presented the child witha cake.There were also gifts from local benefactors, including a scholarshipgrant and a livelihood package to en-able the parents to open a small retailstore.Also on hand to witness the eventwas 12-year-old Lorrize Mae Gue-varra, who the Philippines declaredas its own symbolic six billionth babyin 1999 when the world reached thatdemographic landmark.“I am very happy to see this cute baby. I hope like me she will grow upto become healthy and well loved byeveryone,” said Guevarra, who is nowin the sixth grade.The UN named a Bosnian baby, Ad-nan Mevic, as the Earth’s six billionthinhabitant on Oct. 12, 1999. The
secretary-general at the time, Ko
Annan, was pictured in a Sarajevohospital with Mevic in his arms.Current UN chief Ban Ki-moon willnot be seen cuddling a newborn. Hehas said the seven billionth baby will be entering a “world of contradic-tion.”“Plenty of food, but still a billion people going to bed hungry everynight. Many people enjoy luxuriouslifestyles, but still many people areimpoverished,” he said in an inter-view with Time magazine.The Mevic family is now strugglingin poverty at their Sarajevo home,which is partly why no baby will be
Phl welcomessymbolic7 billionth baby
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& Vega www.ctvattys.com
by Atty. Andrew Agtagma, Esq.
Legal Buzz
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(Continued on page 23)
Pitfalls in Handling a PersonalInjury Case without an Attorney(Part 1)
by Atty. Andrew Agatagma, Esq.
There is a legal adage that a personwho represents himself has a fool for a client. On the other hand, in rela-tively minor cases, the cost of legalrepresentation can easily outstrip theamount the person hopes to recover.In small personal injury cases, then,when is it agood ideato hire anattorney,and whenis it bestto go italone?If legalfees werethe onlyconsid-eration,arguably itwould be better for an injured partyto represent himself. But having
 been in practice for over fteen
years, I have seen many ways inwhich unrepresented clients “leavemoney on the table.” To handleone’s own personal injury claimeffectively, here are some common pitfalls to keep in mind.
1. Know the Value of Your Case.
A prospective client who had beeninjured in a car accident decided torepresent himself after the insur-ance claims adjuster said that theinsurer would “pay for everything.”Like him, many injured parties whohandle case themselves assume,rather naively, that the adjuster willassign a fair value to the case.What they overlook is that theadjuster’s job is to minimize theamount the insurer ultimately pays.And when it comes to unrepresented parties, there are many ways for aninsurer to “cut corners.” Unrepre-sented parties are most vulnerable innot knowing what items to includewhen submitting a claim. And it’sunrealistic in most circumstances toexpect the adjuster to be forthrightabout this information.Similar to buying a used car, it’simpossible to know if the asking price is fair unless you know whatfeatures the car has, the mileage,and the year it was made. Once youhave that information, you can look up the “Blue Book” value and com- pare it to the asking price. Withoutit, estimating the value is little morethan rank speculation or wishfulthinking.
2. Settling a Case Early UsuallyMeans Settling the Case For Less.
 Settling a case early is related to the
rst pitfall because it usually takes
time for the full value of a case tomanifest itself. Another prospective
client came to my ofce years ago
wanting to hire me because she wasexperiencing ongoing pain severalmonths after her accident.She forgot to mention, however,that she had already accepted $1,000to settle all her claims a week or two after her injury. And once shesigned the release accepting the offer and cashed the check, there was nogoing back.This cli-ent fell into“early settle-ment” pitfall because theadjuster appealed toher desireto settle thecase quickly.The adjuster dangled aseeminglyattractiveamount to resolve the case, even before the client knew the extent of her injuries. What appeared to bea generous offer in the beginningturned out to be woefully inadequatein hindsight.In California, most personal injury
cases need to be led in court within
two years from the date of the ac-cident. This deadline is called astatute of limitations. (The deadlineis usually shorter where the party being sued is a government entity,e.g., state and county agencies,municipalities, public transporta-tion districts, and the like.) Becausethose with minor personal injuryclaims almost always fully recover  before the statute of limitationsexpires, this client could have waited before deciding to accept the insur-ance company’s settlement offer.In Part 2 of this article, I will con-tinue the discussion of the pitfallsthat self-represented clients encoun-ter. I will also discuss consider-ations in selecting an attorney, for those preferring to seek professionallegal help.
 Atty. Andrew Agtagma is a gradu-ate of U.C. Berkeley (Boalt Hall)School of Law. He works closelywith the Law Firm of Chua Tinsayand Vega (CTV) and its clientsto provide counsel in his areas of expertise, which include employ-ment law, personal injury, and  general civil litigation. He can bereached by phone at: (650) 589-5700, or e-mail at: HYPERLINK “mailto:contact@lawcenter-esq.com” contact@lawcenter-esq.com.
CTV is a full service law rm withofces in San Francisco, San Diego
and Manila. The information pre- sented in this article is for general information only and is not intended as formal legal advice, or to serveas the basis for an attorney-client re-lationship. CTV can be reached at:(415) 495-8088; (619) 955-6277.
 put in the global spotlight this time.Danica May is one of severalchildren in countries around the world being declared a symbolic seven bil-lionth human.It was hoped she would arrive at ex-actly midnight, but she was deliveredtwo minutes early.Ona said the arrival of the world’sseven billionth baby also presentedthe Philippines with an opportunity toassess population related issues.Other countries launched similar celebrations. Zambia is throwing aseven billion song contest; Vietnamis staging a “7B: Counting On EachOther” concert; Russian authoritiesare showering gifts on selected new- borns and the Ivory Coast is puttingon a comedy show.
Call to action
“It is a symbolic event, a call toaction for everyone that we’re nowseven billion in the world and wehave responsibilities,” Daniels saidof the birth of the seventh billion
 baby. She claried that the issue is not
about overpopulation.“It’s not about counting people, butit’s about making people count, ensur-ing that they have access to education,access to health and to employment.That they have access, particularlyfor women, to reproductive informa-tion and services so that they can plan when they’re going to have kids,how many kids they’re going to have,and what is the spacing going to be,”Daniels added.She said that while the Philip- pine population remains young,with people under 25 making up 54 percent of the total, they needed to betaught proper “life skills” and aboutsexual issues.She said that while women werehaving fewer children globally, theoverall population continued toincrease.“While our world of seven bil-lion represents a complex picture of trends and paradoxes, there are someessential global truths we observe,”she said. “Conversely, there is no oneglobal population outlook.”The UNFPA, in its “2011 State of the World Population Report,” said10 percent of girls in the Philippinesaged 15 to 19 have started child bearing, with many of the young alsoincreasingly vulnerable to HIV.Also based on the report, the Philip- pines is the 12th most populous na-tion, with 94.9 million inhabitants.But according to Commission onPopulation executive director TomasOsias, the country’s population isactually not 94.9 million but 95.8million based on National StatisticsCoordinating Board data.“You need to plan for your popula-tion, provide services they need tolive productive lives. It’s not justfor countries with large population.Meet the needs of your people. Everyindividual has a responsibility. If you
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.comNovember 4-10, 2011
(1) Consul General Mary Jo Aragon delivering her speech.
Pinoys’ #1 Choice
Light &Shadows
Read Zena Babao’s previous articles by visiting our website at
by Zena Sultana Babao
Celebrating Pinoy Pride
By Zena Sultana Babao
(Photos courtesy of Nedy Lao and  Joseph Roley Arzaga )
“Together we build.Together we are strong.And together, we can be
an inuential socio-eco-
nomic-political force!” –  NaFFAA
SAN DIEGO, Nov. 1, 2011 -Throughout our history as a country,the Philippines have always advo-cated and used the spirit of togeth-erness or teamwork to accomplishgoals and endeavors. Harnessingeach other’s potential by thinkingand working collectively bringssuccess to any organization time andtime again. NaFFAA, which stands for  National Federation of FilipinoAmerican Association, is doing it – and it has become a force for good!This highly visible organiza-
tion has a unied goal and all the
team members consciously work towards it. Its members know thatthe collective intelligence and effortof the team is much greater than ieach member work separately. Sotheir credo or guiding principle is:“Together we build. Together we arestrong. And together, we can be an
inuential socio-economic-political
force.”NaFFAA is a private, non-
 prot, non-partisan, tax-exempt
organization established in 1997. Itis a national movement organized to build up a strong Filipino American presence here in in America. It isone of the most well-known FilipinoAmerican organizations in the worldtoday.
Celebrating Pinoy Pride
 Last Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011, NaFFAA’s Region 10 held a meet-and-greet event Celebrating PinoyPride at the Royal Palm Salon 1 of the Town & Country Resort Ho-tel. Region 10 is composed of SanDiego, Imperial, Riverside, and SanBernardino Counties.Philippine Consul GeneralMary Jo Bernardo Aragon, the guestof honor, delivered an inspirationalspeech which was the highlight of the event. She was introduced byRegion 10’s overall chairwomanAurora S. Cudal.In her speech, the consul gen-eral has painted a very bright futurefor the Philippines under the leader-ship of President Noynoy Aquino.She said that with the election of  Noynoy, there’s a new interest in in-vestments from other countries. Shealso mentioned that her term of dutyin America is about to end soon.She came here in June 2006 and will be leaving in June 2012, after twelveyears as a career diplomat.Another highlight of the eventwas the Pledge of Commitment by
the ofcers and members of Region
10 led by Jay Ruiz, Sr., Region 10’sexecutive director. The Region
10 ofcers are: Aurora S. Cudal,
overall chair; Jay Ruiz, Sr., execu-tive director; Fresas Flores Balis-treri, youth affairs chair; Myrna T.F.Reyes and J.R. Chantengco, San Di-ego County co-chairs; Pastor NelsonCastorillo, Imperial County chair;Hermie Abrigo, Riverside Countychair; Gina Bea, San BernardinoCounty chair; Doris Malabad, secre-tary; Priscilla Garrovillas, assistantsecretary; Katrina Benfer, treasurer;and Jayme Ross D. Eva, webmaster.
NaFFAA makes Progress
NaFFAA is making a lot of  progress in its various programs,some of which are the following:
(Continued on page 4)
Seafood City’s 19th Annual Fiesta & Karaoke Competition a success
Seafood City in National City went all out for its 19th Anniversary Extravaganza with a karaoke singing contest and a line-up of local artists and entertainers. Mayor Ron Morrison of National City was on hand to congratulate the winners. (See additional photos on page 10)

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