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LC - English

LC - English



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Published by: api-3827331 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Communication Skills
I. Listening
Auditory Discrimination
1. Identify sounds produced by different animals in the environment
e.g. aw, aw (dog)
oink, oink (pig)
2. Identify sounds produced by different objects in the environment
e.g. sound of siren, fire truck
train, boat, church bell
3. Distinguish similar from dissimilar sounds
e.g. meow-meow, zzz-sss
Visual Discrimination
Identify letter sounds
1. Identify the letter that represents the sound heard
b, m, p, a
d, f, g, e, c, k, q
n, h, s, j, i
f, v, z, o
l, r, w, y, x, u
2. Identify vowel/consonant sounds in initial/final position
e.g. Initial Position
as in man
as in fan
as in zoo
as in ant
as in egg
Final Position
as in hat
as in bus
as in pen
3. Identify names of pictures that rhyme
4. Identify words that rhyme
Listening Comprehension
1. Note details from a story listened to
- answer wh- question
2. Follow simple one step directions heard
II. Speaking
1. Produce the sounds listened to (refer to listening activity)
a. Animal sounds
b. Objects in the environment
c. Letter sounds
2. Talk about oneself and others
2.1 Tell one\u2019s name, sex, age, address, name of school

My name is______ _______ ____ ___ _.
I\u2019m_______ ______ ___ ____ years old.
I live in Barangay__ __ ____ ____ ____.
I go to________ ___ __ ____ ____ ___.
(Name of School)

2.2 Ask and answer questions about oneself and others

What\u2019s your name?
How old are you?
Where do you live?
What\u2019s your teacher\u2019s name?

3. Use simple greetings and courteous expressions in appropriate situations
3.1 Say simple greetings
Hello, Good morning, Good afternoon
Goodnight, Goodbye, Happy Birthday
3.2 Use courteous expressions
Thank you, You\u2019re welcome, Excuse me,
I\u2019m sorry, May I go out, Please come in.
4. Talk about things using a/an, this is/that is
at home
in the classroom/school
in the community
5. Talk about places using this is/ that is
at home
in the school
in the community
6. Talk about people using he, she, this is/that is
family members
school helpers
community helpers
7. Use words that describe
8. Use prepositions in, on, under, over
9. Identify objects in relation with others in terms of position

10. Recite rhymes and jingles
11. Name the days of the week
12. Name the months of the year

III. Reading
A. Readiness
1. Demonstrate the proper eye movement in reading
1.1 from left-right
1.2 from top-bottom
1.3 from left to right, top to bottom
2. Read the letters of the alphabet

3. Note similarities and differences in letter forms
3.1 Identify the letters that are the same in a group of letters
3.2 Identify the letter that is different in a group of letters
3.3 Identify critical letter forms
3.4 Identify correct letter pairs

Example: b-d, p-g, n-m-n-u
4. Identify words that are the same/different
e.g. was, saw, was
hot, hot, hut
5. Identify pictures/objects that are the same/different
B. Word Recognition
1. Associate words with pictures
2. Recognize common words thru sight word technique
3. Read simple words with consonant \u2013 vowel \u2013 consonant pattern through
picture and configuration clues.
4. Read simple words, phrases and sentences
e.g. book
a book
This is a book. (3-4 word in a sentence)

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