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Bitter Guns

Bitter Guns

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Published by Nikko Nguyen
A bounty hunter comes out of retirement for one last job.
A bounty hunter comes out of retirement for one last job.

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Published by: Nikko Nguyen on Nov 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bitter GunsByNikko Nguyen
ACT 1Scene 1
(Nevada, 1868. Its the dead of night, and the cold has just settled in. The Set is cut out into 3distinct sections. 1/3 of the stage is set inside,which is separated by a wall which leads to a porch area which only takes up a few feet of stage, and the rest of the stage is blank withnothing in it. Candles are lit on the inside of the house portion of the stage. One man, in hisearly 30’s stands in the middle of the house over a girl in her late teens cowering in fear.)
SOPHIA(In fear and desperation)Please! Deputy. I SWEAR I didn’t tell a soul!DEPUTYYOU LYINWHORE! (Deputy smacks Sophia) You sack a’shit! I know you squealed to the Feds!SOPHIA(Crying)I, SWEAR, on my mothers grave. I did no such thing!DEPUTY(Angrily)By the time I’m through with you? you’re gonna beswearin’ tah me! (He smacks her a second time) Now,lets see how well you take instruction little lady! (Hebegins to take off his pants). Suck me off good. Andmake sure not to-
A gunshot. Dale falls over in a slump. Another manwalks on stage with a smoking shotgun.
WILLSophie! are you alright?
Sophia runs over to Shane and half holds, half hits Will.
SOPHIAHe was a deputy! You shot a deputy!WILL(Shaking Sophia)Get a hold of yourself!
Sophia breaks down into tears.
CONTINUED: 2.SOPHIA(In Shock)I didnt know who else to turn to! I just had to tellsomeone about it! I’m sorry Will! I’m so sorry!...Please...WILLWhat are you talkinabout?
(shaking her)
SOPHIA!...What are you blabberin on about?SOPHIAThe law! The law ain’t what they--
The sound of a window breaking.
Sophie gurgling and spouting blood holds a papeup to Will and puts it in his hands.More sounds of broken glass and what sounds likegunshots in the distance. Will ducks behind achair and cries out.
WILL(Screaming in anguish and in tears)SOPHIE!!! NO!! FUCK!!!!!
Torn with emotion, Will finally just ups anleaves stage left. The Stage goes black.
Scene 2
Porch section of the lights go up. Mrs. Jakobsonsits on a bench knitting.Jakobson looks up and smirks offstage as if looking at something and spying on it.
MRS. JAKOBSONHeh heh, you think you can get into my garden againwithout me knowing? ya little shits, I’ve come PREPAREDthis time!
She pulls out a revolver and aims ever socarefully, as if this was her 3rd or so timeshooting a gun.Then, bursting from out of the house comes Mary.

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