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07 ENG Creative Expression Anthology 18rairatc

07 ENG Creative Expression Anthology 18rairatc

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Published by Am Chunnananda

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Am Chunnananda on Nov 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My anthology is about water, and its different forms and things it does. Mymessage that I was trying to send across was that water can be in differentforms, known in different ways and perspectives and it affects lives. I tried tocommunicate that water can be many things, and can be described as manythings. Water is always included in our lives no matter what situation. Icommunicated my message through limericks and rhyming poems. I tried touse words that have a big meaning which covers an understanding forsomething well.Water is a very important element that can be well expressed through poetry. Ichose to do this anthology because it would fantasize and personify watermore creatively than a story. I feel that I had to choose a limited amount of forms of poems, so that I can work more focused, and I can develop andstructure better ideas and keep working on similar poetic forms. I enjoyed thistask because I could really improve and use my skills in poetry, and I learnt newthinking skills about why and how I can communicate a message.Water has more than a few forms, and more than a few ways to describe.
Poem #1-
Wet slimy water can be big orsmallThough the big blue sea canhelp float a beach ballThe sea smells salty, drinkingwater smells blandWater crawls away from me it
won’t sit on my hand!
It’s sad how it doesn’t make
sounds; it never calls!
Poem #2-
Puddles, lakes and rivers arepretty small formsThough one massive shape canbe a huge terrifying storm!Surroundings of lakes can berocks, trees and fresh applegreenPeaceful small huddles of watershall never be mean
Water’s amazing –
it’ll always
reform and deform
Poem #3-
The fluid liquid has fame allover the worldIt will never hide and never stayhurled
There’s the
Nile, the Bermuda,the dark Dead SeaIt never has costs, it popularityis always freeThough its shape will never be
Poem #4-
An elder, wider form of water isknown as an oceanThe Atlantic runs by America ina swift, zipping motionIndian waves howl up uponAsia, Europe and AfricaThe Arctic rubs with cold flakyice, top and below of AntarcticaPacific splatters at 3 continentsand smooth as lotion!
Poem #5-
Not only does water stay thereIt has its own cycle, that allwater sharesThe sun heats up aqua whichthen floats up to the skyWhere it all hugs each othertight, cold weather comes byToo heavy to stand, they comedown to earthRain, hail, snow or sleetFor us to bare, with our poor 2feet
Poem #6-
When the wet steam comesdown, better known as rainWe all sigh when our heartsthrob with painOur ears deafen up to all thehonks we hearWe rush to our safe places as astorm comes nearTrailing off with prints from ourpair of wet shoes

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