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Pakistan Private Sector Assistance Evaluation, 1985–2004

Pakistan Private Sector Assistance Evaluation, 1985–2004

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This report evaluates the twenty years (1985-2004) of ADB's support to the private sector in Pakistan.
This report evaluates the twenty years (1985-2004) of ADB's support to the private sector in Pakistan.

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  A Report to the Operations Evaluation Department Asian Development Bank For the Country Assistance Program Evaluation for Pakistan
Pakistan Private Sector AssistanceEvaluation, 1985–2004
by Jayyad Malik Lloyd Powell
July 2006
(as of 1 November 2005)Currency UnitPakistan rupee/s (PRe/PRs)PRe1.00= $0.0167$1.00= PRs59.73
ADB Asian Development BankBCO Banking Companies Ordinance 1962
CSP country strategy and programFYP five-year planMFI microfinance institutionNBFI non-bank financial institutionNGO nongovernment organizationPCR project completion reportPRM Pakistan Resident MissionSBP State Bank of PakistanSECP Securities and Exchange Commission of PakistanSME small and medium enterpriseTA technical assistanceZTBL Zarai Tarqiati Bank Limited
(i) In this report, “$” refers to US dollars.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY iiiI. INTRODUCTION 1A. Background 1B. Scope and Objectives of the Evaluation 2C. Evaluation Methodology 2D. Report Content 3II. PRIVATE SECTOR PERFORMANCE AND CONSTRAINTS 3A. Private Sector Overview 3B. Private Sector Constraints 4III. FINANCE SECTOR PERFORMANCE AND ISSUES 6A. Introduction 6B. Banking Sector 6C. Non-Bank Financial Institutions 15IV. STRATEGIES AND POLICIES 22A. Government Strategies and Policies 23B. ADB’s Country Strategies 25V. DESCRIPTION OF ADB’S PRIVATE SECTOR OPERATIONS 30A. Finance Sector Development (Public Sector Loans) 30B. Private Sector Transactions 34C. Other Operational Activities 37VI. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 38A. Overall Conclusions 38B. Recommendations 43APPENDIXES1. Pakistan Public Sector Loans 1984–2004 452. Pakistan Private Sector Loans/Equity 19984–2004 463. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Ordinance 1997 474. Individuals Interviewed for Private Sector Evaluation Mission 76This report is a working paper for the Country Assistance Program Evaluation for Pakistan.OED Working Papers are an informal series to present the findings of work in progress inevaluation. They are circulated to encourage discussion and elicit comment. The viewsexpressed in this report are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the viewsand policies of the Asian Development Bank, or its Board of Governors or the governmentsthey represent.The Asian Development Bank does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in thisreport and accepts no responsibility for any consequences of their use. Use of the term“country” does not imply any judgment by the author(s) or the Asian Development Bank as tothe legal or other status of any territorial entity.

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