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Published by: api-3828205 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Explain difference between static and dynamic testing.Give example
for each.
2.write any 3 sections in Unit test plan.and explain briefly about
3.In Acceptance test plan.Explain the important sections and explain
y u feel important.
4.Give 3 Risks associated using new technology and explain them.
5.Ur pm wants to implementing a automated tool.
Give a outline of the steps(events) to implement the tool.
6.Give 3 scenarios when over testing is reached.
7.Give 3 points when to stop testing.Explain them.
8.Give how u measure:
'Plan completeness' , 'Tester performance' and 'Test coverage'
9.Risk is reduced in 2 ways.
One is to reduce frequency.Give one method to do.
other to reduce the impact of loss.Give one method to do.
10.Define the terms white box testing and Black box testing.
Give 2 techniques to each.
11.One contracter is taken for testing.Ur pm asked to take him in
testing the project.Give 5 responsibilities he should should to
select him.( 5 testing responsibilites he should have)
12.what are the components u consider while testing security testing.
Explain them.
13.Draw system boundary diagram for a library.

1. What is Threat, Control, Vulnerability and Risk (10

2. Prepare Knowlegde Transfer Plan for your
organization on Purchasing a COTS software ( 10 Marks
)3. Issues faced by testers on Wireless technologies (

10 Marks)
4. Prepare acceptance test plan for your customer ( 10

5. "V" model Testing ( 10 Marks)
6. What are all the methods you will handle to make

your team to be more productive ( 10 Marks)
7. Describe about Control Chart ( 10 Marks )
8. What is Unit testing, Integration testing, system

testing and accptance testing ( 10 Marks )

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