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ITD 13 041111 ENG

ITD 13 041111 ENG

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Published by IT Decisions

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Published by: IT Decisions on Nov 04, 2011
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ITD #13 Mobile devices and the IT department© IT Decisions 4 November 2011 – All rights reserved
Mobile devices andthe IT department
ITD Research #134 November 2011
ITD #13 Mobile devices and the IT department© IT Decisions 4 November 2011 – All rights reserved
Mobile devices are taking over many organizations withan increase in employees carrying smartphones into theworkplace and demanding the right to use their owndevice.Whilst the mobile revolution means the CIO can worryless about network infrastructure at the office ‐ such asstructured cabling ‐ it introduces a series of new issues,such as wireless security. A complete lockdown of thenetwork is unpopular with workers who want to be ableto work on email, documents, and company informationusing the same device at home as in the office.But with hackers even targeting the Android and Appleoperating systems, what could be the price of flexibleaccess to your company systems using mobile devices?An information leak because of security weaknessescreated by mobile devices is just one possible outcomefrom the proliferation of smart devices. There can also bethe opportunity to create a more flexible workingenvironment for your team – can you remember a timebefore the Blackberry, when email couldonly be answered in the office?Mobile devices can also create newinnovations for your end customers too – in many different industries.Customers are interacting withinformation in new ways and many of them want a mobile offering, so it is onlynatural that this would translate into theuse of more smart devices within theorganization.There is a change in customerexpectations and in the expectations of your own workers – everyone wants toability to use mobile devices to accessinformation. But as an IT leader, how doyou support all of this change? It’s a longway from the standardized systems of old – now people are bringing their owndevices into the office and expectingyour IT team to support them.In this IT Decisions report, we explorewhat our IT leaders think about theexplosion of use in mobile devices atwork. What opportunities are createdfor the creation of new services andwhat complexities are created with theneed to manage this?
“…what could bethe price of accessto companysystems throughmobile devices?”
ITD #13 Mobile devices and the IT department© IT Decisions 4 November 2011 – All rights reserved
Participant feedback
To explore the issue of preparing the IT department for a change in business strategy we asked fourquestions – three of which were multiple choice and one designed to promote an open discussion.We received answers from 22 executives from 11 industry sectors: Shipbuilding, consumer goods,insurance, media, food production, chemicals, logistics, financial services, consumer services,manufacturing, and transportation.
Question 1: Has your organization faced an actual ‐ or the threat of ‐ an information leak becauseof wireless networks and devices?
Our IT leaders are overwhelmingly in control of their own security risks regarding mobile devices inthe workplace.Despite the risk of security breaches being one of the main concerns around the proliferation of mobile computing devices, a full 50% of our respondents said that they have not faced any form of information leak because of mobile devices. This was further strengthened by an additional 36.4%who answered that they have not faced any information leak, but they perceive it as an ongoingthreat.Only one in ten of our respondents had faced a real situation where data was stolen or leakedbecause of mobile devices.
0 2 4 6 8 10 12YesYes, but we closed it quicklyNoNot yet, but is a threat 

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