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Published by api-3828651

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Published by: api-3828651 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prologue / 1 of 2

Few people are able to appreciate the deep philosophical realm of science.
Science, especially modern science, can be beautiful and intriguing. I derive my values
and beliefs from my passion for science and the search for the ultimate truth, more
specifically, the ultimate understanding of existence. Granted, an ultimate truth has been
searched for since as long as there have been human records, but I believe that the human
race is beginning to be able to reach conclusions about the universe and our place in it
because of the human dedication to the scientific method. A passion for the universe and
a deep appreciation for its beauty and mystery has always been a part of my life. I am
astounded by the complexity of the universe: the ever-expanding systems of stars,
planets, nebulae, supernovae, and life, a system so beautiful that many find it to be
irrefutable evidence of spiritual existence. I simultaneously wonder at its simplicity; how
each one of those systems, especially life, exists in perfect harmony with one another.

That harmony is well appreciated by the fictional mastermind, Michael Crichton.
Crichton\u2019sTim e lin e is an excellent illustration of the extraordinary possibilities of
modern science. Although it is fiction, the importance of the novel is that it evokes the
same spirit of excitement which scientists tap into for innovation. The book was an
inspiration for me to begin researching modern science, and, since then, I haven\u2019t really

I haven\u2019t really ever stopped being a Christian, either. A surprising number of
people find this to be troubling, since, to an uninformed people, science and religion
seem to be polar opposite ideologies. Personally, I see no reason why science and
Christianity cannot coexist peacefully, and I was able to express these thoughts as
articulately as I could to my youth leader on a mission trip to Costa Rica last summer.
Perhaps it is because I am extremely liberal when it comes to interpreting the bible that I

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