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Qui dinh viet de an

Qui dinh viet de an

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Published by api-3828829

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Published by: api-3828829 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tr\u00eang \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e4c kinh t\u00d5 qu\u00e8c d\u00a9n
Khoa K\u00d5 to\u00b8n
C\u00e9ng h\u00dfa x\u00b7 h\u00e9i ch\u00f1 ngh\u00dca vi\u00d6t nam
\u00a7\u00e9c l\u00cbp \u2013 T\u00f9 do \u2013 H\u00b9nh ph\u00f3c
Quy \u00ae\u00denh v\u00d2 \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00abn h\u00e4c
c\u00f1a sinh vi\u00aan chuy\u00aan ng\u00b5nh k\u00d5 to\u00b8n t\u00e6ng h\u00eep

\u00a7\u00d3 t\u00b9o ra s\u00f9 th\u00e8ng nh\u00cat v\u00d2 c\u00b8ch th\u00f8c ti\u00d5n h\u00b5nh, h\u00d7nh th\u00f8c, n\u00e9i dung, k\u00d5t c\u00cau, c\u00b8ch th\u00f8c cho \u00aei\u00d3m \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00abn h\u00e4c thu\u00e9c Chuy\u00aan ng\u00b5nh K\u00d5 to\u00b8n t\u00e6ng h\u00eep - \u00ae\u00eec s\u00f9 \u00f1y quy\u00d2n c\u00f1a Tr\u00ebng khoa K\u00d5 to\u00b8n - B\u00e9 m\u00abn K\u00d5 to\u00b8n ban h\u00b5nh quy \u00ae\u00denh v\u00d2 \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00abn h\u00e4c chuy\u00aan ng\u00b5nh.

1. M\u00f4c \u00ae\u00ddch, y\u00aau c\u00c7u \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00abn h\u00e4c
1.1- M\u00f4c \u00ae\u00ddch

Gi\u00f3p sinh vi\u00aan thu\u00e9c chuy\u00aan ng\u00b5nh k\u00d5 to\u00b8n h\u00d6 ch\u00ddnh quy v\u00b5 v\u00a8n b\u00bbng 2 nghi\u00aan c\u00f8u khoa h\u00e4c thu\u00e9c n\u00e9i dung c\u00b8c m\u00abn h\u00e4c chuy\u00aan ng\u00b5nh k\u00d5 to\u00b8n t\u00e6ng h\u00eep, t\u00f5 \u00ae\u00e3 gi\u00f3p cho sinh vi\u00aan nh\u00cbn th\u00f8c s\u00a9u s\u00bec h\u00acn m\u00e9t n\u00e9i dung n\u00b5o \u00ae\u00e3 c\u00f1a m\u00abn h\u00e4c v\u00b5 n\u00a9ng cao kh\u00b6 n\u00a8ng nghi\u00aan c\u00f8u khoa h\u00e4c. Vi\u00d6c l\u00b5m \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00abn h\u00e4c l\u00b5 b\u00edc \u00ae\u00d6m c\u00c7n thi\u00d5t \u00ae\u00d3 sinh vi\u00aan vi\u00d5t b\u00b8o c\u00b8o v\u00b5 chuy\u00aan \u00ae\u00d2 th\u00f9c t\u00cbp t\u00e8t nghi\u00d6p.

1.2- Y\u00aau c\u00c7u
-Y\u00aau c\u00c7u v\u00d2 \u00ae\u00d2 t\u00b5i : \u00a7\u00d2 t\u00b5i c\u00f1a \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n \u00ae\u00eec x\u00b8c \u00ae\u00denh theo m\u00e9t

n\u00e9i dung thu\u00e9c m\u00abn h\u00e4c chuy\u00aan ng\u00b5nh k\u00d5 to\u00b8n t\u00e6ng h\u00eep sao cho t\u00b8c gi\u00b6 c\u00f1a \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n c\u00e3 th\u00d3 tr\u00d7nh b\u00b5y trong kho\u00b6ng 20 \u2013 25 trang m\u00b5 l\u00b5m r\u00e2 \u00ae\u00eec ch\u00f1 \u00ae\u00d2 nghi\u00aan c\u00f8u. Sinh vi\u00aan c\u00e3 th\u00d3 tham kh\u00b6o ch\u00f1 \u00ae\u00d2 nghi\u00aan c\u00f8u \u00eb Ph\u00f4c l\u00f4c 1 c\u00f1a Quy \u00ae\u00denh n\u00b5y \u00ae\u00d3 l\u00f9a ch\u00e4n \u00ae\u00d2 t\u00b5i vi\u00d5t \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00abn h\u00e4c. Sinh vi\u00aan ph\u00b6i b\u00b6o v\u00d6 l\u00fd do ch\u00e4n \u00ae\u00d2 t\u00b5i \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00abn h\u00e4c tr\u00edc gi\u00b8o vi\u00aan h\u00edng d\u00c9n, khi gi\u00b8o vi\u00aan h\u00edng d\u00c9n \u00ae\u00e5ng \u00fd th\u00d7 m\u00edi th\u00f9c hi\u00d6n c\u00b8c b\u00edc c\u00abng vi\u00d6c kh\u00b8c.

-Y\u00aau c\u00c7u v\u00d2 k\u00d5t c\u00cau v\u00b5 n\u00e9i dung c\u00f1a \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00abn h\u00e4c :
L\u00eai n\u00e3i \u00ae\u00c7u: L\u00b5m r\u00e2 l\u00fd do l\u00f9a ch\u00e4n \u00ae\u00d2 t\u00b5i.
Ph\u00c7n 1: C\u00ac s\u00eb l\u00fd lu\u00cbn chung li\u00aan quan \u00ae\u00d5n \u00ae\u00d2 t\u00b5i

Trong ph\u00c7n n\u00b5y t\u00b8c gi\u00b6 ph\u00b6i h\u00d6 th\u00e8ng h\u00e3a c\u00b8c quan \u00aei\u00d3m, tr\u00eang ph\u00b8i (c\u00b6 trong v\u00b5 ngo\u00b5i n\u00edc) b\u00b5n \u00ae\u00d5n \u00ae\u00d2 t\u00b5i m\u00b5 t\u00b8c gi\u00b6 l\u00f9a ch\u00e4n, \u00ae\u00e5ng th\u00eai t\u00b8c gi\u00b6 ph\u00b6i ch\u00d8 ra quan \u00aei\u00d3m h\u00eep l\u00fd nh\u00cat.

Ph\u00c7n 2: Th\u00f9c tr\u00b9ng c\u00f1a \u00ae\u00d2 t\u00b5i \u00ae\u00eec bi\u00d3u hi\u00d6n qua ch\u00d5 \u00ae\u00e9 t\u00b5i
ch\u00ddnh, k\u00d5 to\u00b8n hi\u00d6n h\u00b5nh.

Trong ph\u00c7n n\u00b5y, t\u00b8c gi\u00b6 m\u00ab t\u00b6 \u00ae\u00eec th\u00f9c ti\u00d4n li\u00aan quan \u00ae\u00d5n \u00ae\u00d2 t\u00b5i nghi\u00aan c\u00f8u c\u00f1a t\u00b8c gi\u00b6 (th\u00d3 hi\u00d6n qua ch\u00d5 \u00ae\u00e9 c\u00f1a nh\u00b5 n\u00edc ho\u00c6c th\u00f9c ti\u00d4n t\u00b9i c\u00b8c doanh nghi\u00d6p).

Ph\u00c7n 3 : M\u00e9t s\u00e8 \u00fd ki\u00d5n \u00ae\u00d2 xu\u00cat c\u00f1a t\u00b8c gi\u00b6
K\u00d5t lu\u00cbn
- Y\u00aau c\u00c7u v\u00d2 so\u00b9n th\u00b6o:

\u00a7\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00abn h\u00e4c ph\u00b6i \u00ae\u00eec \u00ae\u00b8nh m\u00b8y tr\u00aan kh\u00e6 gi\u00cay A4, s\u00f6 d\u00f4ng b\u00b6ng m\u00b7 Unicode, font ch\u00f7 Times New Roman, Arial...c\u00ec 13 ho\u00c6c 14 c\u00f1a h\u00d6 so\u00b9n th\u00b6o Winword ho\u00c6c t\u00acng \u00ae\u00acng; m\u00cbt \u00ae\u00e9 ch\u00f7 b\u00d7nh th- \u00eang, kh\u00abng \u00ae\u00eec n\u00d0n ho\u00c6c k\u00d0o d\u00b7n kho\u00b6ng c\u00b8ch gi\u00f7a c\u00b8c ch\u00f7; d\u00b7n d\u00dfng \u00ae\u00c6t \u00eb ch\u00d5 \u00ae\u00e9 1,5 line; l\u00d2 tr\u00aan 3,5cm; l\u00d2 d\u00edi 3,0cm; l\u00d2 tr\u00b8i 3,5cm; l\u00d2 ph\u00b6i 2cm. S\u00e8 trang \u00ae\u00eec \u00ae\u00b8nh \u00eb gi\u00f7a, ph\u00dda tr\u00aan \u00ae\u00c7u m\u00e7i trang.

-Y\u00aau c\u00c7u v\u00d2 quy m\u00ab : \u00a7\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00abn h\u00e4c K\u00d5 to\u00b8n t\u00b5i ch\u00ddnh tr\u00d7nh
b\u00b5y trong kho\u00b6ng 20 \u2013 25 trang kh\u00abng k\u00d3 b\u00d7a, m\u00f4c l\u00f4c, ph\u00f4 l\u00f4c.
-Y\u00aau c\u00c7u v\u00d2 tr\u00d7nh b\u00b5y : \u00a7\u00d2 \u00b8n ph\u00b6i c\u00e3 2 b\u00d7a (1 b\u00d7a c\u00f8ng, 1
b\u00d7a m\u00d2m) tr\u00d7nh b\u00b5y theo Ph\u00f4 l\u00f4c 2. \u00a7\u00d2 \u00b8n ph\u00b6i c\u00e3 m\u00f4c l\u00f4c, ph\u00b6i li\u00d6t
k\u00aa t\u00b5i li\u00d6u tham kh\u00b6o b\u00bbng m\u00e9t ph\u00f4 l\u00f4c.
- Y\u00aau c\u00c7u v\u00d2 th\u00eai gian th\u00f9c hi\u00d6n \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n

+Th\u00eai gian th\u00f9c hi\u00d6n \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n \u00ae\u00eec t\u00ddnh t\u00f5 th\u00eai \u00aei\u00d3m B\u00e9 m\u00abn K\u00d5 to\u00b8n b\u00b5n giao danh s\u00b8ch sinh vi\u00aan theo t\u00f5ng nh\u00e3m cho gi\u00b8o vi\u00aan h\u00edng d\u00c9n \u00ae\u00d5n th\u00eai \u00aei\u00d3m gi\u00b8o vi\u00aan h\u00edng d\u00c9n n\u00e9p \u00aei\u00d3m cho B\u00e9 m\u00abn.

+Th\u00eai gian th\u00f9c hi\u00d6n \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n \u00ae\u00e8i v\u00edi sinh vi\u00aan h\u00d6 Ch\u00ddnh quy t\u00cbp
trung l\u00b5 90 ng\u00b5y, h\u00d6 V\u00a8n b\u00bbng 2 l\u00b5 60 ng\u00b5y.
+Th\u00eai gian th\u00f9c hi\u00d6n c\u00b8c b\u00edc c\u00abng vi\u00d6c c\u00f4 th\u00d3 do gi\u00b8o vi\u00aan h\u00edng
d\u00c9n quy \u00ae\u00denh.
2. Quy \u00ae\u00denh v\u00d2 \u00ae\u00b8nh gi\u00b8 \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00abn h\u00e4c

-Cho \u00aei\u00d3m 0 v\u00edi nh\u00f7ng \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n m\u00b5 gi\u00b8o vi\u00aan h\u00edng d\u00c9n ho\u00c6c B\u00e9 m\u00abn ph\u00b8t hi\u00d6n sinh vi\u00aan sao ch\u00d0p \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n c\u00f1a nhau (kh\u00abng ph\u00a9n bi\u00d6t ng\u00eai b\u00de sao ch\u00d0p hay ng\u00eai ch\u00d0p) ho\u00c6c sao ch\u00d0p \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n c\u00f2.

-Cho \u00aei\u00d3m 0 v\u00edi nh\u00f7ng sinh vi\u00aan kh\u00abng th\u00f9c hi\u00d6n c\u00b8c b\u00edc theo
y\u00aau c\u00c7u c\u00f1a gi\u00b8o vi\u00aan h\u00edng d\u00c9n, nh : Kh\u00abng n\u00e9p \u00ae\u00d2 c\u00acng, kh\u00abng vi\u00d5t

b\u00b6n th\u00b6o, n\u00e9p b\u00b6n ch\u00ddnh mu\u00e9n\u2026
-Thang \u00aei\u00d3m cho t\u00f5ng ph\u00c7n :
+L\u00eai n\u00e3i \u00ae\u00c7u : 0,5 \u00aei\u00d3m.
+Ph\u00c7n 1 : 4 \u00aei\u00d3m.
+Ph\u00c7n 2 : 3 \u00aei\u00d3m
+Ph\u00c7n 3 : 2 \u00aei\u00d3m
+K\u00d5t lu\u00cbn : 0,5

H\u00b5 N\u00e9i, Ng\u00b5y 01/08/2007
Tr\u00ebng B\u00e9 m\u00abn K\u00d5 to\u00b8n
PGS.TS Ph\u00b9m Quang
Ph\u00f4 l\u00f4c 1 : M\u00e9t s\u00e8 ch\u00f1 \u00ae\u00d2 nghi\u00aan C\u00f8u

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