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Action Plan for Problem Amended)

Action Plan for Problem Amended)



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Published by api-3828838
From Liyana
From Liyana

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Published by: api-3828838 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Action Plan for Problem Statement: Consumer Behaviour in
Desirable Change

The desirable change that I will be concentrating on for our
group, the \u201cWaste Busters\u201d, is to see people recycling more. To create
awareness on how to dispose items such as scrap metals, unused car
parts and computers.

As I said earlier, we would like to see more people recycling. We
would like people to be more aware of how to dispose items such as
scrap metals, unused car parts, computers, apparels, tins, bottles,
plastics and all other items. The plan to create the directory is just one
way to help promote awareness for better ways to handle waste. The
directory is just a site where all the contact information of the recycling
companies in Brunei can be viewed. People can access it to find out
where in their area that they can go to send their items to be recycled.

People must find it in themselves to willingly change their
attitudes towards overspending and filling up space with their
unwanted previous purchases. We can only do so much. That is one of
the changes that can bring us closer to our vision. We could also put up
more advertisements \u2013 signboards, internet, flyers \u2013 informing people
where to send their unwanted things instead of just throwing it away.
They could recycle as well as give the items away to charity so that
people who really need it can benefit from it.


The plan is to create a directory containing all the contact
information for companies in Brunei that caters to recycling needs. This
way the public will be aware of where to dispose of their unwanted

Steps Required
\ue000Step 1.1

To find out whether or not collecting scrap metals and sending it
off to the recycling companies is worth it, or if it works. I will be
conducting an experiment within my own household, collecting
any scrap metal, papers, clothes, tins, etc that I can find and
sending it off to the recycling centre. I will be using my own
resources for this step, as well as with the help from the other
members of my group. Time is limited so therefore I will be
picking one of the days in the weekend to collect the items and
another day to send it to the respective recycling companies.

\ue000Step 1.2

Call the companies on the directory list to find out what exactly
do they recycle and if these companies recycle bulky electronic
items or just bulky items in general, how they plan to pick up the
items. Again, I will be doing this task on my own and hopefully it
will be done before publication of the directory.

\ue000Step 1.3

Work on publishing the directory on the internet. My own
resources will used for this task and hopefully it will be done by
the evaluation week.

\ue000Step 1.4

Contact the local media \u2013 Borneo Bulletin, Media Permata,
Weekend & Sunday Bulletin, etc. \u2013 and enquire how exactly can I
go about to place the web address of the directory in their
newspapers. And if successful, I plan to send the website
directory to the newspapers so that they can publish it. This task
I plan to do with the help of the media as well as my group


Most people don\u2019t like change, and they might tell us to mind our
own business. However, some of them might not know where to go to
recycle their things and so do not do anything about it. Others simply
refuse to do anything, preferring to just leave it hoping that someone
else will do it.

Overcoming these barriers may not be easy, but we could start
by doing the steps stated above. We could start with one family first
then a few neighbours then expand to one community or kampong and
by word of mouth, through advertisements or maybe even go from
home to home explaining the importance of recycling to the families
personally. By doing this, slowly but surely others would slowly start to
recycle more. Of course there will be other obstacles in the way, the
media might not want to help with the directory or the recycling

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