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4 Steps to Bring True Wealth Into Your Life

4 Steps to Bring True Wealth Into Your Life

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Published by Greg Suefong

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Greg Suefong on Nov 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Solomon’s 4 Steps to Bring True Wealth into your life
(Edited Except from newsletter by Nick Roditas)
King Solomon
the richest and wisest person who ever lived.
So it’s just common sense. If you want to learn to fly aeroplanes—go see a pilot. If you want to learn some other new skill—go to someone who is an expert in thatfield. And if you want to learn a
way to attract success and wealth into yourlife there is
better teacher than King Solomon.
So what can Solomon’s insights and teachings do for your wealth (not to mentionyour career, your relationships, and your personal life?)
No matter what you
they can do, they
do infinitely more. Here are just afew of the rewards Solomon says you can look forward to when you follow hisadvice:
 You will gain sure advantage.
 You will experience true fulfillment
 You will attain respect and admiration of those in authority
 Your needs will be satisfied
 You will experience ever increasing success
 Your efforts will be profitable
 You will have a longer and healthier life
 You will have great relationships
 Also I point out that King Solomon says that the consequence of 
following his 4rules is pretty much the
exact opposite 
of the above list. And you really wouldn'twant the opposite of the list happening to you—would you?
Become The One In A Thousand Who Achieves Incredible Outcomes…
In any field or endeavour there are people who excel and achieve remarkableresults, the people who do well, the average people, and then there’s the losers andquitters.
 And King Solomon says that
core skill is what separates the people that excelfrom all the rest.
King Solomon also assures us that ANYONE who learns and applies that skill willexcel in any endeavor of their choosing—and that includes YOU Gregory.
I’m talking about the skill of 
Most people
they understand what diligence means, but
could befurther from the truth. Most would think that being “hard working” and “persistent” would make one diligent.
If I needed to cut down a tree and I used a pocket knife, and I was
persistentand hard working, I would eventually get the job done. But it would take
toolong and wear me out. A smarter option would be to use a chain-saw.
 You see when Solomon talks about diligence, he’s talking about a trait that is VERY rare.
He speaks of the “pure” side of diligence.
It’s about investing one’s days, hoursand minutes in activities that will bring “pure” returns on the time andeffort invested.
The reason it’s so rare is that true diligence runs contrary to human nature. We allhave a natural inclination to follow the path of least resistance—that is our nature.
Fortunately, despite our natural inclination, we can
to become truly diligent. And if you develop the kind of diligence that Solomon refers to, you can achieveincredible outcomes in any important area of your life.
 Do you see a man diligent in his business?He shall stand before kings.
- Proverbs 22:29 
 Also very fortunately King Solomon lays down 4 Golden Rules that will give you trueDiligence.
Solomon’s 4 Steps to Bring Diligence into your life
Step 1—Wake Up to Reality
 “How long will you lie there,” he asks. “When will you get up from your sleep?. . . poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man.” 
—Proverbs 6:9–11 
We think that we have more time than we really do to achieve our personal andprofessional goals. So we procrastinate doing what we know we should do.
We can exercise and eat right later. And the weeks, months and years go by andmost people are overweight. Getting into better shape remains only a dream formany people because they are asleep to their own reality.
Similarly, husbands and wives and mums and dads plan to make their marriages andfamilies better . . . later!
We plan to build wealth or our business. . . some day.
Don’t be asleep to the realities around you. Solomon asks us to wake up to the realworld, with its constraints, its demands, and its opportunities. The clock is constantlyticking, and every day that slips away is a day that can never be retrieved.
Wake up and bring diligence into your life now. Your opportunities will be multiplied!Take responsibility for your life, your values, and how you spend your time.
Step 2—Define Your Vision
  “Without a vision, the people perish.” 
— Solomon wrote in Proverbs 28:19 
Said another way, where we have no vision, we lose our direction, our motivation,our joy, our passion, our energy, our creativity, and our commitment.
Fortunately, the opposite of this proverb is also true. Whenever you introduce a truevision into any area of your life you gain new energy. You will discover direction,motivation, joy, passion, energy, creativity, and commitment.
Defining a vision is an
component of diligence. In fact, it’s impossible to betruly diligent if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Bringingvision into your life is the single most important step you can take.
Step 3—Partner with Experts
  “Plans fail for lack of counsel,but with many advisers they succeed.” 
—Proverbs 15:22 
In any worthwhile endeavour, it’s impossible to be diligent without seeking outsidecounsel and effectively partnering.We all know a little;
no one 
knows a lot. Most of us are deeply knowledgeable inonly a few things, and we’re totally ignorant and incapable in millions of otherthings. Yet true diligence demands excellence in
step we take.The only possible way to achieve excellence in the areas in which we lack thenecessary talent or know-how is to seek out counsel and/or effectively partner.When I talk about partnering, I’m referring to asking the help of 
advisersand mentors who can guide us to achieving excellence, and keep us on track tofulfilling our vision.

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