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Basic Beliefs- Islam vs. Christianity

Basic Beliefs- Islam vs. Christianity

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Published by: IslamiCenterCulpeper on Nov 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Basic Beliefs: Christian versus Muslim
Belief in
What Christians Believe
What Muslims Believe
 God God is three gods merged into one
God. This one God is called a Trinity.However, to say that God is three is ablasphemy of the highest order. Allthree parts of the Trinity are"coequal" "co-eternal" and "the samesubstance." For this reason, thisdoctrine is described as "a mystery."God is one God in the most basic, simple, and
elementary meaning of the word. He has nochildren, no parents nor any equal. In Islam Godis known by the name "Allah" and more than 99other venerated names, such as "the Merciful,""the Gracious," "the All-Powerful," etc.JesusThe second member of the TriuneGod, the Son of the first part of theTriune God, and at the same time"fully" God in every respect.A very elect and highly esteemed messenger ofGod. No Muslim is a Muslim if he does notbelieve this.The Holy SpiritThe third member of the Triune God,but also "fully" God in every respect.He is the angel Gabriel. The angel Gabriel ishighly esteemed as the "Trustworthy Spirit"Mary themother of JesusA chaste and pious human womanwho gave birth to Jesus Christ, thesecond member of the Trinity, theSon of God, and at the same time"fully" God Almighty in every respect.A chaste and pious human woman who waschosen, purified, and preferred over all of thewomen of creation to be the one to give birth toGods elect messenger Jesus through thecommand of God without any fatherwhatsoever.The WordPart of God which was "with" God butalso "fully" God and then becameJesus the Son of God.God's command "Be!" which resulted in Jesus'conception in the womb of Mary without the needfor a human father.PreviousprophetsAll accepted, respected, andbelieved.All accepted, respected, and believed.The BibleAccepted as 100% the faultless wordof GodMuslims believe in the books of the previousprophets including the "Torah" which was sent toMoses, the "Zaboor" (Psalms) which were givento David, the "Injeel" (Gospel) which was given
to Jesus, and the Qur'an which was given toMuhammad However, Muslims are told that theprevious scriptures were tampered with bymankind and the Bible should only be acceptedin as far as it is confirmed by the Qur'an. It is tobe treated with respect, however any statementswhich clearly oppose those of the Qur'an are tobe rejected as the work of mankind.MuhammadVarying beliefs. Some believe that hewas a liar, some believe he was alunatic, some believe he was theThe last messenger of God to all of humanity. Hewas known as "The Truthful, the Trustworthy"before he received his first revelation. He was
False Messiah, and yet others claimhe was deceived by the Devil.sent by God as a mercy to all creation. He was ahuman being but performed a number ofmiracles during his lifetime by the will of God.The Qur'anVarying beliefs ranging from it beinga copy of the Bible to it being thework of Muhammad (pbuh), to it'sbeing the work of Christians andJews who were conspiring withMuhammad.The last book of God sent to mankind. It wasgiven the distinction of being personally guardedby God from human tampering. It is on a literarylevel never before seen by mankind. No Arab tothis day has ever been able to meet it'schallenge to "write a work similar to it." It shallremain safe from the tampering of mankind tillthe day of Judgment as a guidance for allHumanity.
Message ofJesusThat he was sent by God (who was atthe same time "fully" Jesus) in orderto die on the cross and save allmankind from the sin of Adam.Without this sacrifice all of humanitywas destined to perish in the sin ofAdam. After the crucifixion all that isrequired of humanity is faith withoutany works.That he was sent by God as a messenger to theJews in order to return them to the pure and truereligion of Moses, and to relieve them of some ofthe regulations which had been placed uponthem in ancient times. He taught them to havefaith as well as works. Neither one can standalone.Jesus' givinglife to the dead,healing theblind and thelepersAll accepted. He performed thembecause he was the Son of God andalso at the same time "fully" God andthe "incarnation" of God.All accepted. They were performed through thewill of God just as Moses, Noah, and all otherprophets did so in ancient times through the willof God.The crucifixionJesus was given over to the Jews. Hewas spat on, cut, humiliated, kicked,striped, and finally hung up on thecross and killed very slowly andpainfully.Jesus was not forsaken to the Jews to beabused and killed, however, it was "made toappear so to them." God saved Jesus by raisinghim up unto Himself.
The secondcoming ofJesus.Accepted. Originally expected tohappen during the lifetime of the firstdisciples, many predictions havebeen made later and he is stillexpected at any moment. He iscurrently anticipated to arrive aroundthe turn of the century (2000 C.E.)Accepted. Jesus did not die but was raised upinto heaven by God. He shall return to earth justbefore the Day of Judgment in order to kill the"False Messiah" and to establish peace and justice on earth. He will kill the pigs, break thecross, and call all humanity to Islam.
The original sinAll of humanity has inherited the sinof Adam. Only the death of thesinless offspring of God could erasethis sin. No one is born clean, nomatter if his life is only for a singleday. Only baptism and faith in the
death of Jesus can save one fromThere is no such thing. Humanity is created byGod destined for heaven unless they chose todisobey Him and refuse His mercy. God can verytrivially and effortlessly forgive the sins of all ofHumanity no matter if they were to fill the loftyregions of the sky. Such a matter would be trivial
and inconsequential for Him since He has
this destiny. already done much more than that such ascreating everything we can ever see, hear orimagine. He loves to bestow His mercy andforgiveness on His creation and rewards themost trivial acts with the most tremendousrewards. In order to achieve God's reward onemust have faith as well as worksThe atonementThe sin of Adam was so great that
God could not forgive it by simplywilling it, rather it was necessary toerase it with the blood of a sinlessinnocent god named Jesus who wasalso "fully" God.Adam "atoned" for his sin by saying
"My Lord I have sinned and if you do not forgive me and have mercy upon me then I shall indeed have lost." 
So God forgave him. Similarly, all humanbeings have the door to forgiveness left open tothem by God until the day they die. There are no
intermediaries between mankind and God. Ifthey sincerely repent to God, ask Hisforgiveness, and forsake their evil deeds beforetheir hour comes then He shall forgive them andthere is nothing more pleasing to Him than toforgive the sins of one who comes to Him insincere repentance.The path tosalvationIf you have faith in the atonement ofJesus for the sin of Adam which youhave inherited then you shall besaved. You only need faith. No workis necessary.If you have faith in God, believe in Hismessengers, and obey His commands then Heshall multiply every single good deed that you domany, many times and erase your evil deeds,until on the Day of Judgment His mercy shallcause your good deeds to far outweigh your evildeeds and grant you passage into an ecstasyand Paradise so great that we can not evenimagine it, to abide there eternally. In theHereafter there is only reward and no work.In this book it will be demonstrated (by God's will), through the words of the Bible and some of history's most eminentconservative Biblical scholars and references only, how most of the founding beliefs of Christianity today were indeedinserted by mankind into the message of Jesus long after his departure. Jesus (pbuh) himself never had anythingwhatsoever to do with them. These beliefs include:The "Trinity."The claim that Jesus (pbuh) is the Son of God in the later "orthodox" sense.The "original sin" of Adam which mankind is alleged to have inherited.The "atonement," or death of Jesus (pbuh) on the cross in order to erase this sin of Adam.The "incarnation" of God in the form of a human being, namely, Jesus (pbuh).It will further be demonstrated that the true message of Jesus (pbuh) was:That God is One. He is indivisible. He has no equal.

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