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August Newsetter

August Newsetter

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Published by Jerome Cupido

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Published by: Jerome Cupido on Nov 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 August 20112
God’s Faithulness 
Heartwarming Thought
Thank you for letting us know that you are missingus, and missing out on our news. It is reallyencouraging to know that people truly care and isinterested in us. Our hearts are warmed!God Bless!First and foremost I need to apologise for the lack ofnews over the past few months. I (Anne) have beenassigned to do the newsletters for this year, and Ihave found myself at a “loss for words.” (Strange, buttrue, for those of you who know me well).I have slacked in sharing what has been happeningin our lives (the good and the bad).The importance of keeping you (our network) up todate with what we are doing, results in a prayersupport, which allows us, Cupidos, to overcomechallenges and to joyfully do what God called us todo. I now understand why the past few months,when facing spiritual, physical and emotionalchallenges, it almost seemed overwhelming at times.
April to August 
Issue, August 2011
April 2007 – Aug 2011: Fouryears at Youth With A Mission Jeep Cherokee Limited Edition:A TestimonyShort Term Goal: Staffing theEvent Management School 2012Kids Corner
 Ask of Me and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. Ps 2 vs 8
Jerome & Anne Cupido
0733 454 059 / 0799 23 7993
August 20113
When we joined Youth With AMission, Worcester four yearsago, we had no idea that Godhad a longer term in store for us.Looking back over the past fouryears have really confirmedsome things for us.Firstly,
the call of God
on ourlives has been highlighted andstressed to the point where webelieve it to be full-time and on along -term basis. This call is tous as a family (theCupido’s@Ywam) as well as toeach one of us individually, withHezekiah and Keziah reachingout to those in their friendshipand school circles.Secondly, our time at YWAMWorcester, is the
training andpreparation time
for theministry God is equipping usfor.Thirdly, to be
relevant disciplesof the gospel of Christ
, to ourfellow missionaries, family,friends, church and everyone wemeet. When we recently did ashort seminar at our church ondiscipleship (more later): thebasics, we were truly challengedby God to make this part of ourlife-call.
Our ministry call
is to discipleartists, to know Christ (in theirdaily walk) and make Himknown to their audiences. Toorganize and plan events which
 April 2007 – April 2011: Four Years @ YWAM
YWAM Values
To Know GOD AndTo make Him known
When we bought the Jeep Cherokee Limited Editionin 2005, we realized that the Holy Spirit promptedus to buy this particular car.The Jeep has faithfully served us the past six years,without any major glitches. Fuel prices haveescalated over the past years, yet God has provided(through you) for our daily transportation costs andfor regular maintenance of the Jeep. Somesupporters have paid the licenses, some have paidfor servicing of the jeep, and some kept us inprayers for safe journeys and some even washed thecar.The following incident is one of many on how Godhas answered above all that we could ask or hope oreven dream of.
Jeep Cherokee Limited Edition
Our Faithful Green 4x4
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 August 20114
Can we ever forget our time in Kona, Hawaii?Hezekiah and Keziah still talk about theirwonderful experiences in Hawaii and would love togo back.For those of you who can remember, we went toKona Hawaii, April 2009 to do the YWAM EventManagement School (a three month course) and wecompleted our practical outreach at Worcester byassisting with the University of the NationsConference at Goudini Spa. This was a two monthsplanning and organizing of music, song, dance,poetry and sport for the conference.This experience was truly a highlight of our time inYWAM, not because we went to Hawaii (it waslovely of course) but because our vision becamemore focused and clear. It was like looking at aphoto that was blurry, but brought sharply intofocus.
Short Term Goal: Staffing the YWAM EventManagement School - 2012
On completion of the school, the Dean of theCollege, Julie Spence, asked us to pray becauseYWAM was looking for somebody to pioneer andrun the school in AFRICA. It is YWAM policy thatwe first have to staff the school, before we can leadit.When Julie asked us to staff 2010 in Switzerland, wetruly felt that God wanted us to staff the school, butdue to lack of finances we could not go. The samething happened beginning of this year for theEngland school.It is then God spoke to us about our calling, visionand purpose. He specified that He has called uslong-term to this mission and that we need to workon our prayer support and fundraising according tothe YWAM values.
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