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Youth - Managing Self Harm

Youth - Managing Self Harm

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Published by Waseem Qureshi

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Published by: Waseem Qureshi on Nov 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Some young people deliberately harmthemselves, usually as a way to copewith difcult or painul eelings.Sel-harm can take many orms,including cutting, burning or punchingthe body or picking skin or sores.These actions may provide temporaryrelie, but they don’t do anything tosolve the problem that’s causingthe eelings.
People who deliberately harm themselves have otenhad tough experiences in their lives. These mightinclude being bullied or discriminated against, losinga loved one (such as a parent, brother, sister or riend),being physically or sexually abused, or breaking upwith a boyriend or girlriend. Having a serious illnessor disability, or problems with amily, school or riends,can make you eel bad about yoursel and, in somepeople, this can trigger sel-harm.
Deliberate sel-harm is oten used as a way to copewith experiences and the strong eelings that go with them.For some people, sel-harm provides a way to expressdifcult or hidden eelings, like anger, sadness, grie orhurt. For others, harming themselves provides a temporarysense o eeling when overwhelming emotions have letthem numb or empty.Deliberate sel-harm may also be a way o letting othersknow that you need support, when you can’t use wordsor any other way to do so. It may be a way to prove toyoursel that you are not invisible, or to show that you arein charge o your own lie, eelings or body, especially iyou eel as i other things in your lie are out o control.Deliberate sel-harm can bring an immediate senseo relie but it is only a temporary solution. It can causescarring and permanent damage to your body, especiallyi you injure nerves. Psychologically, it may be associatedwith a sense o guilt, depression, sel-hatred or lowsel-esteem, along with a tendency to isolate yoursel romothers. Deliberate sel-harm can also become a habit that’sdifcult to break, so it’s important to get proessional help.
I you eel like you want to harmyoursel there are a number o thingsthat you can do to distract yoursel untilthe eelings become more manageable.I you can, make sure that you arearound other people, and removeany sharp objects rom the area.
 spoken to someone else or waited or15 minutes (and see i you can keepextending it or another 15 minutesbeyond that).
 until the anxiety passes.
 on your own or to music – do this intoa pillow i you don’t want other peopleto hear.
 or meditation.
 normal way to express your sadnessor rustrations.
Ino line:
1300 22 4636
beyondblue: the national depression initiative 
Youthbeyondblue Fact sheet 15

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