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New Madrid Fault to Split USA & Canada

New Madrid Fault to Split USA & Canada

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Published by Mark Brander
Profound Warnings of America's Destruction , Massive Inundation Coming
Profound Warnings of America's Destruction , Massive Inundation Coming

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Published by: Mark Brander on Nov 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Numerous Confirmations, Destruction Will Be Massive!I live in the Great Lakes region at the base of Lake Huron. In recent weeks (spring 2011)I have been having recurring dreams of the level in the St Clair River rising very quickly.This would only be possible if somehow sea water was to enter into the Great Lakes area,or if the land mass was to begin sinking. Neither of these two scenarios was evident all Iwas aware of was the water rising, it was very frightening. A woman I know in theOttawa area is having similar dreams on a recurring basis about her region. There quite anumber of visions, dreams and prophetic warnings circulating about the Madrid fault. Iinclude a few of them here that tie into one another.The picture now emerging is that the New Madrid devastation may be triggered by amassive methane explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. The BP well at the Macondo sitecompromised the seafloor geology adjacent to a huge methane deposit the size of MountEverest. Geologists had issued many warnings about drilling in the area due to thedeposits. The methane explosion triggering scenario has now been confirmed inindependent visions. The Lord has shown a vision of an explosion in the Gulf to prophetLinda Newkirk on April 30/11. In the vision Linda saw a fiery explosion and then atremendous amount of ash fill the sky. Linda also saw a number of rings go out from theexplosion which seemed to indicate to her that there may be a number of explosions after the first one.Last June, July and August Linda was given a series of visions and prophecies regardingthe Gulf Disaster. Chapters 71 -74 in Book 12 at Prophecies.Org prophecies.org/DOCS/Book%2012/Chapter71.htmThe famous vision of evangelist AA Allen also shows that the Judgment of America doesindeed begin in the Gulf of Mexico.A vision about an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico was also given to Brittany (last nameunavailable) on July 30, 2010. "All of a sudden I was above the West Coast of the USlooking eastward. It was a quick vision. First my attention was drawn to a fiery cloud of smoke rising above the ocean over the Gulf of Mexico. My first thought was that itlooked like volcanic ash, but I can't be sure. Next my focus zoomed in close to the earthand I saw a man standing by the Mississippi river. He raised and spread his handsdramatically and said", "This Earthquake! This Big Gigantic Earthquake!" Brittanyincludes a map of where the man was standing and also where she saw the explosion inthe Gulf in her youtube video, My Vision, Warning of Gulf Explosion and Earthquake.www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wsb3OK4A2YcThe location where Brittany saw the man standing is where the States of Arkansas,Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee, all intersect with each other.Map of devastation here, prophecies.org/DOCS/Book%2012/Map.htm
 The following excerpt is from Chapter 43 please read the entire warning at the website."Take note of what I am showing you! Yes, the ocean will come down! Look north intoCanada at the Hudson Bay! Huge, My Little One! And, because of tributaries from thisgreat body of water, it stands to empty into Lake Superior! Then look to the west to LakeWinnipeg, another unstable area, which may very well open up and dump into LakeSuperior!""From Lake Huron, look east to the Atlantic Ocean! Another massive area, which willopen up and further dump the Atlantic Ocean into Lake Erie! When connected, theseareas form the bowl of a large Y! Connect this bowl to the Mississippi River! Then,consider the massive faulting beneath these areas, which will be further stressed by theaddition of these churning waters, and you will get a picture of the massivedemonstration. Water may very well come into Little Rock Arkansas! Most of Louisianaunder water along with most of Houston and areas north of Houston, even to 150 milesinland, massive amounts of water! The land broken up, with only Islands remaining! ""Water down into Missouri, with only Islands remaining here and there! The States in theUSA, which are beneath these lakes, inundated with massive amount of water and allwashed away! Some islands may pop up here and there when the waters recede!" To theEast, water could go to Knoxville TN with all of Mississippi under water, save a fewIslands which may remain! Water could claim more than half of Alabama and break up North Florida all the way to the coast, with massive tidal waves sweeping across most of Florida, and the Gulf Coast of Florida severely breaking up!"Will any of this be changed? I am most High, I hear the cries of the faithful, I also hear the cries of the lost, of those, who are steeped in rebellion! If many in these areas will geton their knees and offer up a sincere repentance before me, I will lessen this greatDevastation! But, if you will not repent, but continue on in your wicked ways, then these parts of the USA, Canada and even more will be destroyed, even as I have outlined here,even if not worse! (end of excerpt) Please pray my friends, please pray and repent!A couple of years ago, I was shown, in what was most certainly a prophetic dream, agiant tidal wave that appeared to be hundreds of feet high. I was not given a location or atime frame, but I did see that, within the wave, there seemed to be pyroclastic materialssimilar to what you would see with a volcanic eruption! Looking back now it is quite possible that what I saw in the wave was the elements of an underwater explosion.As an addendum to the above, Linda was also shown in a separate vision on April 30/11,a number of what appeared to be red Coast Guard type boats patrolling inland waterways.When she was able to see the other side of one of the boats she saw an image of a mooncrescent which identified the vessels as Chinese. It may well be that this monumentaldisaster and inundation will be followed by an invasion. The vision of AA Allendescribes an attack on the USA sometime after the event in the Gulf of Mexico. The

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