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Written Test

Written Test

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Published by: api-3821272 on Oct 18, 2008
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FoCTS has sales offices located inChicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco,
Toronto, London and Frankfurt. CTS has nine development facilities in India spread across
Chennai, Calcutta, Pune, Hydrabad and Bangaloreunded in 1994 as a division of Dun & Bradstreet
Corporation, Cognizant Technology Solutions began doing large-scale full life cycle software
projects. CTS works in fields related e-business and application management. CTS is also engaged
in offshore development and provide services in other fields like wireless, data warehousing and
euro-compliance. They also service varied industries like healthcare, finance, information services,
retail and restaurant and telecom.
Headquartered in New Jersey, with more than 13,000 employees worldwide, Cognizant is a global
leader in IT services and pioneered the pace setting 4th generation IT services model. Cognizant has
senior executives \u2013 such as client partners, practice heads and program managers \u2013 based close to
our clients in the US and Europe who are tightly integrated with our robust SEI CMMI Level V
offshore capability,rated as one of the top 4, by a leading analyst firm.

Cognizant paper consists of three sections
they are 1)verbal 25 questions 20 minutes
2)analytical 25 questions 30 minutes
3)attention 20 questions 20 minutes
verbal consists of

choose the correct sentences among given sentences
choose the incorrect sentences among given sentences
(I cant remember the questions but they give mostly on articles,prepositions etc.Know Differences
between affect effect like des words.)
Jumbled sentences
two reading comprehension passages(global warming really tough one n about whales and hunters
this was easy)
time is the major factor .I could not have time for rc.

Analytical section:

in a class there are 150 people who speak english n 125 people who speak hindi.55 speak both
languages n atleast one student speaks one language
1)-how many students speak atleast one language?(220)
2)how many people speak only one language?(165)

in a class every one will play atleast one sport viz table tennis,cricket n badminton.73 students play
table tennis,79 play badminton,75 play cricket and 25 students play both tt n badminton,24 play
both tt n cricket 30 play badminton n cricket n16 students play all d sports

3)how many students r der in d class(161)
4)how many students play only cricket.(37)
der is another question related to venn diagram...it is same as first one....sorry i cant remember

In a certain language * represents 0 n $ represents 1.Answer the follewing questions
5) 389+91($$$$*****)
6)lcm of($*$*,$*$**,$*$*$) (420)
7) avg of (10,20,21) ($***$)
8)420 ($$*$**$**)
A is the son of B
A is the father of B
A is the brother of B

a)P is the Uncle of R like this 4 options ll b given.U should choose d correct one

A cube is cut into 216 parts.the 2nd 4th n 6th layers of the front face r removed n den painted
black.Now answer d following questions
13)How many cubes r painted on only one side?
14)how many cubes r painted on only 2 sides?
15)how many cubes r painted on onlly 3 sides?
16)how many cubes r painted on only 4 sides?
17)how many cubes r painted 0 sides?

Data sufficency questions
c)only condition 1 is required to solve
d)only condition 2 is required to solve
e)both r required
f)both r not sufficent
18)find whether X is odd
1)2*X is even
2x^2 is odd
A)c B)d C)e D)f

19)how many seconds does a minute hand takes to rotate 360 degrees
1)minute hand revolves round the cloch 5 times in a minute
2)minute hand is 5 times greater thar short hand
some other quest ions similar to d above

20)der r 4 cities A,B,C,D.Der r 4 Routes 4m A 2 B,3 routes 4m B 2 C,n 2 routes 4m C 2 D.den in
how many different ways can A go 2 D
A)12 B)24 C)32 D)48

Attention Section
Choose the correct option base on the following statement

If tendukkar plays till end india will win d match
a)tendulkar plays till end
b)India wins the match
c)Tendulkar falls cheaply
d)India loses d match
A)ab B)ab n cd C)b D)d

If X travels without a ticket he will b fined 50 bucks
a)X buys d ticket
b)X w2as not fined

c)X doesn't buy a ticket
d)x was fined)
A)ab B)cd C)ab n cd D)none

Some questions like

1)all A's r B's
2)All B's r C's
then choose d correct option based on the above statements

1)all tables r chairs
2)some tables r desks
1)no mammels r animals
2)some animals r goats
find the odd figure out

8 people A,B,C,D,E,F,G n H,lives in 4 storyed building which contains 2 flats each.flats number 7 n
8 belongs to 4th floor from left to right.flats 3 n 4 r the second floor from d bottem n r numbered
right to left.so r 5 n 6 which lies on second floor 4m top.1 n 2 r d first floors numbered left to
right.A n E stays on the second floor 4m d bottom.F lies one floor above B,which is one floor above

CTS-Placement Paper- 28 March 2006
1.Avg of five ppl b4 5 yr is 40. 3ppl left now,2 new join..find the avg of new 2 ppl..
Ans:Data un sufficient..
2. Distance between two telegraph post is 100m.The two post is 130m away to the Listening
Station.If a new Station is establish just between the Two post, then what will be the distance

between two listening station???
Ans:120m .
3.A simple Avg q, a class 8 boy can do it..
Five team A,B,C,D,E..play a cricket match in every SIX consecutive Sunday.The Tournament in

every sunday is Knock down basis and every sunday only 1 team ultimately win...

A won twice between 6 sunday. C & E win 1 sunday each, but both won after 2nd win of A.
B won a sunday b4 A's first win.
C & E both didn't win the last sunday..

on the basis of above paragraph the 4 q were asked.. they r
4.Which sunday did D win?

a) 1st b)5th c)2nd d) 6th Ans:6th(d)
5.Which sunday did E win ?
a)1st b)5th c)3rd d)can't say Ans:can't say(d) 'coz we can't say exat date for C nd E.

6. Which two sunday A wins???

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