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Papal Infallibility

Papal Infallibility

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Published by Kalippso
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Published by: Kalippso on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I did not write this however it needs to be read by as many as possible…. Tim McCurdy
Written and Posted in Christian Love
Papal Infallibility
Infalibilid a d PapalPermission granted to reproduce this in its entirety only.
apal infallibility is one of the great differences between Catholicism andProtestantism. Very few seem to be aware of the awesome implications of this Catholic dogma. Hopefully, this brief summary will illuminate them.Regarding papal infallibility the
Roman Catholic Church says:"The Roman Pontiff, head of the college of bishops, enjoys thisinfallibility in virtue of his office, when, as supreme pastor andteacher of all the faithful -- who confirms his brethren in the faith-- he proclaims by a definitive act a doctrine pertaining to faith or morals" (
Catechism of the Catholic Church
(Liguori, MO: LiguoriPublications), 1994, p.235).Likewise,
Vatican Council II 
declared the following about papalinfallibility (all bold emphasis is our own):"The infallibility, however, with which the divine redeemer wished to endow
his Church
in defining doctrine pertaining to faith and morals, isco-extensive with the deposit of revelation, which must be religiously guarded andloyally and courageously expounded.
The Roman Pontiff,
head of the college of  bishops,
enjoys this infallibility in virtue of his office,
when, as
supreme pastorand teacher of all the faithful
-- who confirms his brethren in the faith (cf. Lk.22:32) -- he proclaims in an
absolute decision a doctrine pertaining to faith andmorals
" (Vol. 1, p.380)."We believe in the
infallibility enjoyed by the Successor of Peter when he speaks
ex cathedra
as shepherd and teacher of all the faithful, an infallibility which the wholeEpiscopate also enjoys when it exercises with him the supreme magisterium" (Vol. 2, p.392)."This loyal submission of the will and intellect must be given, in a special way, to theauthentic teaching authority of the Roman Pontiff,
even when he does not speak 
ex cathedra
in such wise, indeed, that his
supreme teaching authority
be acknowledged
with respect, and that one sincerely
adhere to decisions made by him
conformablywith his manifest mind and intention ..." (Vol. 1, p.379).
To the Roman Catholic, "ex cathedra" (Latin for
from the seat)
statements are asinfallible as the Bible.
Though they are rare, the following are three "ex cathedra"statements or "infallible" declarations of Roman Catholicism, which they placealongside the authority of the Bible. (All emphasis is our own):"There is but one universal Church of the faithful,
outside of which no one at all canbe saved
" (Pope Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council, 1215.)"We declare, say, define, and pronounce that
it is absolutely necessary for thesalvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff"
(PopeBoniface VIII, the Bull
Unam Sanctam
, 1302.)"[The Holy Roman Church] firmly believes, professes and teaches that
none of thosewho are not within the Catholic Church, not only Pagans, but Jews, heretics andschismatics, can ever be partakers of eternal life, but are to go into the eternalfire 'prepared for the devil, and his angels'
xxv. 41), unless before the close of their lives they shall have entered into that Church;
also that the unity of theEcclesiastical body is such that the Church's Sacraments avail only those abiding inthat Church, and that fasts, almsdeeds, and other works of piety which play their partin the Christian combat are in her alone productive of eternal rewards; moreover, thatno one, no matter what alms he may have given, not even if he were to shed his bloodfor Christ's sake, can be saved unless he abide in the bosom and unity of the CatholicChurch." (Mansi,
xxxi, 1739.) (Pope Eugene IV, The Bull
Cantate Domino,
To believe in papal infallibility is to believe ONLY Roman Catholics can besaved, for they alone are in submission to the Pope.
It is, therefore, impossible for an informed Catholic to get saved or to stay saved if he knows of theseaforementioned Roman Catholic declarations and still continues to believe in papalinfallibility! This is so because salvation centers around exclusive trust in the personand redemptive work of Jesus Christ and in Him alone. In other words, all 100% of our trust for our soul's salvation MUST be in Jesus Christ alone apart from trusting ina denomination or submission to any spiritual leader, including the Pope! Since this isthe Biblical message and Catholic "ex cathedra" statements contradict this, then
belief in papal infallibility must be rejected for the sake of salvation!
In fact, the three excathedra declarations just cited are clearly "another gospel" (Gal. 1:8,9).Throughout the Scriptures, we are often warned of false prophets and false spiritualleaders (Mt. 7:15; 24:11; Rom. 16:18; 2 Cor. 11:13; Eph. 4:14; 1 Tim. 4:2; 2 Tim.3:13; 4:3; Tit. 1:10, 2 Jn. 7; 1 Jn. 4:1; etc.). What can one conclude except that whatthese past popes have said regarding salvation is on a par with what the founders of Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventism and what other provenfalse prophets have declared. All need to be flatly rejected, not only as error, but
deadly error
-- even
"damnable heresy"
(2 Pet. 2:1, KJV)!
Furthermore, in direct contrast to these "infallible" declarations, the Roman Catholicchurch is now saying the following regarding Muslims. Their contradiction is:"The Church's relationship with the Muslims. 'The plan of salvation also includesthose who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims;these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one,merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day' " (
Catechism of the Catholic Church
,1994, p.223).
If Muslims can be saved on the basis of professing to hold to the faithof Abraham, why can't the Jews? (See aforementioned ex cathedra statement from1441.)
Did God change His mind sometime after 1441?
The Creed of the Council of Trent (1564) summarizes the doctrines whichCatholics are to believe. Regarding the Pope, it states
(all emphasis is our own):"... I unhesitatingly accept and profess all the doctrines
(especially those concerningthe primacy of the Roman Pontiff and his infallible teaching authority)
handeddown, defined, and explained by the sacred canons and ecumenical councils andespecially those of this most holy Council of Trent (and by the ecumenical VaticanCouncil). And at the same time I condemn, reject, and anathematize everything that iscontrary to those propositions, and all heresies without exception that have beencondemned, rejected, and anathematized by the Church. I, N., promise, vow, andswear that, with God's help, I shall most constantly hold and profess this true
Catholicfaith, outside which no one can be saved
and which I now freely profess and trulyhold. With the help of God, I shall profess it whole and unblemished to my dying breath; and, to the best of my ability, I shall see to it that my subjects or thoseentrusted to me by virtue of my office hold it, teach it, and preach it. So help me Godand his holy Gospel" (emphasis not in original). [
The words in parentheses in this paragraph were inserted into the Tridentine profession of faith by order of Pope Pius IX in a decree issued by the Holy Office, January 20, 1877 
(Acta Sanctae Sedis, X[1877], pp. 71 ff.).]
If you call yourself a "Catholic" and reject papal infallibility, congratulations:You are proceeding along the right path! But according to the Creed of theCouncil of Trent, you are not a real Catholic as they define one! Furthermore,you are indirectly endorsing this dogma you don't believe by your presence andfinancial donations. This makes you partly responsible for the spiritual harmthat is occurring through it!
 In conclusion, four very important observations can be noted because of papalinfallibility:
There exists a dangerous, false plan of salvation or "another gospel" (Gal.1:8,9) because of it.2.There presently reigns contradictions and confusion regarding salvation of non-Roman Catholics.

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