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Christianity - Bible for Dummies - Books 1,2,3

Christianity - Bible for Dummies - Books 1,2,3



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Published by: api-3811132 on Oct 18, 2008
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The Bible For Dummies
A Final Testament

The Greek wordbiblion means \u201cbook\u201d or \u201ccollection of writings\u201d.
Thebiblion called the \u201cBible\u201d is a collection of scrolls.
They say the scrolls were written between 1400 BC and 100 AD.
They say the scrolls were written in the main by scribes and seers of

the Jewish nation, but four scrolls were written by non-Jews.
The Jew\u2019s nation is said to have come from Abraham and Sarah.
They were a couple of Chaldean drop-outs.
They lived a couple of thousand years before the birth of their most

famous descendant, the man from Nazareth, Jesus Christ.

Remove the first eleven chapters of the Bible, and what\u2019s left is the two thousand years of Hebrew history from Abraham to the ruin of the nation peopled by his offspring in 70 AD.

Hebrews who survived were scattered into all nations.
It\u2019s possible, though not certain, the writings began somewhere near
the five hundredth anniversary of Abraham\u2019s death.

It\u2019s also possible that written reports of Hebrew history didn\u2019t show up until one hundred or more years later, but what\u2019s a century to people living in the 21st century, four thousand years after Abraham died?

If written reports did begin five hundred years after Abraham died, it would\u2019ve been about the time Jews were released from their bondage to Egypt. Once four hundred years of slaving for the Egyptians passed, Abraham\u2019s people were free again as their God had promised.

While in Egypt, Abraham\u2019s offspring swelled from seventy souls into
the mini-multitude liberated by Moses about 1500 BC.
The Israelites were removed from Egypt and resettled in their very

own conquered land, formerly known as Canaan.
Abraham\u2019s God ruled this land.
Abraham\u2019s children were his subjects.
It was the first manifestation of the Kingdom of God on Earth.
It\u2019s claimed the same kingdom will be seen again.
It\u2019s claimed the next time it shows up it\u2019ll have the authority, power,

and will to take the whole planet.

The first promise in the Bible was sealed by animal sacrifice.
The promise is found in a covenant God made with Adam and Eve.
Adam and Eve were the first humans inserted into this creation.
Adam and Eve were also this creation\u2019s first rebels.
God\u2019s covenant provided Adam and Eve with the means to break away

from the pitiful state their rebellion had brought on themselves, as well
as all their future sons and daughters.
Before the redemption was achieved, however, humankind would know
the rigors of illness, aging, and death.
Cain, their first son, gave his parents nothing but sorrow, a foretaste
of the anguish many parents would feel throughout time.

Time, as found in the first chapters ofGenesis, isn\u2019t much more than a downward march, the passing record of the failure of the descendants of Adam and Eve. Here and there an exception is encountered, but until Abraham showed up, things weren\u2019t looking good.

The Bible really starts with Abraham\u2019s appearance, for it\u2019s here that
readers come face to face with true religion, redemption, and reward.

The first eleven chapters ofGenesis are introduction, a path leading to the true genesis of our race, to its true beginning and its relationship to its God. The rest of the Bible yields an history of the Hebrew nation from Abraham\u2019s years and on to the glorification of Abraham\u2019s promised son, Jesus, the Christ. It was the life, death, resurrection, and glory of this \u201cseed of the woman\u201d God used to accomplish the promise to reverse the effects of the first human rebellion.


He\u2019s the Christ, an anointed one.
He\u2019s the Great King.
He\u2019s the son of God.
He\u2019s the son of Abraham.
He\u2019s the son covenanted to David and all humankind.
He\u2019s the second Adam, firstborn of humanity\u2019s chosen children.
He\u2019s the number one son to be born from the dead.
He\u2019s the beginning.
He\u2019s the end.
He\u2019s the fulfillment of prophecy after prophecy.
He\u2019s all this and more.
He\u2019s a key God turned to unlock a door through which a promise made

to Abraham could also become available to all humans.

The twenty seven books known as the \u201cnew testament\u201d paint pictures of the birth, life, death, resurrection and glorification of God\u2019s anointed one, his Christ, the son promised to Abraham.

These books also portray the lives of Christ\u2019s apostles (messengers).
The apostles became witnesses, having seen the fulfillment of certain

significant events in God\u2019s plan and purpose with humanity.
They wrote of a rebirth of the knowledge of truth.
They also wrote of opposition, ridicule, and death while in the custody

of Jewish authorities and their political cronies.
The apostles witnessed that Israel\u2019s God really did accomplish a most
crucial part of his plan: manifestation of the promised son.

They witnessed that Israel\u2019s God really did put in play a way by which non-Hebrews could also become partakers in his divine purpose, a way by which non-Hebrews could also share in Abraham\u2019s covenant.

The new testament scrolls were acted out in less than a century, but there are prophecies in the new testament, along with those still waiting to be fulfilled from the old, which peer two thousand years forward to a day when life on Earth becomes so gross that the only thing able to stop corruption of all the globe is the intervention of Israel\u2019s God. The prime feature of this intervention is the return of the promised son. Assisted by his raised and revived brothers and sisters, the son of God will fulfill all the remaining stipulations of his Father\u2019s covenant.

The returned Christ will establish a kingdom that will govern until the end of the Great Age, until all who lived under the reign of his realm are judged and given their due.

The royal family ruling Earth will be brothers and sisters of Christ.
They\u2019ll be sons and daughters of God.
They\u2019ll own divine natures.
They\u2019ll be immortal.
They\u2019ll display divine power.


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