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Published by: Vet.Hek. Süleyman ÜRKMEZ on Nov 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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totally natural complexed hydrated aluminium silicate for all feeds
Irresistible and irreversible binder of mycotoxins
Sorbatox attracts and irreversibly binds toxins due to its natural characteristics:
principles o mycotoxicosis
Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites
o toxigenic ungi produced rom mould development. These arethe most common orms o toxins but endo and exo toxins can also be produced by intestinal bacteria.
Most mycotoxins are stable molecules
not destroyed by conventional eed processing, including extrudedeed. I consumed by the animal they circulate in the blood, appear in milk and muscle tissue and concentratein the liver and other organs.
Symptoms may be sub-clinical
,where they may be vague, or chronic, depending on the amount and durationo exposure. The eects are generally seen as:- reduced eed intake- reduced growth and eed conversion- immune and reproductive abnormalities
It is a hydrated sodium calcium aluminium silicate
o kaolinitic origin. This gives the natural mineral a verystable structure in the high moisture content o the digestive tract, with no afnity to absorb nutrients orother complex molecules, other than mycotoxins.
It has a very high aluminium silicate content
(35%) which increases the number o binding sites within themineral, rapidly attracting the mycotoxins and binding them frmly so that they pass through into the aeceswithout colonising the animal.
It has an acidic pH o 5
which, together with the high aluminium silicate content, gives Sorbatox a highernumber o negatively charged sites capable o binding higher levels o mycotoxins. In addition, the lower pHdoes not buer the natural digestive acids and helps prevent the risk o salmonellosis or colibacillosis.
toxin amily and health risk:
GenusMycotoxinProblemClinical Eect
Intake/growth• Reduced feed intake• Poor FCR • Microscopic liver lesions• Vomiting/diarrhoea • Slower pigletgrowth due to toxins in sow milk
Unexplained reduction ingrowth• Liver/kidney damage• Bleeding/diarrhoea • Early abortion• Accumulates in meat
Tricothecenes:- T2- Deoxynivalenol (Don/vomitoxin)
Intake/growth• Oral lesions in beak of poultry• Feed refusal • Vomiting• Immune suppression
Breeding problems• Damage to reproductive organs• Swelling of mammary glands and atrophyof the ovaries• Poor foetal development• Death of embryo at 1-3 weeks
PigsHorses• Pulmonary oedema • Reduced intake• Affects central nervous system• Once neurological signs are observeddeath usually follows
• Liver/kidney damage• Bleeding/diarrhoea • Early abortion• Accumulates in meat
mode o action
Sorbatox is a high purity hydrated aluminosilicate
o 100% natural origin, with a high aluminium contentand a low pH. These eatures give it a large number o negatively charged sites within the multi lateralmatrix structure capable o binding higher levels o mycotoxins.
The advantage o a high aluminium content
is that a high concentration o aluminium ions is able toreplace the quadric - charged silicon ions with triply - charged aluminium ions. This results in lower +vecharges or Sorbatox and a higher number o -ve charged sites.
The acid pH o Sorbatox supports the high cation value
which cannot be exchanged easily, unlike morealkaline products which do not contain ree cations and can exchange easily. The acidic value does notbuer the natural intestinal acidity and is compatible with the use o acidifers such as Salkil and Bact-A-cid in the eed.

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