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Published by 1541peake

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: 1541peake on Nov 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Inside this issue:29 AES - FeaturingLCpl Jehu BirthdayBonanza337 AES -
Including ‗A
Territorial Sapper on
 1044 HQ & SP SQN -Read all about thesecond best Gym inCamp Bastion2377 Talisman Sqn -Featuring the TALIS-MAN LAD2911 Field Sqn - Featur-
ing 3 Troopl ‗TheWombles‘
 39The Big Tache Off 
Can you spot your Tache?NEW! 49How a Tache shouldreally look50Even more laughter from the Toe-JamTimes52Messages from theeditor 57Issue 703 November 2011
Page 1
Commanding Officer‘s Foreword
The last two weeks have been probably thebusiest for the Regiment and personally for me,since we arrived two months ago. We are firmlyin our stride with the Sapper capability beingneeded everywhere. The RSM and I visited 29Armd Engr Sqn throughout the areas they areoperating. Working alongside 1 RIFLES, we gotto most of the outstations that they are based. Iwent on a foot patrol to see Cpl Morrison andhis lads who were isolated in a small PatrolBase with little by the way of comfort. He has towork the lads for 18 hours a day in order tocomplete their important mission
that of en-hancing the protection of the small fort fromwhich they operate.We also deployed our dive team following a lossof a local national in the NEB canal. Feareddrowned, the team, led by Sgt Robinson, moved to the canal to conduct asearch of the waterway. The divers were central in a wider Combined Forceoperation to locate the man. The team did a magnificent job all day, but sadlywere unable to locate the young man. Despite such a depressing reason todeploy the team, it proved our divers and responsive capability as Sappers.My main effort this week was to go on patrol with TALISMAN. 77 Armd Engr Sqn uses its troops mounted in special vehicles to lead our forces around Hel-mand. They move at the front of any convoy in order to detect and destroy anyImprovised Explosive Devices (IEDs). They work as a complete team, withdedication, selfless attitude and a real comradeship
each member of the teamhas a job to do, and they rely on each other, there is no room for complacencyor mistakes. To deploy out onto the ground in order to face the insurgents cho-sen weapon, they must find the IEDS before they cause damage either to our equipment or soldiers. As you can imagine, it requires nerves and concentra-tion
to second guess the enemy and outwit him is probably the most impor-tant skill these guys have; it saves lives.The most important part in the TALISMAN lies with the front vehicle. It movesacross the unknown in advance of the main force and tries to read the groundand select a safe route. I sat inside the vehicle during the last mission and sawthe 4 man team work in unison, despite uncomfortable heat and the ever pre-sent threat if IEDs. Led by a sergeant, there is a driver, gunner and an ob-server that monitors everything on CCTV. The team watched for enemy activityand signs of possible bombs whilst trying to select a safe route for the RLC lo-gistic convoy that followed in the wake of the TALISMAN vehicles.
I was impressed in everything I saw during that patrol. The lads in the TALISMAN Squadron do an amaz-ing excellent job in making Helmand a little safer to move around. In particular to those 4 lads in my vehi-cle
they know who they are
their calm, training and concentration is second to none, and I have everyrespect for them.Finally, to you all at home in either Paderborn, Hameln or Aldergorve. I hope the last few weeks, includinghalf term, have been an opportunity to relax with your children and to do some of the great events organ-ised by the Rear Operations Group. Thankfully, we are now one third of the way into the tour and R&R isabout to commence
time is really flying out here. And, as with all the Newsletters, I hope you find thesepages an insight into life out here in Helmand Province.Lieutenant Colonel Kev Copsey - Commanding Officer 
Page 2 
29 Armoured Engineer Squadron
Officer Commanding‟s Foreword
Another two weeks in Helmand has flown by and the Squadron remains in great shape and has gained anexcellent reputation for its work. Plenty of tasks across both areas has seen us continuing to support theBritish and Afghan forces brilliantly, every man is working tirelessly and we are making a visible difference.Our only concern is based on knowing that winter is coming and that means rain; our workload seems togo through the roof when the infantry start to get wet! 5 RIFLES are out here with us now and the last of 3Commando Brigade is departing.With the COs visit last week (you may have seen theupdate on Facebook) I have seen the vast majority of the Squadron. I am continually struck by the impactsmall gestures from home can have on us, more thanI thought I would be. A birthday card or letter on your bed when you return back to the Troop means theworld, a slice of fruit cake or new shower gel to sharelifts the whole Section and voices on BFBS turns adifficult day into a great week. On behalf of everyone Iexpress thanks to all the families and friends
it reallydoes make the job here more satisfying.Planning for the return to Paderborn, Medals Parade and Post Operational Leave has continued here andI know it is important to us all. I hope to be able to give some dates to the Squadron soon, I certainly willas soon as the Regiment is able to and then let you make arrangements for Easter and Spring next year.Enjoy the stories in this edition and I hope the pictures give you vision of how we work, rest and play(thank you to Mars for that line!). We are always snapping away and there are more images on the Face-book page so I hope you can find the people you are supporting. Finally I can report that the first group isdeparting on R&R, spirits are really high but so are the expectations for the items that will return from UK
and Germany. Hot favourite is ―can you bring back a pirate copy of the new Inbetweeners Movie?‖!
Si Carvel 
Page 3

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