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Published by api-3831384

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Published by: api-3831384 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Learning Strategies Corporation
(over, please)

Do you forget things you read
last week...even things you
read last night?

How would you like to immediately
read faster and remember more?

Dear Friend,
You may be asking yourself, \u201cWhy would I want to read faster?\u201d
Well, if you\u2019re like most people, you probably have a pile of

reading you just can\u2019t get to. \u201cPhotoReading\u201d will teach you how to
polish off the whole pile...in minutes instead of hours. So, you can\u2026

\u2022 Be better-read and more knowledgeable than the next
person. (That\u2019s one reason good readers earn 2-1/2 times
the income of poor readers!)

\u2022 Get usable expertise in home-improvement, the Internet, politics, gardening, antiques, accounting, geophysics, philosophy, calculus\u2026you name it! Improve your \u201cjob\u201d skills or your \u201clife\u201d skills.

\u2022 Complete your reading quickly and ef\ue000ciently, leaving
more time for other pursuits.
\u2022 Make informed decisions with every piece of
printed material.
\u2022 Understand the background to most anything in a fraction
of the time (hooray!).
All in at least one third the time you would spend now.

You can always slow down to enjoy a personal letter, a special poem,
or other pleasurable writing. But, when you are on that information
highway, you will be driving the Ferrari of Reading: PhotoReading. It
is simply the best.

Now, you can BLAST through information
three times faster than you can right now.
It is time to step out of the reading dark ages and absorb
information virtually at the speed of light with the amazing
Endorsed and recommended by
PhotoReading whole mind system. This super fast learning technology
activates your natural ability to quickly and easily absorb information.

PhotoReading is fast...faster than speed reading. And it is easy!
Whether it\u2019s books, magazines, or even business and technical
information, you can absorb information as fast as you can turn
the pages.

\u2022 Be More Knowledgeable \u2022 Improve Your Job Skills
\u2022 Ease Your Workload \u2022 Earn More Money

All you have to do is complete the easy-to-follow audio course,
and use the \u201cPhotoReading whole mind system.\u201d You don\u2019t have to
practice. But if you do practice, you will get better and maybe some
day you\u2019ll PhotoRead at 25,000 words a minute like myself and others.

25,000 words a minute? You\u2019ve got to be kidding?

It works! You will actually \u201cmentally photograph\u201d the printed page as fast as you can turn the pages. Literally hundreds of thousands of people have done it before you.

If they could, you can. As a beginning PhotoReader, you can get
through information three times faster than you can now. From there,
the sky\u2019s the limit.

WARNING: this is not speed reading
Speed reading is merely regular reading hastened up. You are taught
to move your eyeballs faster.

With PhotoReading you learn to use your brain differently. After
all, they say the human brain is more powerful than the most powerful
computer on earth. If that is the case, then it has to be able to read
faster than 212 words a minute, which is what the average American
reads. With PhotoReading you tap into the greater abilities of
your brain.

Speed reading is like looking at brick after brick after brick and
eventually \ue000guring out you are looking at a building. PhotoReading is
like seeing the entire building right away, and then looking at the
bricks when you need the details.
It is different, but it works, because it is based on how the brain
likes to process information.
No wonder PhotoReading is the
best-selling reading course in America today!
You may have seen me on television, PhotoReading books as fast as I
could turn the pages and then answering questions with uncanny

accuracy. Everything is absolutely for real. I can PhotoRead at
25,000 words a minute. And you can, too. All you need is a little
motivation, and you can be zipping through books as fast as you can
turn the pages.

You don\u2019t have to be an Einstein \u2014 just willing!

The PhotoReading courses have a 96% success rate, because almost
everyone can use PhotoReading. Ages 13 and above. And, if you ever
get stuck, call or email one of our coaches. The service is FREE.
One coach is Patrick O\u2019Neil. He\u2019s been with us for 10 years. Another
is Dana Hanson. He\u2019s been with us for 5 years (and PhotoReading for 10
years). Cheryl Hiltibran, 7 years. Our people are good. They can
help you, because they are seasoned PhotoReaders.

Use PhotoReading on all material from pleasure reading to business
to academic to technical.

Whether you want sharper thinking, increased productivity, more
income, better grades, or more enjoyment out of life, PhotoReading can
help you.

Will you make more money? You might. We have stacks of stories
from people who have received superb performance reviews and
signi\ue000cant raises.
Will you have less stress? Yup. PhotoReading takes the stress
out of reading. That\u2019s a given.
Will you improve your memory? Probably. That\u2019s a by-product
of PhotoReading.
If you are a student, will you go from a C to an A? You might. We
have piles of testimonials that say so.
Even if you are now a slow reader with low comprehension, you can
see a dramatic improvement with PhotoReading right away.
Learn from the Audio Program or in a Seminar
The most convenient way to learn PhotoReading is through the
\u201cPhotoReading Personal Learning Course.\u201d You can \ue000nish the Classic

Edition of the self-study program in only a few hours. The new Deluxe
Edition -- where real life PhotoReaders show you how it is done on
three professionally produced DVDs -- will take a little longer.

If you prefer a seminar, we are coming to a city near you
Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, New York City,
Dallas, and Seattle (and dozens of other cities around the world). For
dates and times, check the schedule included with this letter.

Or, you can do both!

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