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Kith Compendium

Kith Compendium



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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Nov 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Angelus Morningstar 
Dream ShardDream Shard
Kith CompendiumKith Compendium
 Angelus Morningstar Additional writings adapted from concepts created by 
of the
Shadow n Essence
Gavin Hargest
Lost Shards
are fan-made products designed for use withthe
 World of Darkness
Changeling: the Lost.
 Absence of trademarks from copyrighted materials does notconstitute a legal challenge to the original owners. Any original material is the intellectual property of AngelusMorningstar unless otherwise credited.1
Angelus Morningstar 
Beast Kiths
Beasts who lived and burrowed beneaththe soil call this kith theirs; from mole-men to wurms andother changelings of the underground. They have thespecial blessing called the
 Warren Race
. With it, they may spend a point of Glamour and, for the rest of the scene,they may move through soil and earth (but not solid stone)at a rate equal to their half their speed as they tunnel.
Creatures of huge proportions, whetherleviathans of the depths to the hulking brutes of the plains,they stand tall. They are innately tall, with their
, granting them the Giant Merit for free (whichstacks with the effects of the Giant Merit itself). However,due to their ungainly girth they suffer a -1 penalty onattempts to move quietly or quickly (which increases to -2if they also purchase the Giant Merit).
Creatures of the wild who survivedthrough blending in and adapting; living chameleons andbeings of dark and light. If they spend a point of Glamour,these changelings can activation their gift of 
Blurry Form
,and gain a +2 bonus to all their tests to remain unseen asthey blend in with their surroundings. This bonus goes upto their Wyrd, if they remain still.
Either predators who lay in wait, or Beastskept as watchers and guardians, both highly valued by theirfaerie masters. These Beasts benefit from the blessing
Sentinel’s Vigil:
the changeling gains +2 Stamina for thepurposes of determining duration before fatigue sets in, and+1 to any Composure tests requiring them to remain still.
Many Beasts are nomadic creatures, used totraveling far and great distances. Whether they are themigrating flocks of birds, or the wild herds of the plains,they have knowledge of the places they are going and havebeen too. This is represented by their gift known as
Sojourner’s Blessing
, giving the kith the Direction SenseMerit for free (which adds to the bonus gained if thechangeling also has that Merit).
Some creatures are gifted withextraordinary displays of beauty, color and imagery, andhave learned to show them off; the peacock guardian menand the women of the waves are examples of these.
is an innate gift they bear, which allows them togain a +1 to social tests that rely on looks and appearance.
Thieves of the sky, land and sea all pay their dues to this kith. Swooping magpies, pack rats, jackalsand the like all gain the blessing of 
 Nimble Grasp,
 whichgives them a +2 to tasks involving fine manipulation withthe hands.
Darkling Kiths
Such darklings were taught to fight anddefend their masters in dirty duplicitous ways. They havethe knowledge of 
Dirty Tricks
, which allows them toignore one point of their opponent's Armor, or two whentaking their opponent by surprise.
These are monsters who have learned tothrive on childhood imagination. They have the art toseem visible only to children with the blessing of 
Imaginary Friend.
By spending a point of Glamour, thechangeling can drop their Mask for a scene to the eyes of children, without invoking a Clarity check.
These silent shades move like whispers, stealing the breath and essence from the lips of those they pass. With their
Stolen Kisses
they can steal apoint of Willpower from one person within theirproximity. The number of times per day they can do this isequal to their Wyrd, but every time after the first coststhem a point of Glamour. They cannot target the sameperson more than once a day.
Creatures of the night that feed upondreams and dabble in deceits of dark magic. Such creaturesare night haunts, dream weavers, sandmen, and other fellcreatures like the Mara and hags. The Harrowmares have apeculiar talent called
Dream Rider,
granting themuncanny familiarity with dreams. All tests involvingdreams, including Dream Contracts gain +1.
These are monsters who have learned tothrive on silence and quiet. Both stone angels of quiet orthe noise eater, they have the art granted to them from
Golden Silence.
By spending a point of Glamour, thechangeling can drop a field of silence around them through which no natural sound can travel, which fills a smallishroom (about 15' x 15' x 10' high) for the rest of the scene.
These changelings are creatures of chance,luck and a bit of chaos in the blend. They have a fondnessfor games of luck and chance and will be willing to takemost wagers. Still, they like to
Stack the Odds,
they have anatural affinity with luck and gain +1 on any actioninvolving blind chance (such as games of chance) or use of the Hearth Contracts. If a pool is reduced to a chance die,8s, 9s and 10s all count as a success, but a 1 still counts as adramatic failure.
Such creatures will always present a lieeven if a half-truth will do, and many of them arecharlatans and pranksters with a vicious streak. Mountebank is gifted with
Riddled Prose,
 which grantsthem the Merit Rigid Mask for free (the benefits of whichcombine with the Merit itself if purchased).
Songs, prophecy and presaging of doom anddespair has long been the purview of these fae. By spendinga turns to presage an
Ominous Portent
to their victim, the victim suffers a -2 to their next action. The victim must be within hearing range of the Soothsayer for the blessing to work.
These are the changelings who thrived inthe cracks and crevices of the world, covered chitinous skinand walk with a creeping motion. The Spindlebacks arecovered with a C
alloused Carapace,
 which gifts them witha point of Armor stacks with other Armor.
Elemental Kiths
Born from the ocean reefs and marine forestsof the sea floor, these elementals are walking colonies of coral. Their form flourishes with
Marine Regrowth
, whichallows them to heal one point of bashing for every point of Glamour they spend.
A flurry of petals, leaves or paper forms thesechangelings. They are buoyant flights wrapped around thehuman form. They are enveloped by a constant
Cloud of Tears
, as a swirl of petals or paper folds around them. This2
Angelus Morningstar 
penalizes attackers, by levying a -2 on any attack againstthem either aimed or melee.
These synthetic beings are made of theflexible materials of rubber and plastic who wear faces of artificial making. Their kith blessing,
Contortionist Trick,
lets them squeeze into any opening that would normally accept something only two Sizes smaller (so a Size 5Meldmask could wriggle through a hole big enough for aSize 3 creature).
Sultry creatures of smoke, cloud, haze andmist. These Elementals have vaporous bodies that billow and bubble in their wake. Their gift is known as the
, their touch to the ground is so light that anattempts to track them or investigate physical evidence leftby them suffers a penalty equal to their Wyrd.
Creatures of slime, mud, muck and allmanner of vitreous ooze. These slithering heaps of brackenand foul smelling waters are capable of assuming a
Gelatinous Form
, once per day. The changeling can spenda point of Glamour to become resistant to forms of physicaldamage. It lets the changeling can downgrade a number of points of lethal damage to bashing damage from a physicalsource.
These are changelings who are made of night, echoes of darkness, given flesh. Their close affinity  with the darkness gives them a
Cowl of Dark,
they addtheir Wyrd to Stealth and reduce negative modifiers toperception due to natural darkness by their Wyrd.
Precious dolls, with hearts of glass andopalescent skin, or crystalline forms. They are envelopedby a
Skin of Shards
, which provides them a point of  Armor, and will inflict a point of Lethal Damage perminute to anyone who grapples them.
Stitched poppets bound in cloth and fabric,they are the living puppets of the faerie. Their soft fabricskin and stuff body makes them difficult to bruise anddamage through the gift of 
Poppet Body 
. Once per day, thechangeling can spend a point of glamour, and thechangeling can absorb all bashing damage for a number of turns equal to their Wyrd +2.
Carved from rock, sculpted from stone, orsolid marble. They are the golems of porcelain andhardened clay or carven figures. Many are used to holding a
Statuesque Poise
, granting them the Perfect Stillness Meritfor free (the benefit of which will combine with the Meritif also held), and gain a single point of natural armor fromtheir stony skin.
The changelings are those of malleableshape and form, whether melded from clay or wax. Thesecreatures hold the blessing knowns as
Dancing Flesh
; forthe expenditure of 1 Glamour they can move a dot fromone physical attribute to another, which stays there for theremainder of the scene. They can only move a number of dots less than or equal to half their Wyrd at one time.
These changelings were fashioned from the very light itself, and all many of luminous energies. Oftenpale and shrouded in a an Luminous Cadence, thechangeling can purchase the contracts of Vainglory for(new dots x 5) and gain the 8 Again rule for any attemptsat physical disguise or deception.
Fairest Kiths
Such changelings are kept as companionsand exemplars of courtesy and breeding. While nevertreated with equal status as their fellow lords and ladies,they were expected to be able to speak and understand themores of faerie etiquette. This manifests in the
, which allows them to treat all matters of etiquetteand protocol as rote actions, and gain 8 Again on any Persuasion rolls done with the intention of seduction,
: The Gentry have a deep love of stories, andhighly value those who can artfully tell tales. The Fabulistchangelings are not merely weavers of fantasy, they aremasters of performance, able to subtly weave their wordsinto visual images. This is their power of 
, which manifests a gentle illusion of whatever tale they  weave. Such illusions are never convincing enough to bethought real, but could provide a suitable distraction topenalize others with a -2 to their visual perception.
Legends of the Green Knight, Tam Lin andother
knights rely on their majesty and beauty asmuch as their mighty arms. Gallants enjoy the benefit of the gift known as
Shining Might
, granting them the ability to add half their dots in Wyrd to any combat tests involvedin a formal duel or any fight where they are aiding thedefense of others.
The Fairest know that beauty and grace areits own power. These changelings represent the Fae who were adopted by the more regal Fae and molded in theirlikeness. Such changelings are imbued with a royalcountenance that most kings and queens live to dream of.Each Imperator possesses
Royal Grandeur
, for those whose Willpower is equal to or less than the changeling’s Wyrd will find themselves captivated and the Imperator gains the9-Again rule on all Social tests with them.
Gender is merely an illusion for these beings,caught between the binary of male and female and all theplaces in between. So fluid is gender for these creaturesthat with the exertion of a point of Glamour they canundergo a
Gender Shift
, literally changing from onebiological gender to the other. These genders are fully functional, with the sole limitation of fertility usually denied the fae. If they also spend a point of willpower, they can acquire a transitional gender form, bearing multiplesexual traits or none at all.
While most Fairest are known for the talland elegant stature, the Shimmerlings main feature is theirdiminutive form. These Fairest were those kept for theirchild-like forms, deliberately made to stay eternally youngand bright. They have the gift called the
once a day, the changeling can shrink down to aSize 1 creature (able to fit in the palm of the hand). Whilein this form they can double her speed and jumpingdistances. The downside to this is that these changelingsare far more fragile in this form, as they reduce in Size alsoreduces their Health boxes.
Ogre Kiths
Changelings who are untempered and filled with the savagery of the beast. Such creatures are those of the bear skins, the big bad wolves, that embody a primalferocity. These creatures bear the talent known as the3

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