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The Great Masque

The Great Masque



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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Nov 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Angelus Morningstar 
Dream ShardDream Shard
The Great MasqueThe Great Masque
 Angelus MorningstarSome writings have been inspired by or adapted fromconcepts presented in
The Fear-Maker's Promise
The Rose-Bride's Plight
 Night Horror's: Grim Fears
Gavin Hargest
Lost Shards
are fan-made products designed for use withthe
 World of Darkness
Changeling: the Lost.
 Absence of trademarks from copyrighted materials does notconstitute a legal challenge to the original owners. Any original material is the intellectual property of AngelusMorningstar unless otherwise credited.1
Angelus Morningstar 
This Shard is a rogues' gallery of various changelings.They have been designed such that they can all function asa single freehold, but can otherwise operate as singularmotleys, or even individual characters.If used as a single freehold, there are some deliberateparallels between the characters in both the Fear-Maker'sPromise and the Rose-Bride Pledge. As such, those SAScan be run with this freehold without too muchmodification. All of the Keepers mentioned in these pages are writtenup in Autumn Nightmares.The kiths, merits and some other rules are not allincluded in the core books of the World of Darkness andChangeling: the Lost Core book:
 A large number of the Merits here are derivedfrom
 Winter Masques
and the
Kith Compendium
The Merits used here are sourced from anumber of different locations, including
 Autumn Nightmares, Rites of Spring, The Equinox Road,
some thathave been adapted from other genres, and one or two new Merits. The
Merit Manual
contains a listing of where allthese Merits can be found, and included the write up forthe new Merits.Both the
Kith Compendium
and the
Merit Manual
should be available for download from the same place youfound this document. If you do not wish to use theadditional material or rules from either published works orthe Lost Shards, a few small adjustments can make themmore basic.2
Angelus Morningstar 
The Mammon PledgeThe Mammon Pledge
Money makes the world go around, and thesechangelings have no qualms about doing whatever it takesto get their hands on their more-than-fair share. It's notjust simply about the money though... it's also about thebonds, the stocks, the affluence, the prestige and thepower. Never underestimate the influence that the glint of gold can have upon the mortal world, they say. Friends may be fleeting, but greed is forever.Hollow: Archive (Goblin Markets, Tokens) 2, Amenities 5, Fade 4, Doors 2, Size 2, Wards 4, Workshop 2
 Lily Giltsmith
“There is a price for everything, I’ve yet todecide what yours is.”
Having worked her way into a place of standing in her legal firms, Lily had fame, wealth, andpower. She was known as the ‘Red Bull’ by others of thelegal profession, for her terrifyingly astute manner in thecourt room. Yet, her power did not come without its stressand perks, and Lily had a penchant for gambling. Onevenings she would find herself in the high stakes games of less reputable dens. It would all come apart when oneevening, she lost a bet against a member of the Gentry,posing as a mortal. Unable to pay the dues, the LadBoleville whisked her away to her mansion.First she put her to service for ten years in her countinghouse, and then when she had completed that task she puther to work in her parlour to entertain the Lady withgames. Finally having won a measure of privilege in herservice, she would send her to the Goblin Markets to fetchher wares. It was in these fleeting moments that Lilmanaged to barter and negotiate passage out of Faerie.Since her return, Lily has found that only a few yearshas passed, despite her long years in Faerie. In her place was a Fetch, who was seemingly less successful than she was, but had founded a family with two children. Lessfocused on work, the Fetch had found a measure of happiness that Lily never did. Instead, Lily has avowed tocreate a new life with her skills, serving the freehold andthose who are less fortunate than her in her upbringing…all for a price of course.
No single feature about Lily is asdistinctive as her golden
pince nez.
Looking only so muchlike a haughty librarian with clear disdain for anyone whodoes not have a head for money and law, which is to say everyone. Her skin is coloured and tainted with flecks of gold, like a wealth of freckles; and her hair, when nottightly bound out, shimmers with a similarly lustrous shine.Like everything else about her, Lily’s clothing is a matter of practicality, but ornamented with secret pleasures of opulence.
Storytelling Hints:
Lily is a harsh mistress, and acommanding woman. She is not quite ready to forsake herformer mortal life, and her current attempts to meet withpeople from her past have been disastrous. Her temper andcrotchety nature rekindle conflicts that have not beenaround since she disappeared, and the hapless mortals haveno knowledge of the cause.Lily is the principle governing head of the MammonPledge, if only because her skills are what keep them in theprivilege they expect. However, she is still a victim of hergambling addiction. Yet now, her Kith blessing and facility  with the Hearth Contracts (and a potentially limitlesssupply of finance) means that she is never in debt for long.More sinisterly are the games she plays with faeriecreatures, gambling favours and other non-monetary prizes.She is riddled with guilt over the potential boon that thegoblins will ask of her in return for her release from Faerie.
Spring Court
Guild of the Goldspinner
 Verdant Advocate: Lily’s main role for thefreehold is as a legal expert. It is to Lily that the membersof the freehold turn
Lady Boleville, Mistress of the Manor and theManor Herself 
Mental Attributes:
Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Physical Attributes:
Strength 1, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Social Attributes:
Presence 2, Manipulation 3,Composure 4
Mental Skills:
 Academics 4 (law), Computer 1, Crafts 2(textiles, smithing), Investigation 3, Politics 3(bureaucracy), Science 2
Physical Skills:
Larceny 2, Stealth 1 (move quietly), Weaponry 1
Social Skills:
Empathy 2, Intimidation 1, Persuasion 3(brokering), Subterfuge 2
 Allies (law) 4, Allies (courts) 3, Brownie'sBoon 1, Bureaucratic Navigator 2, Court Goodwill(Autumn) 2, Eidetic Memory 2, Goblin Vow (money) 1,Harvest (pledges) 2, Language (Latin) 2, Language(German) 1, Mantle (Spring) 3, New Identity (Lily Copeland) 4, Pledgesmith 2, Rigid Mask 2, Staff (legal,financial) 2, Status (legal) 3
Fleeting Spring 2
Forge 3, Hearth 2, Vainglory 1
Thomas Bedlam
“Of course I can build you a weapon that willmake your enemies weep, your masters bleed and your victims scream. I just never said I'd do it for free.”
Thomas had always been an entrepreneur,starting his life with a modest but successful jewellery store.3

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