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Astrology Place of the Planets

Astrology Place of the Planets

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The influence of the Grahas (planets) on the individual is a very important feature of life, which has an impact on health, prosperity relationships and other areas of life. The negative influences of the Grallias (planets) can be neutralized and the positive influences of the Grahas can be enhanced through proper Vedic performances.
The influence of the Grahas (planets) on the individual is a very important feature of life, which has an impact on health, prosperity relationships and other areas of life. The negative influences of the Grallias (planets) can be neutralized and the positive influences of the Grahas can be enhanced through proper Vedic performances.

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Published by: api-26502404 on Oct 18, 2008
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The following articles describes:

\ue000Houses and Lordships
\ue000Meaning of Planets
\ue000Nine Planets
\ue00012 Rashis (signs)

This document is intended for those who understands what Kundali is and are interested in Hindu
Astrology. I personal feel Astrology from South East Asia is the best.
The placement of the Rashis and Grahas is determined by the birth date, birth time, and
birthplace. Because this is different for everyone, each persons\u2019s horoscope must be
interpreted individually.

The influence of the Grahas (planets) on the individual is a very important feature of life, which has an impact on health, prosperity relationships and other areas of life. The negative influences of the Grallias (planets) can be neutralized and the positive influences of the Grahas can be enhanced through proper Vedic performances.

The houses (Bhavas) indicate the different life areas in the chart. The significations of the
12 houses are listed in Uttara Kalamrita as follows:
1st HOUSE: Body, limbs, happiness, unhappiness, old age, knowledge, birth place, fame,

reams, strength, dignity, political life, longevity, peace, age, hair, appearance, self-respect, livelihood, gambling for others, stigma, honour, skin, sleep, wisdom, wealth, nature to insult and to avenge, freedom from ill health, nature to renounce, ability to do work, endeavouring to preserve live-stock, loss of decency, and defamation from one\u2019s own kinsmen or persons of the same caste.

2nd HOUSE: speech, wealth, faith in the sacred texts, maintaining others, nails, enjoyment

of pleasures, truth and falsehood, tongue, eyes, clothes, diamond, copper and precious stones, pearl, determination or control, artificial products, family, sale and purchase, soft speech, generous or charitable nature, efforts to acquire money, helping others, friends, splendour or grace, miserliness in giving money, great eloquence, learning, gold, fine silver, corn, humility, nose, firmness or steadiness of mind, close follower or neighbour, following the rules of going and arriving, and powerful or prosperous living.

3rd HOUSE: courage, brothers, war, ears, feet, road, land or place, mental instability,
ability or fitness, abode of gods, causing sorrow, dream, soldier, valour, one\u2019s near

relations, friends, wandering, throat, taking clean food and the like, power, partitioning of inheritance, ornaments, god qualities, education, pastime or hobby, strength, profits, physical growth or development, descent from a good family, servants, the part of the hand between the thumb and the index finger (which is sacred to the dead ancestors), maid- servants, small good vehicles or short good journeys, pilgrimages, great undertakings, and performing personal religious duties.

4th HOUSE: Education, national or governmental work, house, travels, vehicles drawn by

men, boats and similar conveyances, oil-bath, mother, relatives, friends, caste, clothes, small well, drink, milk, spices or perfumes, one having happiness, a good name, miraculously efficient medicine, faith or trust, false allegations, Mandapa or auspicious pavilion, victory, works that give sorrow or suffering, agriculture, land, garden or pleasurable place, digging tanks and wells, the several sacred installations, relatives on

mother\u2019s side, pure or steady intellect, father, wife, securing and keeping safe one\u2019s

earnings, palace, sculpture, entering into one\u2019s own new house, character, loss of one\u2019s house, paternal property, food like that of the gods, art of giving mentally clues to the places where stolen property is hidden. Anthill, developing or contributing to the expansive spread of the Vedic texts and Shastras, buffaloes, cows, bulls, horses and elephants in an intoxicated state, abundance of crops from wet lands, and wealth.

5th HOUSE: Children, virtuous deeds of the father, king, minister, good character,

sculpture, mind, education, pregnancy, discretion, umbrella, listening to or spreading good stories, auspicious documents or parchments, clothes, employing great prayogas or mantras for achieving varied desired ends, paternal property, foresightedness, wealth and prosperity acquired through the wife or her relatives, affairs with courtesans or loose women, profundity or seriousness, firmness, secrets, humility, good reporting of news, welfare, friendship, composition of Kavyas and Prabandhas (minor epic narratives), undertaking some good work, stomach, Mantra, Upasana or worship with penance, splendour which is graceful and pleasing, distributing food, discrimination between virtue and vice, performing japa of mantras, wisdom, deep thought, means of earning money, having the instrumental music of mridanga (clay drum) and the like that give delight, scholarship in literature, and acquisition of the hereditary post of a minister.

6th HOUSE: Diseases, obstacles, fighting in war, maternal uncle, phlegm, tumour, cruel or

fierce activities, madness, smallpox, foes or enmity, miserliness, ill health, venereal boils, boiled rice, heavy breathing, debts, slanders, delight of the foes, tuberculosis, healed constitution, wounds, mental agony or worry, many intense worries, hated by many, frequent diseases of the eyes, receiving alms, untimely food, fall or loss or destruction brought about by foes who are collaterals, profits, wearisome, poison, peptic or duodenal

ulcer, fetters, protecting one\u2019s own fame, urinary ailment, dysentery, six flavours, reproach,
sorrows from servants and theft, imprisonment, quarrels from brothers and others.
7th HOUSE: marriage, loose sex life, victory in love or passion, hatred of a loose woman,
deviation from the right or proper path, having perfumes, music and flowers, delicious food,
drinks and the like, chewing betel leaves, break in travels, curd, loss of memory, possessing
clothes and the like, semen, husband\u2019s or wife\u2019s purity, a pair of wives, generative organ,

urinary track, anus, commerce or trade, milk, sweet or pleasant mansion, food with cereals and ghee, charities, valour, destruction of enemies, victory, acquisition of money that is kept in a different or distant place, arguments, sexual union, adopted son, preparations with ghee, own place, foreign or distant place, wife (or husband), all secret sex affairs, and theft.

8th HOUSE: Longevity, happiness, disgrace or defeat, money coming from the death of

someone as in insurance or as in the case of dead distant relative, afflicted face, worry about or arising from death, absence of quarrels, sorrow from an ailment of meha, worries arising from brother, enemy, wife or husband. The fortress of the enemy, misery or worry, idleness, fear of punishment from the government, loss of money, debts, receiving the money of others out of ignorance, long awaited money, the arrival of a wicked person, sin, killing a living being, loss of a limb, capital punishment, terrifying sorrows, a story that disturbs the mental peace, series of afflictions, attempting to do highly cruel acts, battle,

and utmost mental anguish.
9th HOUSE: Charity, virtuous acts, pilgrimages, penance, respectful devotion and service

to the teachers and other elders, purity of mind, worship of the Gods, effort to learn, splendour, travel or conveyance, fortune or prosperity, politics, valour, listening to pr spreading good stories, travels, worshipping Shiva by pouring water on the Deity, nourishment, coming into contact with the virtuous, auspiciousness, paternal property, sons and daughters, eight forms of wealth, horses, elephants and buffaloes, coronation, temple, establishing or consecrating Brahma, or firmly securing the Brahmanic culture, Vedic rituals and sacrifices, and circulation and distribution of money.

10th HOUSE: Commerce, honour from the ruler, riding on horse, wrestling, work of or in

the government, service, agriculture, doctoring, fame, buried or hidden treasure, sacrifices and the like, pre-eminence or the position of the best merchant, teachers, religious Yantras or symbolic diagrams, chanting the sacred spells or Mantras, mother, wide spread or extensive religious merit, medicine, thighs, Gods, acquisition of the full power of a Mantra, prosperity, adopter son, lordship, right path, good living with self-respect, honour, a prince, fame, expert teaching ability and the like, authority using a seal, influence, self-control and a mind that gives orders to be obeyed.

11th HOUSE: Gains in all possible ways, evil desires, all forms of income, dependence on

others, elder brother, paternal uncle, worship of the Gods, worship of the Sattvic Deities, education, great skill in earning gold and money, ancestral property, knee, special position, love of or fondness for ornaments and precious stones, wealth, lost wealth, seeking to possess ornaments made of gold for the sake of arts and women, wisdom, position of a minister, brother of the wife, profits, rise of fortune, achieving the desired goal, easy or good returns, cooking, desires, longevity of mother, ears, shanks, skill in the art of painting.

12th HOUSE: disturbed sleep, mental worry or anguish, the two feet, fear from foes,

imprisonment, freedom from suffering, relief from debts, elephants and horses, paternal property, enemy, ascent into heaven, left eye, hated by the public, crippled limbs, loose sex life, break-down of marriage, giving up the sleeping bed, loss of power or authority, kept in

chains in an enemy\u2019s house, mental imbalance, miserable condition, harm, wounded by the

thought of the loss of happiness of the father and brothers, disputes, anger, physical ailment, death, migrating to a different place, expenditure of all kinds, and loss of wife or husband.

Methods of House Division

There are three methods of house division known and used in Jyotish: Equal Houses, Equal Signs and Sripathi (Porphyrii) methods. In the Equal Houses system the cusp of the 1st house coincides with the Ascendant. The cusp of the 2nd house is at 30 degrees from it, the 3rd house cusp is 60 degrees, etc. The house cusps are always in the middle of the houses.

In the Equal Signs system, the houses coincide with the signs, and the house cusps are similar to those in the previous system, hence they will usually not fall into the middle of the houses, only in case the Ascendant is at exact 15 degrees of a sign. In the Sripathi system the 1st house cusp is the Lagna, and the 7th house cusp is the Descendant opposite it, the 10th house cusp is at the MC (Medium Coeli or Madhya Lagna), i.e. Zenith, and the 4th house cusp is at the IC (Imum Coeli or Patala Lagna) i.e. Nadir. The four quarters divided thus should be divided into three equal parts each, and thus we find the 12 house cusps in Sripathi system. To find the Bhava Sandhis (meeting points of houses) we should

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