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Hindu Astrology 2

Hindu Astrology 2



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Published by: api-26502404 on Oct 18, 2008
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Celestial System
The mother earth rotates on its axis once in 24 hrs and revolvesaround the Sun in 365.2422 days. Various planets likeMercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn also revolve aroundthe Sun (Dig 1.). These planets have satelites revolving roundthem. Earth has one satellite called Moon revolving around it.The complete Solar system also revolved around the centreof our Galaxy "Milky Way" and makes one round in little hrsthan 26000 years. The Galaxy has many solar systems withdifferent Suns at their centres. Galaxy is shaped like twosaucers placed one over the other and our solar system isrevolving around it on one side of it.As earth revolves around the Sun, we see from earth starsaround us in the sky. On account of motion of Earth aroundthe Sun, the Sun appears to move round the stars once in ayear. The line along which the Sun moves is called the Ecliptic.The broad band or belt in the heaven extending 9
on eitherside of the Ecliptic is known as Zodiac. The Ecliptic passesthrough centre of zodiac longitudinally. The zodiac revolvesonce in a day on its axis from east to west.The zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts, for purpose of astrology, called signs, which are named after the imaginary
3figures which the stars form in each division. Since zodiacconsists of 360
, each sign will consist of 360
. Thesigns are known as Rasis.Our sages identified twelve group of stars seperatedappox.30
each in the 360
celestial sphere. Thus we have12 Rashis. They divided the celestial sphere in 12 partsbecause moon moves around the earth 12 times during thetime earth revolved round the Sun.
Looking at the daily movement of Moon, sages also identified27 constellations around the celestial called Ashwini, Barnietc. They are seperated by 360
 /27= 13
20'. Every day Mooncrosses over one constellation.Start of Ashwini match withthe start of first sign Aries.From earth we see a celestial body passing over a sign, thishelps us know the location of that body.In astronomy we define planet as a celestial body whichrevolved round the Sun and a body which revolves around aplanet is called a satellite. Sun is termed as a star.In astrology planet is defined differently. Since man lives onearth and we want to studies effect of celestial bodies onhuman being, we study the motion of celestial bodies withrespect to earth i.e. we take earth in centre and measureposition of bodies around it, including. Sun, Moon and otherplanets. To measure the position we take far placed stars as

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