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Power Affirmations E-book

Power Affirmations E-book



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Published by: api-3831336 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Power Affirmations
byWilliam Marshall
Copyright 2005 William H. Marshall. All Rights Reserved.
Release Your Resistance to Success
 What do I mean by "release your resistance?" It's simple. I think that manypeople try too hard to succeed. The harder you try...the harder you struggle...themore stress you create in your life. You actually create resistance to the veryobject or outcome that you desire. Instead, let go of your resistance. Allow yourmind to be quiet. Using Power Affirmations (especially the MP3 recordings) is asimple way to start.Take a small object in your hand such as a small coin. With your hand facingstraight down over a table, just open your hand and release the object. Withoutany effort, the coin will fall to the table. You can let go of any negative emotion,thought, or resistance just as easily. The more often you release, the more yourmind will be at peace...and ready for positive action.
Would You Like to Receive New Power Affirmations by eMail?Then I Invite You toJoin my eMail List
 You can also join my mailing list and you can receive 3-5 new Power Affirmationsevery 3-4 days.
The Power Affirmations sent out via email are not in thiseBook and are not available as MP3s.
I may publish them as a collection later,but for now, the only way to receive them is via email.On the next page is the complete text of one of the emails as an example of whatyou can expect. As you can see, it is short and to the point and is not a lengthysales message. This is just a tool to share with you new Power Affirmations tohelp you keep your mind positive and focused on thoughts that will help you.You can unsubscribe to the list at any time. The unsubscribe link does notappear in the example below, but is included in every email sent to people on mymailing list.Hello!Here are a few new Power Affirmations for August 19, 2006:
1. I am an independent thinker. I study multiple points of view and thenselect the ideas that make the most sense for my personal situation.2. I now have a quiet and peaceful mind.3. I now release all my wants and desires quickly and easily.4. As I release all of my wants and desires, all that I need comes to meexactly when I need it.
Power Affirmations: Release Your Resistance to Success
I'll send you some additional new Power Affirmations in a few days. If you want todiscontinue receiving these emails, just unsubscribe by clicking on theunsubscribe link below.Have a happy and outstanding Saturday! Thanks for your commitment to positivethinking and positive living.Bill MarshallGet Over 200 Power Affirmations on MP3s atwww.poweraffirmations.com/mp3files/  I also will notify you
as I come up with new thoughts, ideas, materialthat I think is really important or helpful (probably only once every couple ofmonths). For example, when I posteda free 5 minute recording of AndrewCarnegiefrom 1914 reading from his “Gospel of Wealth” essay. Yes, this is thereal Andrew Carnegie who inspired Napoleon Hill to write “Think and Grow Rich.”You can join my eMail list athttp://www.poweraffirmations.com/power-affirmations-by-email.htm.
This Free E-book is My Gift to You…and Your Friends
While I retain the copyright to this e-book (all rights reserved), this is my gift toyou and your friends. Yes, I authorize you to distribute as many copies as youwish to whomever you wish. In fact, I’d love it if you give away lots and lots ofcopies.How does sharing this information with others help you? It’s simple really. If youpass this information on to your friends, and it helps them to be more positive,your world (your circle of influence) becomes more positive. And when yourworld becomes more positive, the entire world becomes just a little more positive.Eventually that benefits everyone—including me.I have only two conditions:1. You make no changes to the written material.2. You do not charge anyone for the book. It is given to you freely, so youshould freely give it to others. You can send them a link to the PowerAffirmations web page using my "Send-a-Page" form byclicking here.- 3 -
Interested in the Power Affirmations Screen Savers?Click here to go to the order form now.  © 2005 William H. Marshall. All Rights Reserved.

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