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Published by: api-3832523 on Oct 18, 2008
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POLITICAL:1. Should Indian Railways be privatised?2. Election today has nothing to do with good governance?3. Successive scams - a result of system failure?4. What are India's security concerns?5. What are the pros and cons of liberalisation of the Insurance Sector?6. How appropriate is the reservation policy in India?7. Should foreign publications be allowed to enter and compete in the domestic markets?8. India's industrial policy9. Should we accept Sonia as PM?10. Patriot act of the US may reverse brain drain.11. India must not concede to US demand of sending troops to Iraq.12. USA - the biggest threat to World peace.13. Taj Corridor is more important than saving the Taj Mahal.14. Indian Political Scenario.15. Reservation for women in education and service.16. Democracy is a sort of one-man rule.17. It is all the politicians' fault.18. Coalition politics/government - a sign of a mature democracy or a fractured politicalgrouping?19. Is politics for rascals? / Is politics the last hope of a scoundrel?20. Indian corporates are puppets in the hands of Indian Politicians.21. If Laloo Prasad Yadav becomes the Prime Minister of India.22. Laloo reigns because he gave voice to the people.23. Is India's increasing expenditure on defence justified?24. Should India make peace with Pakistan?25. The military regime in Pakistan is good for India.26. The educated women is not politically irrelevant?27. Only God or dictatorship can save India now.28. Is it possible to reach a consensus in decision-making?29. Political parties should be banned in India.30. Is India ready for a Presidential form of government?31. Democracy is the worst form of government.32. Budgets don't matter, finance ministers do.33. Political power grows out the barrel of a gun.34. Democracy is the root of all evils.35. Will more autonomy to states jeopardise the unity of the nation?36. Regional parties should be encouraged.37. Should there be a retirement age for politicians?38. Indo-Pak differences are so deep rooted that Kashmir is only being used as an excuse.39. Should business houses finance elections?40. The solution to internal disputes lies in the formation of a world government.41. If we were members of the central cabinet...42. The need to declare India a Hindu state.43. General Musharraf is our best bet so no effort should be spared in reaching an
agreement with him.44. It is wrong on the part of the government to bestow privileges to people based oncaste and communal lines.45. Iraq is America's game plan and they ought to play it alone.46. If we were Planning Commission members...47. Political crises and the Indian economy.48. India, a regional super power, is taking advantage of its neighbours.49. The army should be used to maintain internal order.50. Non-Alignment has no place in this world.51. China a Super Power?52. How can the Indian political system be improved?53. Privatisation - key to block production.54. The Indian Union should be dissolved.55. Rural development is a political issue rather than something of substance.56. India should stop playing Big brother with its neighbours.57. The five-year plans serve no useful purpose because of political uncertainties.58. Should Kashmir be allowed to secede from India?59. The world without the US would be a better place.60. Caste based reservation is the only way to achieve social and economic justice inIndia.61. Panchayati Raj.62. Good politics is seldom good economics.63. Democracy has been successful in India.64. Indian democracy is "buy" the people, "far" the people, "off' the people.65. If you were the Finance Minister...66. Do Indian politicians really care for India?67. Has the Indian political structure outlived its utility?68. Students should not take part in politics.69. After Indira Gandhi's demise, India's hopes of becoming a super power are over.70. There should be reservation for the silent, middle-income population of India.71. The age of a single party rule is over.72. Governments should have the right to ban books.73. A politician's private life should not be the public's conscience.74. India requires a reorganisation of states.75. Politicians and Industrialists' nexus.76. Have our leaders kept the promises they made at the time of independence? ECONOMICS:1. The concept of swadeshi is detrimental to economic growth.2. Public Sector should be disinvested.3. Future of MNCs in automobile industry.4. Democracy is not conducive to economic development.
5. Privatisation in agriculture.6. Effect of subsidies on Indian Economy.7. Economic reforms.8. Should India be a planned economy?9. Infrastructure alone cannot improve India's standing in the international arena.10. Globalisation is bad for the Indian companies.11. Liberalisation of the Indian Economy.12. Infrastructure development is of prime importance for India this millennium.13. Should the public sector be privatised?14. Infrastructure - Backbone of economy.15. Floods and famine.16. Is plastic money harming the economy?17. Are the Indian farmers pampered too much?18. Should Indian Railways be privatised?19. Is Mumbai the financial capital of India?20. Is retrenchment the solution for public sector inefficiency?21. India is a rich country of poor people.22. In the interest of the nation, bandhs should be banned.23. Do all Indians get equal opportunities?24. Import is essential for economic growth.25. Maruti Udyog should stop manufacturing passenger cars and produce public carriers.26. Is corruption unavoidable like taxation and death?27. Does development have its own cost?28. Nationalisation of banks has only led to inefficiency.29. Issues like pollution and deforestation are a luxury for a country like India.30. Talk of social responsibility in the private sector is sheer hypocrisy.31. Will there be a BPO bust?32. CAS - Government has most to gain.33. Development - at what cost?34. To solve India's socio-economic problems, India needs another Gandhi.35. The current problems facing the country are unsolvable.36. WTO is an omnipotent body controlling economy under the guise of facilitatingtrade.37. Income tax should be abolished.38. Inflation - its effects on the middle class and the poor.39. All nationalised banks in India should be privatised.40. Total liberalisation is the only way for economic development in India.41. In a country like India, the public sector is vital for national development.42. How much should India depend upon the IMF for loans.43. Is planning necessary for India?44. Is a Commonwealth of Independent States the only solution for India?45. Tax concessions given to women are discriminatory.46. Massive import of technology is essential for rapid industrial growth.47. Is India's expenditure on hi-tech areas justified from the social and economic point of view?48. It is high time we drastically cut our defence spending.

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