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Tyrants of Self Concept (Tame the Ego)

Tyrants of Self Concept (Tame the Ego)

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Published by Pamela Slater

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Published by: Pamela Slater on Nov 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ByTerry Rich Hartley, PhD
copyright © 2002 by Terry Rich Hartley, PhDInternet: www.selfconceptcoach.comAll rights reserved. No part of the material protected by this copyright notice may bereproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, includingphotocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without thewritten permission of the copyright owner.
First Edition
About the Author
Social psychologist, scientist, writer, businessman, and outdoorsman are but a few of the roles Terry Rich Hartley enjoys. Dr. Hartley holds a bachelor’s degree in psychol-ogy and a doctorate in social psychology. He has won numerous first-place journal-ism awards from the New York State Associated Press Association, and has beensenior editor for an international publisher of self-concept educational material. Dr.Hartley has published research papers in prestigious science journals, including
The International Journal of Psychophysiology
, and
The Journal of Clinical Hypertension
. He is a member of MENSA, the high-IQ society. Dr. Hartleypromotes personal growth through self-concept development, as represented in thisbook. He and his wife Shirley live in Idaho.
This book’s purpose is to demonstrate that the mass of men and women do not haveto spend their lives limited by the critical voices of mental spectators—those little tyrants rat-tling around inside their heads, telling them second by second how to fight their battles, whatthey can and cannot do, what they must and must not do. TYRANTS OF SELF CONCEPT:RULING THE RULERS, exposes gender-loaded beliefs and other social fallacies for whatthey are—truisms—and informs, then challenges readers to discover how the truisms influ-ence their self-concepts, the totality of their thoughts and feelings about themselves. Readerslearn how their mental spectators have become internalized through socialization. Impor-tantly, readers discover the adaptive and beneficial processes of examining the formation of beliefs that lead to negative self-concepts.Self-awareness, critical thinking, and effective action lie at the heart of this novelapproach to self-concept development that spans the self-help and relationship genres. Read-ers not only learn social skills, but they actually practice techniques for ruling their mentalspectators. Composite characters with common personal and relationship problems guide thereaders through workshops that are designed to enable them to actively shape their relation-ships, and, thus, to take control of their own lives.The social psychological concepts of this book are grounded in time-honored tradi-tion and empiricism, while the book itself is written at a general-interest level. This book isfounded on the principle that people need to sense control over their lives. From this princi-ple, each chapter provides a stepping stone for readers to progressively take greater, moreactive roles in their relationships with both real and mental spectators. By becoming confi-dent communicators and negotiators they come to be shapers of their relationships and of their own lives.

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