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Body for Life - Abs Training

Body for Life - Abs Training



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Published by brogan
A workout for the abs.
A workout for the abs.

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Published by: brogan on Mar 09, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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firm,tightstomachisthecornerstone of a well-built body.Your abdominals are the center oyour body and, arguably, no other bodypart better defines your overall condition.So what’s the secret to getting great abs?The answer, quite simply, is that there isno secret. The only way to get great abs isto follow a training program thatincludes cardio, proper nutrition andsupplementation, in addition to weighttraining. Of course, you have to trainyour abs hard, with as much intensity asany other body part.For a number of people, the abdominalmuscles are covered by a layer of fat. Andno matter how many crunches they do,they won’t see those powerful musclesuntil that unhealthy roll around themidsection is gone and their bodyfatpercentage reaches the single digits formen or the low teens for women. Then,and only then, will they uncover thosemuscles that they have worked so hardto build.With all the fancy new gadgets andgizmos that promise the abs of yourdreams, it can be confusing to figureout the best way to train. The reality isthat it couldn’t be easier. A flat surface, abench, or a pull-up bar are all theequipment you need.Remember,togetthemaximumintensity from every workout, youmust focus on the contraction of the abdominal muscles during eachrepetition.
Nothing beats floor exercises for developing firm,muscular abs.All youneed is a little floor space.The key to this exercise,as with all ab exercises,is to pull with your abdominal muscles and not with your shoulders or back.
Starting Position:
Lie flat on your back withyour feet flat on the ground,or resting on a benchwith your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.If youare resting your feet on a bench,place them threeto four inches apart and point your toes inward sothat they touch.Place your hands lightly on eitherside of your ears,keeping your elbows in.
The Exercise:
Push the small of your backdown into the floor to isolate your ab muscles.Begin to roll your shoulders up,keeping yourknees and hips stationary and contracting yourabs to lift your shoulders off the floor.Continueto push down as hard as you can with yourlower back.Your shoulders should come up offthe floor only about four inches,and your lowerback should remain on the floor.Focus on slow,controlled movement—don’t cheat yourself byusing momentum.
your fingers behind your neckand pull.This takes the focus offthe abs and also strains the neck.Keep your hands on the sides ofyour head.
floor crunches
This exercise will help you define the muscles on the side of your abdomen,also known as your obliques.
not quantity,that matters.Maintain the tension inyour abs and focus on slow,controlled motion.
Starting Position:
Lie flat on your back withyour knees bent (placing your feet flat on the flooror resting on a bench).Place your left hand overyour left ear.
The Exercise:
Roll your upper body up tothe right until your left elbow touches your rightknee.Concentrate on tensing the sides of yourwaist and holding the contraction throughoutthe movement.Slowly lower to the startingposition.After completing a full set of reps onthe left side,switch to your right and followthe same instructions.
oblique floor crunches
This is a terrific exercise for developing the lower and middle abdominal muscles.As the name implies,you’ll need a decline bench that allows you to hook your feet.
all the way down to the bench as you go down.
Starting Position:
Position yourself on adecline bench with your feet locked in.Yourupper body should be raised off the bench,so you’ll have to contract your abs just to stayin place.Place your hands on each side of yourhead,over your ears.Don’t lock your fingers.
The Exercise:
Raise your upper body slowlywhile you contract your abs.Crunch up untilyour elbows are on either side of your thighs.Hold and flex,then lower your body slowlyback to the starting position.When yourstrength increases and you can do morethan 12 reps,hold a weight plate againstyour chest and perform the exercise in thesame manner.
“It’s never too lateto be whatyou might have been.
decline crunches

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