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World History Anvance 1

World History Anvance 1

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Published by Jake Law

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Published by: Jake Law on Nov 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CICLO ESCOLAR 2011 - 2012
Profesor: Jacob R. Law Materia: World History Grupo: 2 ABC No. clases por semana: 4 Periodo: 1stBloque: 1 The early sixteenth century to the early eighteenth centuryDel: 22 de Agosto al 31 de OctubrePropósito General:
To develop an overview of the ancient world and the Middle Ages to enable students to assess political, social and economic effects of the consolidation inEurope during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, as well as changes in lifestyles.Discuss the causes and consequences of European hegemony, and the scientific and technological advances in the period. Also, cultural exchanges in Asia, Africa and America.Understand the change in influence of religion as Catholicism was replaced with other religious denominations.
Propósito Específico
: Understand the visión of the world in the 14th century. Look at the economic sittuations of the age. The importance of commerce and its influence on trade,expansion and imperialism. Comprehend the transition from hegemony and monarchy to capitalism. Fully understand the cultural revolution of the enlightenment. Develop ideas of a globalized world. Analyze artistic expresions of the time. Analyze Mexico´s sittuation during the time.
Libro de Texto:
SesiónTema COMPETENCIAS Actividades de enseñanza/aprendizaje Recursos Aspectos a evaluarCONOCIMIENTO HABILIDAD VALOR
1TherenaissanceWho were themain charactersof therenaissance.Where did it takeplace. What wasthe situationbefore therenaissance.What was thegeographic andpolitical org of the world.Identify thecenturies whichmake up theperiod.Realize theimportance of the printingpress. Analyzeart from the era.Ss can value theimportance of different culturesthroughout theworld andunderstandcausalrelationships.Ss Identify major empires on a European map. SsID Italy and explain why it was an importantlocation for the Renanaisance.BoardMarkersPower pointsTVVideosTextPhotocopiesNoteboooksCleanliness
2 The influenceof the printingpressMethods of printused before thepress. Cost of theprinting beforethe press.Control of media,access to mediaafter the press.Ss canunderstand theimportance of the printing pressas the first massmedia device.Ss can value thefreedom of expression theyhave today.One half of the class uses a stamp, and the otherhalf uses a pen. Ss race to see how many copies of the same word they can make in 1 minute.BoardMarkersPower pointsTVVideosTextPhotocopiesParticipation in classReadingNotebooks3 Humanism andThomasMooreThe control andpower of thechurch and state.Changes inthought duringRenaissance,Humanism.Ss can recognizehumanism as animportantchange inthought.Ss can appreciatetheir right tofreedom of speech. Ssexercise theirown freedom of speech.Watch the trial of Thomas Moore and comment onthe scene is he right? Was he intelligent?Ss write an essay about the tial of Thomas MooreWhy was it unfair and how have times changednow.BoardMarkersPower pointsTVVideosTextPhotocopiesReadingNotebooksEssay
4/5 Artists of theRenaissanceThe role of different artistsin differentmedias duringthe renaissanceand their impacton the society of the past andmodern society.Ss can presentrehearsedinformation in anorganized andclear way. Ss canresearch a topic,using books andother means.Ss learn respectfor theirclassmates andappreciation forartists influence.In groups of no more than 4. ss, choose an artistfrom the renaissance to present on. Thepresentations will contain a short biography on theartists. An example and analysis of their work and adescription of their impact/how they were seen atthe time, and how they are seen now.BoardMarkersPower pointsTVVideosTextPhotocopiesNotebookinvestigationsParticipation in class6 TheReformationPrecursors to thereformation,
Martin Luther’s
role in thereformation,Results of thereformation inEngland(Catholicism aswell asLutheranism)Ss canunderstand theimportance of religion. Ss cananalyze a readingand takeorganized notes.Ss can respectother religions.Ss can appreciateacquiredknowledge andthe contributionof society.Ss read a section from
The diet of worms
andanalyze the content. Why did Martin Luther feelthis way? What were the results of his actions?Ss make a cause and effect flow chart for therenaissance and the reformation.Ss make a map of Europe coloring the differentreligions of the 1600s.BoardMarkersPower pointsTVVideosTextPhotocopiesNotes in notebookReadingParticipation in Class

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