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Hellenism and Hellenismos (Book Recommendations)

Hellenism and Hellenismos (Book Recommendations)

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Published by Stilian Hekatos
hellenism, hellenismos, hellenic religion, ancient greece, hellenes, hellenic culture, greek religion, dodekatheon, dodekatheism, greek gods, greek philosophy, ethnic hellenic religion
hellenism, hellenismos, hellenic religion, ancient greece, hellenes, hellenic culture, greek religion, dodekatheon, dodekatheism, greek gods, greek philosophy, ethnic hellenic religion

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Published by: Stilian Hekatos on Nov 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Book Recommendations:
Hellenism and Hellenismos/Hellenic Religion
Year: 20111. Hellenism
a) Ancient Booksb) History and Culturec) Sparta and Athensd) Personse) Democracy f) Sport and Olympic Gamesg) Art h) Medicinei) Other Books j) Late Antiquity: Hellenism, Christianity, and Byzantium
2. Hellenic Religion (Greek Religion, Hellenismos, Dodekatheism)
a) Hellenismosb) The Godsc) Rituals, Festivals, and religious practiced) Mythology e) Mystery cults of Hellenic Religionf) Divination and oraclesg) Other 
3. Philosophy and Paideia
a) Greek Philosophy b) Hellenic philosophers and their viewsc) Works of ancient philosophers: The Presocratic d) Works of ancient philosophers: From Socrates to Simpliciuse) Hellenic Worldview (Cosmotheasi) and Traditionf) Paideiag) Other Books
4. Greek literature (drama, tragedy, comedy)5. Magic, mysticism, and theurgyAuthor 
Title of the book 
1. Hellenism
a) Ancient Books
The Histories
. Revised edition, Penguin Classics, 2003.ISBN: 978-0140449082Herodotus, David Grene:
Herodotus: The History 
. University Of Chicago Press, 1988.ISBN: 978-0226327723Herodotus, Andrea L. Purvis (Trans.):
The Landmark Herodotus: The Histories
. Anchor,2009.ISBN: 978-1400031146Thucydides:
The History of the Peloponnesian War 
. Revised Edition, Penguin Classics,1972.ISBN: 978-0140440393Thucydides, Richard Crawley (Trans.):
The Landmark Thucydides: A ComprehensiveGuide to the Peloponnesian War 
. 1st edition, Free Press, 1998.ISBN: 978-0684827902Thucydides, Paul Woodruff (Ed.):
On Justice, Power, and Human Nature: The Essence of Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War.
Hackett Publ. Comp., 1993.ISBN: 978-0872201682(Important Book.)Xenophon, Carleton L. B. Brownson:
. Nabu Press, 2010.ISBN: 978-1171872030Xenophon, John Marincola (Trans.):
The Landmark Xenophon's Hellenika
. Pantheon,2009.ISBN: 978-0375422553Xenophon:
 A History of My Times
. Penguin Classics, 1979.ISBN: 978-0140441758Xenophon, Rex Warner (Trans.):
The Persian Expedition
. Penguin Classics, 1950.ISBN: 978-0140440072Aristotle, Sir Frederic G. Kenyon (Trans.):
The Athenian Constitution
. Merchant Books,2009.ISBN: 978-1603862455Polybius, Robin Waterfield, Brian McGing:
The Histories
. Oxford University Press, 2010.ISBN: 978-0199534708Polybius, Ian Scott-Kilvert (Trans.), F. W. Walbank:
The Rise of the Roman Empire
.Penguin Classics, 1980.ISBN: 978-0140443622Plutarch, Richard J. A. Talbert (Trans.):
On Sparta
. Penguin Classics, 2005.ISBN: 978-0140449433
Plutarch, Ian Scott-Kilvert (Trans.):
The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives
.Penguin Classics, 1960.ISBN: 978-0140441024Pausanias, Peter Levi (Trans.):
Guide to Greece, Vol. 1: Central Greece
. PenguinClassics, 1984.ISBN: 978-0140442250Pausanias, Peter Levi (Trans.):
Guide to Greece, Vol. 2: Southern Greece
. PenguinClassics, 1984.ISBN: 978-0140442267Maria Pretzler:
Pausanias: Travel Writing in Ancient Greece
. Duckworth Publishers, 2007.ISBN: 978-0715634967Ammianus Marcellinus, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (Ed.), Walter Hamilton (Trans.):
The Later Roman Empire: A.D. 354-378.
Penguin Classics, 1986.ISBN: 978-0140444063Ammianus Marcellinus, J. C. Rolfe (Trans.):
 Ammianus Marcellinus: Roman History,Volume I: Books 14-19
. Loeb Classical Library, 1950.ISBN: 978-0674993310Ammianus Marcellinus, J. C. Rolfe (Trans.):
 Ammianus Marcellinus: Roman History,Volume II: Books 20-26 
. Loeb Classical Library, 1940.ISBN: 978-0674993488Ammianus Marcellinus, J. C. Rolfe (Trans.):
 Ammianus Marcellinus: Roman History,Volume III, Books 27-31
. Loeb Classical Library, 1939.ISBN: 978-0674993655Procopius, P. Sarris, G. A. Williamson:
The Secret History 
. Penguin Classics, 2007.ISBN: 978-0140455281Prokopios (Author), Anthony Kaldellis (Ed. & Trans.):
The Secret History, with Related Texts
. Hackett Publishing Company, 2010.ISBN: 978-1603841801Zosimus:
New history 
. Australian Association for Byzantine Studies, 1982.ISBN: 978-0959362602

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