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Pt Chevalier Times 21

Pt Chevalier Times 21

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Published by Lisa Truttman
Old post office, Pt Chevalier Road, Huia Road car park, shopping arcade and supermarket
Old post office, Pt Chevalier Road, Huia Road car park, shopping arcade and supermarket

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Lisa Truttman on Nov 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ewsletter for the Point Chevalier Historical Society
 o. 21, ovember 2011
cÉ|Çà V{xätÄ|xÜ 
ext issue due out January 2012
Contact Lisa Truttman (editor) :19 Methuen Road, Avondale, Auckland 0600, phone (09) 828-8494or email ptchevalierhistory@gmail.com
Changing scenesin Pt Chevalier
In this issue, photographs taken by Lois Elliott’s father B R (Bertie Reginald) Elliott are included. Lois recently foundthese and had negatives developed. Prints have been donated to Sir George Grey Special Collections in AucklandCentral Library. The estimated time period for these photo-graphs is from the late 1960s through to the mid 1970s.Thank you so much, Lois, for sharing them!
Meetings—2011 (all at Horticultural Centre, 990Great orth Road, Western Springs)ovember 24
10.30 am (Speaker: Colin Gallagher on history of football in local area)
Meetings—2012February 23, April 26, June 28, August 23,October 25, ovember 22
Top: the old Remuera Library build-ing, when it was the Post Office,before it was removed for the re-alignment of Pt Chevalier Road. Right: The southern end of Pt Chevalier Road, showing the back of the library in the hall (left) .
Pt Chevalier Historical SocietyMinutes of meeting Thursday 27th October 2011Auckland Horticultural Council Rooms
Meeting started at 10.30 am.Present: 31 peopleApologies: Pam Burrell, Graeme Perkins, Maurie Wallen, Neil Wallen, Laurie Mason, Shirley Phillips, Gwen An-nanCorrespondence received: Mt Roskill Historical Society (thanks for est wishes & small donation)President’s report :Mt Albert Historical Society – need support particularly with contributions to newsletter.Padmini Raj who was instrumental in setting up our society and producing the first edition of “Pt Chevalier Memories” is transferring to Blockhouse Bay library. Her contribution to our society is much appreciated andwill be marked at a future event.Funding- society needs to apply for funds to help with venue hire, postage etc.Treasurer’s reportBank accounts (September)00 -$976.18 01 2823.35ii) All copies “Pt Chevalier Memories” now soldGeneral businessJean Jones displayed folder she has put together of various documents from purchase of land, section subdivisionsetc. Folder is of general interest as the purchase of sections involves a large number of people apart from her fam-ily.Blockhouse Bay historical society has produced a DVD – it is oral history with pictures. Auckland City Councilmay be open to support our society should we undertake a similar project.Joe Cleal marked the passing of his neighour (Jean Empson) who was a resident of Pt Chev for 74 years.Des Gates commented on article in NZ Herald (27th Oct) about the tannery in Meola Rd.Guest Speaker: Dave Simmonds “A Maori perspective on the history of Pt Chev”Meeting concluded 12.05pm
named James Lowe was living in a house there by1939 – he and his wife Lizzie bought the propertyoutright towards the end of 1946. Lizzie Lowe inher-ited the property in 1956, and Eric and James Loweinherited it in 1962. It was purchased by Eric Cam-eron Armishaw and George Gonda at the beginningof 1963. These two were probably Wellesley Indus-tries, the developers of the nine-shop Pt Chevalier Arcade (first section) which opened there off PtChevalier Road in 1964.
Until 1970, No. 11 was a section owned by theCrown for state housing purposes. In that year, it wassold to a widow named Francis Irene Shrimpton, whoalmost immediately transferred the property to LeslieRoy Mills, company director, and solicitor JamesDenham Shale. By 1971, the property was owned bythe same insurance company who also (by then)owned the original arcade property.
 No. 13 Pt Chevalier Road was purchased in 1921 byAmos James Mudgway, a builder. The property had anumber of owners and lease agreements on its record,including a lease to couple Frederick William andEllen Stonex – interesting, because in one of B R Elliott’s photos included with this article, a shop be-side what became the Self Help supermarket frontageon Pt Chevalier Road has the words “Stonex Bros”on it. Cutting a long story short, this property, likeI’m still feeling my way around with this topic,readers, because a full in-depth period of researchwould take more than a bit of time in going throughCouncil records, and possibly locating and inter-viewing some of those involved. But, this is what Ihave at the moment. Comments and additional in-formation from anyone would be truly appreciated.
The arcade-supermarket-carpark complex in PointChevalier lies at the heart of the shopping centre weknow today. It includes 9-13 Pt Chevalier Road )oldalignment), 1197-1205 Great North Road, and 8-16Huia Road (now just known as 16 Huia Road, thecarpark, in Council records).Originally part of thenorthern section of the 19
century Sutherlandestate, it had been part of a night soil depot, then putup for sale from 1907 by a syndicate which included brothers from the Dignan family.
The Pt Chevalier Road frontage was three sections. No. 9 (then known as 11) was sold to FrancisParkes, a Mental Hospital Attendant, in 1920. In1937 it was sold to Thomas Henry and ElizabethJane Emma Wilson, Thomas being the manager atthe time of the Portland Cement Works. A carpenter 
An arcade, a supermarket,and a carpark 
that of the other two beside it, was owned by theinsurance company (Dominion Life Assurance,later Commercial Union Assurance), then Gil In-vestments Limited from 1983.
So the supermarket as we know it today(originally Self Help, but within a few years oper-ated by Albert Gubay as one of his 3 Guys stores) possibly dates from c.1971-1972.
Of the two sections fronting onto Great NorthRoad which form part of the arcade as it existstoday, one was purchased in 1920 by HerbertCharles Bridges in 1920, while next to him fell-monger Charles John Marks bought his section in1921. Marks sold his property to grocer Frederick Walter Sherer in 1928, but Sherer’s store appears inWises Directory there from at least 1925. It wasSherer’s store at 1201 Great North Road which endedup being operated as a Self Help store from about1944. A right-of-way that was part of the propertyserved as an access from the 1964 arcade through toGreat North Road; then, when the arcade was rede-veloped and expanded in the early 1970s, the Self Help store became the supermarket as part of thecomplex, but under separate land title.
The Huia Road properties which make up the car- park:
 No. 8Purchased in 1915 by Kate Spiers Commons (later married to Te Puke bank manager John MacIntoshRoberts), the site likely didn’t have a house on it until builder Albert Treweek bought it in October 1924,then sold Harbour Board employee Alfred Harveytwo months later. A couple, Paul Walter Starke(engineer) and his wife Emma May Dean Starke,
 Above: Artist’s impression of the planned arcade off  Pt Chevalier Road.
Mt Albert and Pt Chevalier News
 ,29 July 1963 Above: The arcade under construction.
Mt Albert and PtChevalier News
 , 9 March 1964The completed arcade.
MtAlbert and Pt Chevalier  News
 , 1964
 Remainder of article on page 8

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