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Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 31 to Nov 6 2011)

Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 31 to Nov 6 2011)

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Our language is truth, our spirit is liberty.
Our language is truth, our spirit is liberty.

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Published by: Berteni Cataluña Causing on Nov 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. II No. 73 ISSN 2094-4098 OCTOBER 31-NOVEMBER 6, 2011 P15.00
A fashback to Martial Law press days
To page 2
F the Biblicalstory in Genesis
tells of the rst
sin committed byman and it is theact of Adam of eatingthe forbidden apple inEden, the “Book of Be-ginning” of the Philip- pines has its own: “TheTrial of Andres Bonifa-cio.”And if the world can-not be free from sin itmust have some relationto the wrong beginning:When Eve convincedAdam to eat an apple.The same could bethe reason why the Fili- pinos have not survivedfrom greed for power and wealth, treachery,sexual misconduct,election cheating, mo-ro-moro lying and mak-ing a show in justice procedures to annihilaterivals to positions, and adesire for glory even in
the most difcult days.
 Dyaryo Magdalo
  publishes this story togive substantive mean-ing to the untold lifeand works of AndresBonifacio who ought tocelebrate 158th birth-day this November 30against the truth thathis real story has never  been told in any history book prescribed in allschools.The omission of theBonifacio trial storymay be a part of the bar-gain for Emilio Agui-naldo’s capture by theAmericans on March23, 1901 in Palanan,Isabelan or the fact thatAguinaldo’s grandson,Cesar E. A. Virata wasMarcos’s prime minis-ter.This may be the rea-
son because the rst
civil governor-general,William Howard Taftwho became a Presidentof the United States of America, was the onewho began the publiceducation system in allthe islands by bringingin thousands of Thoma-sites, or the so-calledPeace Corps volunteersfrom America.So that the purposeof 
 Dyaryo Magdalo
isto educate the Filipinosof the real history thathas not been taught inall schools since the be-ginning.
The birth o Katipunan
Born in Tondo, Ma-nila, Andres learnedreading by his own. Andwhen he learned, he readsubstantive books on patriotism and strugglesof men. He knew how toread and speak English because he worked as acalligraphic artisan at aBritish-run Fleming andCo.He gave premier im- portance to books thathe would spend sub-stantial income buyingthem.According to philipi-nereporter.com, amongthose read by Bonifaciowere the immortal nov-els of Jose P. Rizal, the Noli Me Tangere andEl Filibustirismo, Ro- biespier’s The FrenchRevolution, EugeneSue’s The WanderingJew, Victor Hugo’s LesMiserables, The Ruinsof Palmyras, the HolyBible, InternationalLaw, Penal and CivilCode, the Lives of thePresidents of the UnitedStates, and the novels of Alexander Dumas andhis son.Inspired by Rizal’snovels, he founded asecret society called“Kataastaasang Ka-galang-galang na Kati- punan ng Inang Bayan”on July 7, 1892 at ahouse on Calle Ilayawith Ladislawa Diwa,Teodoro Plata and Deo-dato Arellano. He took in University of Sto. To-mas law student EmilioJacinto to become thesecretary general of theSupreme Council.In San Mateo andMontalban mountains,
HE initial po-lice script of how the mur-der of actor RamgenRevilla was doneis one that his half- brother, actor Senator Bong Revilla, willnever play no matter the prize or the price,even if it would be the biggest blockbuster of all time in the world.Who will whenit is your brother’sdeath, and the kill-ers being tagged areBong’s half-brother and half-sister?Is the act of physi-cally hurting a brother enough as a reason for the brother who washurt to plan, hire kill-ers, and ultimately killthe dominant brother  by his own hands?According to awitness, Ruel Puzon,the reason Ramgen“Ram” Bautista (RamRevilla in showbiz) waskilled by his brother Ramon Joseph was because Ramgen was physically hurting Ra-mon Joseph.Puzon said that the
murder plan was rst
carried on October 12, but the hired killersmissed Ram.On October 28, thedark plan was oncemore carried out and
nally blood show
-ered a bedroom leavingRam and his girlfriendJanelle Ann Caren Ma-nahan gasping for air.It was already lateat night when Ramonaknocked on the bed-room of Ram who wasthen taking a bath insidethe comfort room.Janelle opened thedoor and invited Ramo-na who was allegedly totake video footages.Just in time, Ramgot out of the bathroom but he was shot by amasked gunman whotailed Ramona by thedoor.Despite the gun-shot he suffered, Ramrushed to close thedoor but he was rid-dled with bullets until
he slumped at on theoor.
Janelle saw thewhole incident andshe too was shot onthe face and shoulder.The gunman leftthe room after Ramo-na pleaded to the gun-man “Tama na! Tamana!” (That’s enough!That’s enough!).Ram died in the process while Janelleasked Ramona to callher brother RamonJoseph Bautista or call an ambulance, but she did nothing.Janelle is nowrecuperating at the
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Vol. II No. 73
October 31-November 6, 2011
From page 1
Ram’s murder: a script Bong will never ...
To page 7
Asian Medical Center in Alabang, MuntinlupaCity.After learning of the killing of his half  brother, Senator RamonRevilla asked the po-lice to investigate thecase, and he also offeredP200,000 for the arrestof his Ram’s killer .But it was surpris-ing for the Bautista fam-ily to be informed bythe police that siblingsRamon Joseph and Ra-mona were tagged as the perpetrators of the crimethat took away their  brother Ram.Task force led byChief Insp. Enrique Syinsisted that the siblingswere involved in the kill-ing based on accounts of Ram’s production assis-tant, Ronaldo Ancajas,subdivision and Securityguard Joyrex Asimbrad.Ancajas claimed thathe saw Ramon Josephleft the subdivision andwas followed by Ramo-na before the discoveryof the crime.His claimcoincided withAsimbradowho said thatat about10:45 p.m. on Octo- ber 28, he sawRamon Josephfollowed byRamona leav-ing BF Homesthrough themain gate.Star witness RuelPuzon also claimed thatRJ Bautista is the mas-termind.Puzon said that helearned of the failed at-tempt to kill Ram onOctober 12 and the sus- pects asked him if hecould carry out the mur-der instead.Their testimonieswere further boostedwhen arrested suspectsMichael Cruz Altia andRoy Francis Tolisoraadmitted that they werehired by Ramon Josephfor P200,000 to killRam.However, at the nightof the murder, they saidthat Ramon Joseph wasthe one who carried outthe plan, and that theywere never inside thehouse of Ram on Phase6, BF Homes.Following the mur-der, Ramona confessedthat she was dragged by the gunman inside awhite van and she wasdropped in Alabang.However, uponlearning that Janelle wasrecuperating at the AsianMedical Center, she re-canted her story.She said that the truthwas, due to her fear thatshe will also be killed,she ran as far as she canto escape the fang of death from the hands of a masked gunman.
She said that her rst
statement that she wasabducted was only a product of her troubledmind upon witnessingthe murder of her broth-er.Because of the testi-monies of the witnessesand admission of thesuspects, Ramona, Ra-mon Joseph Bautista,Michael Cruz Altia, RoyFrancis Tolisora, GlaizaVista, Norwyn DelaCruz, and a certain Bry-an were charged withmurder and frustratedmurder.Ramon Joseph, Altiaand Tolisora are now de-tained at the Parañaque jail while Ramona wasreportedly under thecare of Senator Revilla.Vista, Dela Cruz anda certain Bryan werestill at large as this writ-ing.Atty. Dennis Man-zanal, the counsel of Ramon Joseph and Ra-
mona, led a motion for 
the immediate releaseof Ramon Joseph and amotion to conduct a pre-liminary investigation before the Parañaque
 prosecutor’s ofce.
Manzanal said Ra-mon Joseph’s arrest wasillegal, because witnessRuel Puzon has no di-rect knowledge of thecrime.The lawyer alsoclaimed that his clientwas not at the sceneof the crime when his brother Ram was killed.Manzalan said thatwarrantless arrest in hot pursuit operation can-not apply to his client,Ramon Joseph, because
the police ofcers had
no personal knowledgeof the crime since thetestimony that probersobtained from the wit-nesses pointed only tothe planning and notthe commission of thecrime.
From page 1
they came upon thecaves of Makarok andPamitinan where theyundertook initiationrites and Andres wroteon its walls, “Long LivePhilippine Indepen-dence.”
The beginning o bloodywars
After the Katipunanwas discovered on Au-gust 19, 1892, Boni-facio’s group gatheredon August 23 in PugadLawin, tore their ce-dulas and declared anopen war against Spain.After some skir-mishes, there was the
rst major encounter,
called the Battle of Pinaglabanan, on Au-gust 31, 1896 in SanJuan, Rizal. More thana hundred Katipuneroswere killed. It was fol-lowed by the “Battle of Zapote Bridge” on Feb-ruary 19, 1897.This led to the twogroups, Magdiwangled by Bonifacio andMagdalo led by EmilioAguinaldo, to unify.
Thus, they rst
agreed to meet in Imus but it did not pushthrough. On March 22,1897, they gathered inTejeros and the assem- bly elected Aguinaldoin the contest for presi-dency. Bonifacio placedsecond.Severino delas Alassuggested that Boni-facio take the vice- presidency but it wasnot heeded. It led tothe election of MarianoTrias as vice-president.Bonifacio was chosento be the minister of theinterior but he was ques-tioned by Daniel Tironawho insisted that a law-yer should be the one
who should t the post.
This led to Bonifacio tonearly shoot Tirona, buthe was prevailed upon by cooler heads.The group of Bonifa-cio felt aggrieved by theresults because they feltthat he should be the president for being theinitiator of the armedrevolution. This ledthe Magdiwang kati- puneros to sign a decreecalled Acta de Tejerosdeclaring the electionsas “null and void.” This
was afrmed by Gen.
Ricarte by refusing totake the oath as the cap-tain general.This led Bonifacio,his brothers Procopioand Ciriaco, and hisMagdiwang follow-ers to leave for Indang,Cavite where they werecaptured by the men of Aguinaldo. The skir-mish led to the death of two soldiers of Aguinal-do and Ciriaco.Colonel AgapitoBonzon, the leader of the team sent by Agui-naldo, was accused byBonifacio of raping hiswife Gregoria de Jesus,then 19 years old.The events that fol-lowed showed themockery of investiga-tion, trial and judgmentto ensure that Bonifacioand Procopio were sen-
tenced to a ring squad
on charges that the Bon-ifacio brothers commit-ted treason against therevolution.This led to the storyof the country’s “Origi-nal Sin.”
The “Original Sin”
Knowing the back-ground where Boni-facio’s group felt theywere cheated in theelection and the factthat Magdiwang factiondeclared the electionas null and void, Agui-naldo’s ego was hurt toomuch.So that it was ex- pected that the judg-ment was to end in thedeath sentences for the brothers.
The specic charges
against the Bonifacio brothers were that An-dres gave ten pesos toColonel Pedro Giron toassassinate Aguinaldoand that Andres wroteletters to several gener-
als and ofcials to side
with him and kill Agui-naldo.Aguinaldo resentedso much the act of allmembers of Magdi-wang in signing onMarch 23, 1897, a dayafter the controversialassembly, a declarationof “Acta de Tejeros,”where they declared theelection as null and voiddue to cheating.So that when Boni-facio’s group left,Aguinaldo sent over Colonel Bonzon and acompany of soldiers tochase the Supremo andthey caught up with hisgroup in Limban in In-dang, Cavite.When the group of 
Bonzon came, a re
ght occurred resulting
in the death of two sol-diers of Bonzon and theslaying of Ciriaco Boni-facio. Andres sufferedserious wounds.There was no ac-tual trial that occurred.It was a clear mockerywhere the result was pre-determined.After Colonel Bon-zon reported their ownversion of the incidentabout what happenedthat led to the arrest of 
Bonifacio that a reghtoccurred rst, Brigadier 
General Mariano Noriel
issued an ofcial com
-munication dated April28, 1897 to EmilioAguinaldo submittingthe following:“I have the honor tosubmit to your Excel-lency (Aguinaldo) thefollowing report ren-dered to me by ColonelAgapito Bonzon, who,with our soldiers, wasdetailed to Yndang toinvestigate the truth of the rumor concerningour “Supremo” Bonifa-cio.“On seeing the‘Supremo’, ColonelBonzon used the bestlanguage he could toinduce Bonifacio to ac-cept his good offer, buthe failed to soften thestubborn heart of the‘Supremo’ who, in ad-dition to refusing, actedas a real enemy andordered his soldiers to
re. Our soldiers red
 back, so that the inci-dent resulted in the piti-ful shedding of blood,something which our Colonel did not wishto happen for love of his fellow men; still,
in the fulllment of his
duties, he deemed this procedure wise. Twoof our soldiers died onefrom Ymus armed witha gun, and another fromGargamo armed with asword. However theykilled one brother of the ‘Supremo’ and leftthe latter in the tribunal(town-hall) at Yndangin a serious conditionas a result of woundsreceived in the larynx.They captured twentysoldiers with guns andanother brother of the‘Supremo.’“From this occur-rence, it is up to your high sense of fairnessto judge the extent of the evil and treacherousintentions of AndresBonifacio.“May God protect usforever.“Maguagui, April28, 1897.“MARIANO NORI-EL“Brigadier General”Out of this, Aguinal-do issued an order com-manding that a colonel be appointed to act asa special judge, leading Noriel to appoint Colo-nel Pantaleon Garcia asthe special judge.There was actuallyno trial that took place.What happened wasthat the special judge just called in all the parties and interroga-tions were conducted by means of asking the prepared questions andrecording the answers.These questions andanswers were then com- piled by Colonel Garciaand he submitted thesame on May 4, 1897to the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, whowas Aguinaldo.Aguinaldo then for-warded the same toBrig. Gen. Noriel asthe head of the Councilof War who then calledin all members of thecouncil to a meeting onMay 5, 1897 to examinethe investigations sub-mitted by Garcia.The Bonifacios were brought before thecouncil and the Secre-tary, Lazaro Macapagal,who was the one whoattested to the truth of all the investigation pa- pers, read all the ques-tions and answers be-fore the council.Aguinaldo’s govern-ment appointed PlacidoMartinez and TeodoroGonzalez as the attor-neys of the two Bonifa-cios.Martinez, who wasAndres’s counsel, did
October 31-November 6, 2011
Vol. II No. 73
 Design & Layout:
 All news articles and opinions expressed by the writers
are entirely their own and do not reect the opinion of the
 publisher, the management or the editor of this publication.
 All Rights Reserved:
No part of this publication may be copied or reproducednor translated in any language or form for commercial pur- poses without prior written permission from the publisher and its writers or columnists.
orty years after the Martial Lawwas declared bythen PresidentFerdinand E.Marcos on September 21, 1972, anti-Marcosand pro-Marcos newsmen squeezed the National Press Club(NPC) like the myth of Bernardo Carpio push-ing his two hands inopposite directions justto stop two mountainsfrom clashing with eachother.It was even charac-terized by two groups of newsmen suppressingor attacking each other.But then the NPC man-aged to wade throughthe darkest days of pressfreedom to survive untilthe triumph of libertycherished by both the pro and the anti.Back then, the NPCwas the center of thewar between the mili-tant writers and the“Marcos-leaning” writ-ers.The militants took in-spiration from Saturnino“Satur” Ocampo, a Ma-nila Times top businesswriter and a die-hardfreedom-loving jour-nalist. Soldiers arrestedhim the night beforeMarcos proclaimed the
iron-st law.
Despite the fear per-vading from the power 
of Marcos, another rm
 A clipping of the Sun- day issue of the Phil- ippines Daily Expresswhen then President Ferdinand Marcos de- clared Martial Law onSeptember 21, 1972.The declaration wastriggered by the ‘zar- zuela ambush’ of De- fense Minister JuanPonce Enrile.
 believer in the freedomof the press and speech,the late Antonio “Tony” Nieva, became the mili-tant president of the NPC. Nieva’s act of defy-ing the dictatorial re-gime is a legend today.
He stood rm that Fili
- pino writers should befree and should not bedictated upon by the powers-that-be. Nieva was aChavacano from Zam- boanga City, locatedat the tip of the elon-gated land connectingfrom the left corner edge of Mindanao is-land through a neck that spreads down tothe southwest, stoppingright in front of BasilanIsland.While still alive, Nieva was a Filipino-Spanish Creole. He washot-tempered and hap- py-go-lucky. As NPCleader, he opened the
 bar at the 4th oor of the
 NPC building for mediamen to relax after a dayof rigors as journalists.Those who chose notto antagonize Marcosfor fear of completelylosing the freedom of the press and of losingwork were antagonized by anti-Marcos penmen.There was lack of compassion among the brave that they ostra-cized or despised the“pro-Marcos” writers.They did not forgivethose who were workingfor newspapers operated by publishers and edi-tors who reasoned outthey behaved in such away because they be-lieved in strict rules of discipline. The reason-ing was looked with dis- belief because the truthis these news entities
were run or nanced by
Marcos cronies or rela-tives.Upon the other hand,the “pro-Marcos” writ-ers accused those whowere in the league of Ka Satur that they wereonly being used by com-munists and political op- positions whose agendawere to crush Marcos, aUniversity of the Philip- pines law scholar, a con-gressman, and a senator  before getting electedPresident in democratic polls in 1965, defeatingthen President DiosdadoMacapagal, perceivedas the complete oppositeof his daughter GloriaMacapagal Arroyo, whorose to power in a man-ner described by SusanRoces as one of steal-ing the presidency, “notonce but twice.”To this writer, Mar-cos was a visionary, be-lieving that it was onlythrough an iron handthat the people can bedisciplined.But this writer be-lieves Marcos erred inhis belief because theFilipinos are descen-dants of freedom-lov-ing Rajah Baguinda,an Indonesian chieftainwho left the Sri-Vishay-an and Madjapahit Em- pires. The ascendantswere warriors and fami-lies who rode balangays,an outsized banca withoutriggers, to land onMindanao and spreadlater to the Visayas andLuzon islands.Marcos clampeddown on the free-wheel-ing media he looked atas tools of his enemies.He closed down
 ManilaTimes, Manila Chroni-cle, Daily Bulletin, Eve-ning News
and other media vehicles suchas radio and televisionstations.The proofs thatMarcos got it wrongare the events thatoccurred thereafter.Filipinos be-came enemies of Marcos. He alsolost the support of almost all writ-ers, except for those employedin newspapers beholden tohim, like the
 Evening Post 
 published by the latePalanca awardee Keri-ma Polotan Tuvera, wifeof Marcos presidentialassistant Juan Tuvera;
The Times Journal 
, published by KokoyRomualdez, a brother of then First Lady ImeldaMarcos; the
 Daily Ex- press
, run by crony Ro- berto Benedicto. Therewere only a few news- papers during MartialLaw.The only other jour-nalists not critical of Marcos were the sports-writers and those writ-ing for movie maga-zines. No other political pages that could existlegally that time, other than those that trumpet-ed the political ideologyof Marcos. Only clan-destine news entitiescould dare to exist.The Marcos propa-gandist news pages werecalled “Marcosism” by the late HumanitiesProfessor Pura SantillanCastrence, of Manuel L.Quezon University anda respected writer.The media entitiesthat went against Mar-cos --
 Malaya, Daily Inquirer, Bulletin
andthe so-called “mosquito press” were actually lit-tle newspapers that had bitten the Palace dicta-tor.The NPC, believe itor not, was then guard-ed by a Marine soldier.Many journalists whowere unrepentant andwho did not side withMarcos were incarcer-ated in Fort Bonifacio,Taguig barracks.Because newsmenare like blood brothers,Ka Satur was given a pass to attend an NPCanniversary at the NPCBldg. along with bigmen of Marcos, includ-ing then Blas Ople. KaSatur escaped by pass-ing through a secretstaircase at the back of the building.At one instance,anti-Marcos newsmengot a chance to hit atsome pro-Marcos jour-
nalists when a big re
hit a big hotel alongEpifanio delos SantosAve. (EDSA) corner Roxas Blvd., PasayCity. Heritage Hotel isnow the one standing atthis spot.It was one occasionthe pros and the an-tis met. They reported
the conagration that
trapped foreign tour-ists. Hotel waiters en-tertained media menwith the consent of thehotel management, en- joying free foods, beersand other amenities inan open veranda at thesafe side of the hotelfacing Roxas Blvd.,when the other side of that road was still partof the waters of ManilaBay.The antis, mostlycovering Pasay CityMayor Pablo Cuneta,maliciously reportedthe next day that threereporters—this au-thor who was writingfor of 
 Evening Post 
,Boy Tingzon of 
and Joseph Lariosa of 
 —stole clothnapkins, novels andwhat-have-you fromthe hotel.Roberto “Bobby”Burgos, brother of anti-Marcos
 publisher Jose “Joe”Burgos, led the tiradeagainst the three.Daily, the militantnewsmen reportedintrigues against thethree they consideredenemies although theywere all NPC mem- bers-brothers.Irinco (this writer)was bothered by theturmoil. He soughtthe advice of lawyer Demetrio Loresca, ananti-Marcos oppositionleader from Muntinlu- pa City and a survivor of the Plaza Miranda bombing used by Mar-cos to justify the proc-lamation of MartialLaw.“Willy, don’t wor-ry, they (anti-Marcosnewsmen) are just on
a shing expedition,”
Loresca said.Irinco kept his cool.But he checked if hehad a criminal casewith the police that he
dropped by the ofce
of then Brig. Gen. Ru- ben Escarcha, SouthernPolice District (SPD)director, a friend andoften a subject of hisstories about policeincidents happening inthe cities of Makati, Pa-say, Parañaque, Taguig,and Muntinlupa.“Don’t worry, Willy,you’ve no case in my jurisdiction,” Escarcha,a former Manila PoliceDistrict ace policemanwhorosefromtheranksto aone-star generalrank, as-sured thiswriter.ThenLt. Gen.Fidel V.Ramos,who wasthe ArmedForces of the Philip- pines (AFP) DeputyChief of Staff and thechief of the PhilippineConstabulary-Integrat-ed National Police (PC-INP), called a pressconference in ManilaHotel to patch up themedia war.After the Ramosmeeting with the antisand pros, the intriguesweakened.But Nieva, a hard-core anti-Marcos jour-nalist, likewise calleda press conference atthe NPC Bldg., invit-ing Irinco, Tingzon andLariosa. This writer didnot attend on an adviceof Atty. Loresca.Tingzon and Lariosa joined the meeting andthe result was devastat-ing.The two were forcedto leave the country.Tingzon went to Can-
ada and Lariosa ed to
 New York City.Irinco kept calm,stayed and chose toweather the storm.Whatever each jour-nalist did during thosedark days, they all con-tributed to the birth of the People’s Power Revolt that gatheredall freedom-lovingFilipinos to crush onceand for all the dictato-rial regime and compel
Marcos to ee.
At last, this writer who is now a lifetimemember of the NPCand the rest of his coun-trymen tasted freedomanew.

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If you think Emilio Aguinaldo is a hero, READ DYARYO MAGDALO to know THE UNTOLD HISTORY.
The NEXT ISSUE will detail the Trial of Bonifacio
In this issue: Dyaryo Magdalo presents "TRIAL OF BONIFACIO: THE ORIGINAL SIN." Also: Senator's recommendee for top Customs post was rejected by Ruffy Biazon. Also: RAM'S MURDER: A SCRIPT BONG WILL NEVER PLAY. Also -- Chapter VI: Simplified Libel Law, Qualifiedly-Privileged Communication Also -- Houses love built for journalists.
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