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Network Theory

Network Theory

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Published by: api-26349602 on Oct 18, 2008
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Code No: RR10204
Set No.1
I B.Tech. Regular Examinations, June -2005

( Common to Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Electronics &
Communication Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics
& Instrumentation Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering, Information
Technology, Electronics & Control Engineering, Computer Science &
Systems Engineering, Electronics & Telematics, Electronics & Computer
Engineering and Instrumentation & Control Engineering)

Time: 3 hours
Max Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks
\ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000
1. (a) Write a note on source transformation.
(b) Using KCL and KVL, \ufb01nd the currents in all the sources of the circuit of the
following \ufb01gure1
Figure 1:
2. (a) Calculate the current to be passed through the coil so that a \ufb02ux of 1 mwb is
produced in the air gap.
{As shown in the Figure2}
The core is of square cross section over its entire length and has a permeability
of 800.
(b) De\ufb01ne the following terms.
i. Coe\ufb03cient of coupling in coupled coils
ii. Magnetic \ufb02ux density.
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Code No: RR10204
Set No.1
Figure 2:
iii. Reluctance of magnetic path
iv. Permeability.
3. (a) A series R \u2013 C circuit is excited by sinusoidal voltage I=Im sin wt. Find the
expression for impedance using phasor diagram.
(b) Determine the supply voltage and the power factor in the following \ufb01gure3
network if the total power delivered is 200 w.
Figure 3:
4. (a) For a series RL circuit obtain the locus of current as inductance is changed
form 0 to\u221e when the applied voltage is constant
(b) Show that for a series resonant circuit f1 f2 = f2r where f1 and f2 are half power
frequencies and fr is the resonance frequency.
(c) Obtain the z-parameters of the following \ufb01gure4 Two port network.
5. (a) Determine the line currents and total power supplied to a delta connected load
of Zab = 10\ue000 600
Zbc= 20\ue000 900
Zca= 25\ue000 300. Assume a 3phase, 400v, ABC

(b) Explain two wattmeter method of measurement of power in a 3 phase system. Derive the readings of the wattmeter for a balanced 3 phase load.What is the power factor of the balanced load when

i. both the meters read zero.2 of 3
Code No: RR10204
Set No.1
Figure 4:
ii. both meters read equal but one is negative.
iii. one reads twice the other.

6. (a) Explain clearly what you understand by a cutest, and a Tieset. Write down the basicTieset schedule for the network shown in \ufb01gure5 by taking 10\u2126 resistor branches as Tree branches.

Figure 5:
(b) For the network shown the \ufb01gure6, determine the ratio of I2/ I1.
Figure 6:
(c) Draw the frequency response characteristics of Low pass, High pass and Band
pass \ufb01lters.
7. (a) State and explain the superposition theorem.
(b) Using super position theorem \ufb01nd the current in 2 ohms resistor. Verify your
result by any other method the following f i gure 7.
8. (a) Derive the expression for i(t) for R \u2013 L series circuit when excited by a sinu-
soidal source.
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