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(2) Most Complete English Grammar - Test in the World With Answers_16654386

(2) Most Complete English Grammar - Test in the World With Answers_16654386

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Published by Chin Ket Tola

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Chin Ket Tola on Nov 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Grammar Bank
Text Version
EAP Levels 1-6
The Following are 2919 Grammar Questions/Answers for 162Grammar Categories.Includes:Assessment TestRemedial QuestionsAnswers
DRAFT VERSIONSPRING 2003 Professor DonahueMiami-Dade Community Campus North
Grammar Assessment Test
 Answer each of the following 145 questions without looking at the answers.You can also take the online version of this test at http://www.glearner.com/grammar  and get instant feedback with remedial links keyed to your grammar areas needing improvement. This Grammar Program is intended for my students and is accompanied bya CD with almost 3,000 audio files to hear the file as a reinforcing tool.Good luck with your English grammar! Professor Donahue.
1. Complete the following with Much or ManyHe doesn't spend____________time on his English.A.He doesn't spend many time on his English.B.He many doesn't spend time on his English.C.He doesn't spend much time on his English.2. Complete the Good or WellShe plays a piano very ______________ A.She plays a piano very good.B.She well plays a piano very.C.She plays a piano very well.3. Complete with a Possessive Adjective that refers to the subject of the sentenceJohn likes _______________English class very much.A.John likes her English class very much.B.John likes theirEnglish class very much.C.John likes his English class very much.4. Make Negative and Add the word Either They also want to move to the suburbs.A.They either don’t want to move to the suburbs.B.They do want to move to the suburbs either.C.They don’t want to move to the suburbs either.2
5. Complete the following with Some or AnyPlease give me _____________more coffee.A.Please give some me more coffee.B.Please give me some more coffee.C.Please give me any more coffee.6. Change from Affirmative to Negative using Some or AnyWe saw some good shows in Miami.A.We didn’t see some good shows in Miami.B.We didn’t any see good shows in Miami.C.We didn’t see any good shows in Miami.7. Use the correct ComparativeCarmen is much __________(old) ____________I expected.A.Carmen is much old than I expected.B.Carmen much older than I expected.C.Carmen is much older than I expected.8. Provide the correct Superlative form.This is _____________(expensive) book that I own.A.This is the more expensive book that I own.B.This is the most expensive book that I own.C.This is the expensivist book that I own.9. Place the Adverb ALWAYS in the correct positionCarlos has been a very careful worker. (always)A.Carlos has been always a very careful worker.B.Carlos has been a very careful worker always.C.Carlos has always been a very careful worker.10. Use the correct form of the Article, if required.There is ________pencil (no particular pencil) on the desk.A.There is a pencil on the desk.B.There is pencil on the desk.C.There is the pencil on the desk.11. Use the correct form of the Article, if required. _________air in this room is not fresh.A.A air in this room is not fresh.B.The air in this room is not fresh.3

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