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AMC Capabilities Brochure 2011

AMC Capabilities Brochure 2011

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Published by Electromate

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Published by: Electromate on Nov 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Everything’s possible.
Over one million servos built.
... and we’re just getting started!
Over one million servos
Motion Controls is an unshakable force in servo drive design and manufacturing. Ourexperts have designed both standard and customized servo drive solutions for a variety of applicationscovering diverse motion technologies worldwide. We continue to outpace our competitors byexceeding customer engineering and manufacturing needs. Investments into production equipmentand technology allow for quick and easy expansion. Simply put, our in-house engineering andmanufacturing capabilities have created the most innovative and reliable servo drives available.
Engineer-to-Engineer Collaboration
Think of our experts as an extension ofyour engineering team. Directcommunication is key to developingsolutions with speed and accuracy.
In-house Engineering andManufacturing
Prototyping is implemented on the sameequipment that will execute production,enabling rapid development, fast deliveryand exceptional reliability for OEMs.
Proven Solutions
X-Y-Z and O
From machine tools to flightsimulators to patient handling, we providethe power and control for your positioningapplications.
Coordinated motion
Using two or moreaxes where path precision is coordinatedto create smooth contours.
Torque control
With fast and accuratecurrent, torque or force is delivered withextremely high bandwidth.
Networked multiple axes
Distributed orcentralized, various schemes, includingsoft motion, may be of benefit to yourmachine designs.
Precise acceleration andvelocity control are just a couple of themany tasks we are capable of executingwhen positioning material properly.
Our drives are capable of deliveringdesired speeds fast and minimize velocityvariations associated with accurate pumpsand turbine needs.
Exceptional quality and reliability are possible because our engineers have direct access to manufacturing. Issues are addressed immediately.Headquartered in Camarillo, California,ADVANCED Motion Controls has become one of the fastest growing servo drive companies in the world. We welcome  you to visit us and see why.Centralized control withpoint-to-point wiring.Centralized control withdistributed wiring.Distributed control withdistributed wiring.
Control InterfaceCompatibility
 /- 10V., Step & Dir.,Encoder Following,PWM & Dir.RS-232/485CANopenEthernet TCP/IPSynqNet
Other Fieldbuses
Powered Solutions
12~800 VDC40~480 VAC, single- andthree-phase<1~200 Amps. peakUp to 80kW peak
Motor Type Compatibility
Brushed DCBrushless: AC & DCLinear & RotaryAC Induction (CL Vector)Voice CoilTrapezoidal & SinusoidalCommutation
Size OptimizationSpecific ConnectorsMulti-axis Single BoardsHigher Power DensitiesIncreased FunctionalityAdditional Hardware
Key Features
Multi-mode OperationExtremely HighPerformanceExtensive DiagnosticsCompact Form FactorsLow Speed SmoothingSoft Motion DecentralizedSolutions
Feedback InterfaceCompatibility
Hall SensorsEncoder: Incremental,Sin/Cos, AbsoluteResolverTachometerOthers
QuickStart systems are prepackaged and ready to ship
We create whatever you specify. Although we have over 400 standard products available, our teamis known for engineering and supporting customized OEM solutions as if they were standardproducts. Our four in-house engineering labs are literally a few steps away from one another andthe manufacturing floor. This unique kind of direct access enables us to push the limits oftechnology, defy convention and create products that are best suited to your specific needs.
Multiple systems are on the shelf and have been pre-configured to spin the motor in 5 minutes orless! Once operational, simple guided instructions turn the system into the muscle of your motionapplication. OEMs today are challenged with rapid development and quick time to market. Oursolution provides you the motion controls to achieve that goal.
An ISO 9001:2000 certified online documentation workflow insures accuracy and consistency throughout design, manufacturing, testing and support of all products.QuickStart is an all inclusive ‘system in a box’ offering including a drive, motor, cables, and interface for fast motion prototyping.
FEEDBACK FEEDBACKPositionVelocityTorque
Easy integration to all other motion control components.
Any Controller – Any Motor – Any Feedback!

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