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Schneeberger 2011 Catalog

Schneeberger 2011 Catalog

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Published by Electromate

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Published by: Electromate on Nov 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Schneeberger Linear Technology
High precision, innovative and reliable
 The secret o sccess.
With its expertise in engineeringSchneeberger is always one stepahead o the marketplace.
Until a few years ago, mechanical engi-neers had to install separate mechanicallinear bearings and electronic measure-ment systems. Now, with its integrated AMS measurement system, Schneebergerhas combined the measurement andguide functions in one unified product.
Electronically spported linear technol-ogy not only allows or precise, low-rictionmovements rom one point to another, btalso provides instant inormation abot thesystem’s crrent position. The AMS measre-ment system redces thermal variations andnctions more precisely and cost eectively,in extreme conditions, than a system withseparate components.Inventions sch as this integrated meas-rement system are clear evidence o orengineering expertise and technical excel-lence. Fonded in 1923, Schneeberger biltthe ondations o modern linear technologyin 1945 and has remained at the top o thishighly competitive market ever since. Backthen, Schneeberger revoltionised linear tech-nology with the invention o rictionless linearbearing gides.In recent years, we have rther developedthis eicient principle o linear bearings,which remains key to this day, withor bilt-in cage control system.
Schneeberger Czech RepblicSchneeberger ShanghaiSchneeberger SwitzerlandAt both o its key prodction acilities inGermany and in Switzerland, Schneeberger istargeting investment into a permanent rondo qality improvements and cost optimisa-tion. With additional prodction plants in theCzech Repblic and in China, Schneebergerhas a local presence in markets that are expe-riencing particlarly dynamic growth.In the global market or linear motiontechnology, Schneeberger is niqe. We arean independent SME. This strctre orms thebasis or or dynamic, cstomer-ocsed andsccessl approach to bsiness. Three-pronged approach to redcingCO
and energy (Ble Competence
Our linear frictionless guides
lose aminimm amont o energy throgh riction,allowing or cstomers to se less energy intheir drive systems, which can be kept smallas a reslt.
Our AMS measurement system
allowshighly precise measrements to be taken inworkshop environments withot the need orhigh cost compressed air sealing.
Our mineral casting construction tech-nique
ses a cold casting process, withotthe need or additional heat. As a reslt, orenergy consmption and carbon ootprint ismch lower and better than can be achievedby manactring processes with traditionalsteel and iron-based technologies.Schneeberger Germany

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