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Back to Work (excerpt) by Bill Clinton

Back to Work (excerpt) by Bill Clinton



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Published by Alfred A. Knopf
How do we get back in the future business? Bill Clinton explains in this excerpt from his new book, Back to Work.
How do we get back in the future business? Bill Clinton explains in this excerpt from his new book, Back to Work.

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Publish date: Nov 8, 2011
Added to Scribd: Nov 07, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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hadriantheblind reviewed this
Rated 4/5
Clinton makes a return to politics as an (elder?) statesman, making a fiery criticism of anti-government policies, and thus offering a wide set of new policy settings, varied and diverse, drawn from numerous fields. He claims Democratic failures in 2010 were partially due to inability to form a united front and present a coherent message to the voting populace - a not unreasonable assessment.

Conjures up memories of his old presidency. A distant dream from the current time - but far from being the end.

Some of these ideas seem brilliant, some vague, and a few (the trade agreements with Panama, S. Korea, etc.) are already in progress.

After all, why not just try everything, and see what sticks?
nodosaurus reviewed this
Rated 3/5
Bill CLinton makes the case for a “right-sized” government. Our government has jobs to do that require certain resources and costs, and that too much or too little will adversely affect it. He discusses waste that comes from resource mismanagement and people playing politics.The book looks at government over the past few years, with a few glances into the past. He keeps returns to attack the small government movement, but he is not always partisan in his attacks nor in his praise. He always returns briefly to the subject of jobs on each issue he addresses.The last chapter addresses changes he believes would move our country forward.The book is interesting, but either won’t provide a lot of new information or the reader won’t be ready to accept it. I can’t say I’d recommend it to many people.
crazylilcuban reviewed this
Rated 4/5
I thought Bill Clinton's book was quite well done. There were a few pats on the back and a few small jabs at the antigovernment tea party types, but all in all this book was a fantastic explanation of the current economic crisis and some ideas on how to get ourselves out of it. Love him or hate him, Bill Clinton is an incredibly intelligent man with a great deal of good ideas and a knack for explaining things simply and clearly. While slightly left-leaning, the book is actually incredibly bi-partisan in its explanations and ideas, and I think that's particularly valuable at an incredibly ideologically divisive time such as now. I think this is an incredibly valuable book for anybody hoping to understand what is going on with the economic crisis in America and seeks solutions to our current problems and a path towards a better future for America.
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