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Cointelpro Privatized

Cointelpro Privatized

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Published by BobLevin
Cointelpro has been privatized in the same manner that mercenaries have been employed in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Cointelpro has been privatized in the same manner that mercenaries have been employed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Published by: BobLevin on Nov 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Monday, November 07, 2011
[Last updated: 11.10.2011, 2:18 PM PST]
by Bob Levin, Investigative Journalist/FBI Whistleblowerwww.BobLevin.orgComrades! Please allow me to drift between my philosophies and concerns within this manifesto.Once upon a time the mainstream media called me a hero. Today I am a blacklisted disabledAmerican patriot, validated FBI whistleblower and outed former clandestine U.S. intelligenceagent existing within the internal exile of a virtual death camp environment.Multiple actionable offenses of treason, espionage and national security laws have remained thetools of outlaw government actors targeting me with a successful clandestine neutralizationcampaign. U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder has duplicitously supported these high crimes andmisdemeanors. Holder as a complicit coconspirator has repeatedly shielded known and unknownculpable clandestine agents and other actors from exposure through his criminal commission of selective prosecution. Under the legal requirements of law, on three separate occasions Holderhas refused to produce a letter of authorization granting me the right to publish the names of actionable clandestine federal agents.In this context the hidden ugly face of U.S. justice has been unmasked to expose thefractionalizing methods of ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations, the PsyOps of counterintelligencereverses, and the tactics, techniques and technologies employed beneath the four principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm shift from physical torture that leaves marks towards "no touch"invisible physical torture that does not leave marks while causing systematic systemic genocidefor negative eugenics.These erosive formulas are applied in both micro and macro concentrations by criminal actorsemployed by the local, state and federal governments and from within the private corporatesector as agent provocateurs, infiltrators, informants, and intelligence assets.Recognized as the familiar waypoints of government used to sanction and perpetuate myassassination, these same and similar covert and overt political and corporatist atrocities are nowincreasingly being targeted against specific and randomly targeted individual activists within OWSor the Occupy Wall Street movement. These multipurpose methods are also intended to trickactivists into some act of criminal misconduct by igniting human passions. Whatever our opinionsare of the U.S. government and mine are poignant, we must not allow ourselves to be goadedinto an exploited and detrimental position.As an American citizen I am better than the government. No longer do I recognize the authorityof the U.S. government and its functionary tentacles and conduits that continue to act as aterrorist network and global continuing criminal enterprise. The U.S. government exclusivelyrepresents the 1% minority within our crumbled democracy that while treasonously disregardingthe constitutional majority rule of we the people. The U.S. government is nothing more than amechanism for facilitating the corporate profits of fascism. Those of us among the genuine 99%constitutional majority are and must remain persons of good character while vested with theguarantees of civil liberties and the inalienable rights of human beings. It is also true that toomany of the pathways for enjoying the blessings of liberty have been pirated away and privatizedto an undeserving few who exist without the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one'sconduct or motives. Most of the 1% minority appear incapable of understanding the concept of giving back. Therefore we must lawfully refuse to exist under the slavery of a plantationmentality.Personally accepting that I will die before ever finding equal justice under the law within theUnited States, I remain standing for we the people who must recognize and remove the addictiveopiates of fascism to bring about the necessary changes that will lead our society of humanbeings towards a restorative democracy. Strongly I recommend that the OWS 99% movement
immediately begin gathering the necessary signatures to register as a 3
Political Party. Ournation has already been compressed to the brink of an explosive revolution by both theRepublican and Democratic Parties. As an educated person I recognize that any political model isonly as good as its elected representatives in the absence of corporate corruption promotedthrough their lobbyists. The words Socialist and Communist are not frightening terms to me and if they are to you then consider yourself psychologically programmed through fear tactics. Within a3
Political Party, we should eliminate labels and I will abandon my status as an IndependentDemocratic Socialist.The U.S. government is a tree with three branches that bears poisonous fruit through the processof corporate lobbyists buying-off elected politicians and their staffers for the passing of laws thatresult in the mechanism for legalized criminality and perpetuated corruption. Two prime exampleof how this works are examined in the film documentary "CASINO JACK and the United States of Money" and by CBS's 60 Minutes' November 6, 2011 interview with Jack Abramoff.
Ref.: http://www.reelz.com/movie/277367/casino-jack-and-the-united-states-of-money/ Ref.: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7387331n&tag=cbsnewsMainColumnArea.7
 The U.S. government is further corrupted by its status as a U.N. signatory that possessesimmunity, but not impunity from prosecution for its transnational genocidal war crimes, itscoconspiracy to traffic human beings and promote child sexual slavery within the U.S. Territory of Saipan and elsewhere, its breaking of treaties with indigenous tribes and individual persons, itssummary execution of U.S. citizens and other persons without legal due process of law, and itstheft of all generational wealth to deconstruct the rank and file of our American society.Selective enforcement and selective prosecution by federal law enforcement and the USDOJ arethe earmarks of nations ruled by their domestic and foreign enemies, tyrants and verminouscorporate crony capitalism. Within the FBI there are hundreds of existing actionable case files thatare left uninstalled to become what was once referred to as the "dark figure of crime". These FBIcase files included hundreds of egregiously culpable U.S. Congressional members and other actorsin and around the U.S. government who have not been indicted for acts of treason, espionage,conspiracies to perpetuate the Armenian genocide, crimes against humanity, money laundering,bribery, the theft of government funds, congressional perjury to obtain black project budgets,manipulating federal human resources officers to eliminate viable candidates from securing opengovernment positions, and the use of ex-federal agents who are convicted federal felons asoutlaw agents being orchestrated to perpetuate ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations againstinnocent civilians. Cointelpro operations are designed to fractionalize the targeted individual or agroup through erosive counterintelligence reverse practices. These I will argue are deeply rootedin the CIA MK-ULTRA Program with its many black subprojects and the continued use of involuntary human test animals. The genocidal tentacles of CIA MK-ULTRA have sired thecontinued development of the four buttressing principles supporting the CIA Torture Paradigmthat has been targeted against our human brothers and sisters around the world; including thecitizens of the United States and Canada. The U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program or WITSECis one of those genocidal black projects that goes unchallenged by its classified and opaquenature preventing public examination and festering massive corruption.Confidential sources close to the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program report that governmentwitnesses are being used as a laboratory control sample. This matrix for quality control andanalysis has enslaved federal government witnesses as involuntary human test animals toperpetuate the genocidal mind-control formulas first produced during the second leg of CIA MK-ULTRA, "Project Artichoke". Reportedly index crimes and psychological warfare methods havebeen targeted against federal government witnesses to test the limits of human sanity and causecriminal misconduct in others. Within the WITSEC demographic 6% are non-criminal federalwitnesses and 94% remain custodial and criminal federal witnesses with a 17% rate of recidivism.Reportedly there exists a conspiracy to conceal evidence from the U.S. Congress and tomanipulate statistical data for budgetary reasons. Federal administrators, the general counsel andfederal agents have committed congressional perjury and repeatedly abused post 911 nationalsecurity laws and protocols to neutralize what amounts to treaties with federal governmentwitnesses. Reportedly Witsec Inspectors earn $80,000.00 a year with their promotion from beingregular deputy marshals. Other deputy marshals become "SOGGERS" and participating in security
operations as a Special Operations Group. This cover-up within the WITSEC Program hasrepeatedly been caused by a blackout of transparent oversight. The blowback from thissubversive government behavior includes the discovery of a female non-criminal federal witnesswho reports being kidnapped, raped, sexually mutilated, and thought left for dead while hangingby the neck.The staged crime scene appeared as a twisted sexual encounter with the appearance of death byasphyxiation through the sadomasochistic act known as a "choking climax". The attemptedmurder of this female non-criminal federal witness failed and she awoke the next morning in apool of her own blood and feces with her internal sexual organs exposed. Twenty-four hours of reconstructive surgery and months of recuperation finds this government crime victim alive with astory to tell. The attack occurred after the female non-criminal federal witness reported to theU.S. Federal Witness Protection Program and the U.S. Department of Justice that a sittingmember of the U.S. Congress was involved in a RICO conspiracy with members of organizedcrime closely linked to the home loan industry. The U.S. Senator in question also headed theregulatory committee that provided the oversight for these same quasi government agencies.Sources close to this classified federal program revealed a history of sexual misconduct,terrorism, torture, extortion, threats, outings, and the wrongful death of federal witnesses with aprotective persons status while both participating in and after having exited the Witsec in goodstanding. Having conducted extensive research into the history of U.S. government tortureprograms, it appears the U.S. Marshals Service has used the boilerplate surrounding the classifiedWitsec Program to conceal a legacy black subproject of the CIA MK-ULTRA Program. The WITSECas a black project appears to have continued the unlawful use of involuntary human test animalswho are processed within blacksite facilities located on U.S. soil. After relocation the lives of federal witnesses are cocooned to become an encapsulated isolation of erosive self-inflicted harm.The primary earmark of CIA Torture Programs is their causing of self-inflicted harm to the victimthrough a variety of applications. There are few places where I am unable to discern thecharacteristics of the CIA Torture Paradigm not being applied by actors within local, state andfederal governments and the private corporate sector. These are the continuing ripples thatemulate from the legacy of CIA MK-ULTRA with a historically reported 250+ black subprojects.Federal Whistleblowers are more times than not sanctioned by these same inhuman practices.Democracy is hypocrisy under the U.S. government while it has converted the dream and promiseof America into the guarantee of a virtual death camp within a coast to coast gulag.Understand that while I was deep undercover for five years in the FBI and operating on a stagewhere my only audience included the ever present critic and specter of death, I compare thatenvironment to having remained underwater in a submarine for the same amount of time. Whenwe surfaced and returned to the world there was an increasing awareness that our governmenthad morphed into the same animal that I had previously been investigating and successfullyprosecuted. Beginning with the unconstitutional judicial selection of George W. Bush as executivefacilitator, followed by the coup d'état with the false flag operation on 911 it became very clearthat our nation had been overthrown by fear and complacency. The Bush oligarchy is an Americanfamily of traitors, harem whore parasites and the oil trading partners with the family of Osamabin Laden.As a sanctioned and validated FBI whistleblower who endured two traumas in the line of dutyduring national service, if we had a genuine democracy then I would have legal standing withgrounds for a Bivens action and universal jurisdiction. Even though these crimes go unrecognizedby the U.S. Department of Justice in present day America, this does not mean that my reaction isto retaliate by condoning or eliciting unlawful conduct through any activism we might share. Thatsaid, many of you know that I am working towards finding citizenship and a sustainable peaceoutside the United States. This for the reasons that I am older than my years and life is a finitecommodity as the host for the infinite human soul.The U.S. government does not love its citizens and despises federal whistleblowers even worse.This fact has left me in a continuing search for a Canadian law firm to represent my interests forasylum and to eventually obtain Canadian citizenship. Should I fail in this purpose and in lieu of obtaining asylum elsewhere, I am left with the prospect of a defection to a sovereign foreign

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