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Women of New Mexico v. Matthew Chandler

Women of New Mexico v. Matthew Chandler

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Published by Mary
Decision of the Women's Court of Public Opinion for the State of New Mexico in the case of The Women of New Mexico v. Ninth Judicial District Attorney Matt Chandler
Decision of the Women's Court of Public Opinion for the State of New Mexico in the case of The Women of New Mexico v. Ninth Judicial District Attorney Matt Chandler

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Published by: Mary on Nov 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cite as: 002 N. M. ____ (2011)Opinion of the Court
 Notice: The opinions of the Women’s Court of Public Opinion
for the State of New Mexico are subjectto the review and revision of the Women of New Mexico. This court hears cases of grave concernto the Women of New Mexico and their daughters. We are not a physical court. We do not
 practice law and we are not backed by the power of the state. The court’s power comes from the
women voters of this state. At no time and under no circumstances does this court attempt topractice law within the state of New Mexico. Ours is nothing more than a public opinion of publicand/or political officials.
NON FOR THE STATE OF NEW MEXICONos. 99-1NEW MEXICO WOMEN, PETITIONERV.MATT CHANDLER ET AL.ON WRITS OF CERTIORARI[November 7, 2011]CHIEF JUSTICE MARY A FEMALE NEW MEXICAN delivered the opinion of the court.In the matter of, 9th Judicial District Attorney Matt Chandler eavesdropping on a privatetelephone conversation of New Mexico Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Daniels. Thequestion being did District Attorney Matt Chandler purposefully eavesdrop on the Chief Justiceof the New Mexico Supreme in order to advance his own personal desire of judge shopping indirect violation of state legal ethics? The remedy for politically motivated behavior of this natureis public condemnation from the woman of the State of New Mexico, and future politicalcontributions of considerable amounts to any opposing district attorney candidates during thenext regular election for the position held by Mr. Chandler.
IIt has come to our attention through comprehensive local media coverage, that Ninth JudicialDistrict Attorney Matt Chandler did knowingly eavesdrop on the chief justice of the stateSupreme Court in what should be a direct violation of legal ethics in this state. We find thisbehavior highly inappropriate and disrespectful of Mr. Chandler. Members of the legalprofession and officers of the court should at all time express the highest respect toward justicesand judges in a public setting. If by accident Mr. Chandler happened to overhear what a justicewas saying during a telephone conversation in a public sitting, he should have immediatelystopped the justice from any further speech and informed him that others could overhear theconversation.IIShould Mr. Chandler have the right to use information overhead in a court case? It is clear if hetook the time to read the ethics rules of the state bar association that any inadvertent informationacquired by an attorney is not to be used in a pending court case. The fact the Mr. Chandler hasattempted to use information in court paper where correct or incorrect is only too clear an ethicsviolation. It is further proof that Mr. Chandler did act in an unprofessional manner, whichreflexes poorly on the states district attorneys and the states legal system as a whole.IIIThe state has products written documentation that Mr. Chandler intent with this behavior was directly linked to political motivations. The women of New Mexico have a direct concern when
it appears that Mr. Chandler’s behavior was directly motivated by political desires. Since
thegovernor, appointed Mr. Chandler this behavior clearly reflexes badly on her office as well.

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