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2006.01.03.PEC&Finance Minutes Corps Will Buy

2006.01.03.PEC&Finance Minutes Corps Will Buy

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Published by RoyArrigo

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Published by: RoyArrigo on Nov 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Joint Finance Committee & Planning, Engineeringand Construction Committee MeetingJanuary 3, 2006
Mr. Young commented that the USACE is looking to investigate what thecanals’ height will be before the S&WB begins pumping. This will be an elevationthat everybody can be satisfied with, and the USACE will either makemodifications to the levee or make no modifications to the levee. Along the entiresystem of levees, the USACE is looking to insure that the Orleans Levee Districtand the S&WB have sufficient space to maintain and inspect the levees.Probably the trees along the 17
Street Canal will be cleared from the levees sothat trucks during inspection can pass through. The Orleans Avenue Canal areais basically cleared. On London the levee toe is basically on the property line oneither side, so the USACE is probably looking to take possibly 10 ft. to 15 ft. ofland in order to allow inspection throughout the area. This is a recommendationfrom the USACE’s forensic group to allow the OLD and S&WB the ability toinspect the levees and keep them functional.
Mrs. Sandra Miller, a Bellaire Street resident, asked for a clarification fromMr. Young concerning what will be done to homes along Bellaire Street. Many ofthe residents gutted their homes but are waiting to see if the USACE would betaking any of the property before they begin renovations.
Minutes of Joint Finance Committee & Planning,Engineering and Construction Committee MeetingHeld on January 3, 2006Page 7
Mr. Young replied, each levee along the canals will be looked atdifferently. There are different problems such as seepage and stability atdifferent locations and different areas. Representatives from St. Louis, St. Pauland New Orleans and multitudes of
’s are looking at the canals. This is asituation that involves every section of the levee system. The USACE has ideasabout what they want to do in order to have flood protection by June 1.Chairman Saizan asked Mr. Young to explain the process should theUSACE decide to obtain square footage from someone’s property?Mr. Young explained that if the USACE deems its necessary for buildinglarger breach closures, the USACE would go out with plans and specs foradvertisement. During that time, the USACE will ask the Mayor to assist inobtaining property. \Basically, it is taking the property and negotiating at a latertime in order for the USACE to continue with their schedule. It is based on whatfootprint is needed for the levee, T-Wall or whatever type of flood protection willbe obtained. Most cases, the USACE acquire additional land so that they canprovide room for inspection and maintenance.
Joint Finance Committee & Planning, Engineeringand Construction Committee MeetingJanuary 3, 2006 at 1:00 p.m.Second Floor HallLake Vista Community Center6500 Spanish Fort BoulevardNew Orleans, Louisiana ___________________________________________________________ 
PRESENT:Planning, Engineering and Construction Committee:Chairperson Commissioner Darrel J. Saizan, Jr.Commissioner Allen H. Borne, Jr., MemberActing President Michael P. McCrossen, Ex-Officio MemberCommissioner Dan S. FoleyCommissioner Davis R. VoelkerFinance Committee:Vice Chairperson Commissioner Allen H. Borne, Jr.Commissioner Dan S. Foley, MemberActing President Michael P. McCrossen, Ex-Officio MemberCommissioner Darrel J. Saizan, Jr.Commissioner David R. Voelker
Stevan G. Spencer, OLDGerard Gillen, OLDCornelia Ullman, OLDGlenda Boudreaux, OLDBob Maureau, OLDCynthia Taylor, OLDCarol Kiefer, OLDNina Marchand, OLDJim Bollinger, OLDRick Loggins, OLDCraig Boudreaux, OLDDonald Booth, OLDJoel Jenkinson, OLDDawn Wagener, OLDGary Majors, Bell SouthColleen Majors, Bell SouthTom LongFrank Donze, Times PicayuneJoe Gyan, The AdvocateKathy Finn, Big New OrleansAddie Fanguy, Million AirsBruce White, Coconut Beach Volleyball ComplexFrederick Young, USACERay Landiche, Developer for Wren St.Frank Milanese, Esq.Gerard Metzger, Esq.Wade Webster, Middleberg, Riddle & GiannaAlbert Pappalardo, OLD Real Estate ConsultantDonald Mitchell, Lake Vista Property Owners AssociationHolly Callia, Lake Vista Property Owners AssociationCarliss Knesey, Hancock BankColin Healuna, Hancock BankGlenn CarterPamela NucciardSteve SchusterSandra Miller, 5414 Bellaire St.
Minutes of Joint Finance Committee & Planning,Engineering and Construction Committee MeetingHeld on January 3, 2006Page 2
Hamid Alizadeh, Shaw Coastal, Inc.Ken Beler, Wren St. DeveloperMark Marzoni
The Joint Finance Committee and Planning, Engineering and ConstructionCommittee meeting was called to order at 1:17 p.m. by Acting PresidentMcCrossen, who recommended that Agenda Item “B” be discussed first, and noobjection was offered.B. Wren Street Multi-Family DevelopmentMr. Wade Webster stated he was representing Mr. Ray Landiche, thedeveloper of the Wren Street property. He advised he gave a presentation lastmonth concerning this project and asked whether there was any opposition tothis request, stating his clients were present to address any concerns.Mr. Stevan Spencer, OLD Chief Engineer, reported Mr. Webster wasprovided a letter addressing four different issues that required additionalinformation. Mr. Webster provided that information just a few minutes prior tothis meeting, and Mr. Spencer stated he did not have enough time to review thatinformation. The Lake Vista Property Owners Association (LVPOA) hadpreviously reviewed the concept, but were also requiring information similar towhat the District is requesting. The District is requesting final plans andspecifications for the project. Information, including the floor plan, foundation andelevation, showing four floors, was provided, however, this information must bereviewed. Mr. Spencer advised representatives of the LVPOA were presenttoday to express their concerns to the Committee.Mr. Webster explained there are building restrictions in the title to thisproperty, and this particular property is unlike any other lot in Lake Vista andreceives different treatment under the building restrictions. The only restrictionsare that the proposed building meets minimum setback requirements from theproperty line, and that the footprint does not take up too large a percentage of theentire lot. The requirements also require it meets aesthetic and visual standards.Mr. Webster mentioned that the plans and specifications that were submittedcontained everything needed to determine that this project has satisfied theminimum setback and the percentage of the footprint requirements. He felteverything that has been submitted is sufficient for the Board to make a decisionon whether the developer is complying with the building restrictions. Mr. Websterapologized to Mr. Spencer for sending the information he requested to theincorrect website address. Mr. Webster further saw no reason not to proceed,adding that the developer is only requesting a letter of no objection for theproject. He stated, in conclusion, the entire project conforms to the applicablezoning requirements of the City and the other building restrictions.Mr. Spencer introduced Mrs. Holly Callia, President of the Lake VistaProperty Owners Association (LVPOA).Mrs. Callia recommended, on behalf of the LVPOA, that the District nottake a position until plans and specifications have been provided and reviewed.She explained every individual homeowner who builds in the neighborhood isrequired to provide plans and specs for full review. She reiterated Mr. Spencerhad only recently received the additional information he had requested and wasunable to review this information as yet. This is a big project, and the LVPOA isnot objecting to the project, but it is necessary for the LVPOA to make an

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