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IT Professionals Job Opportunities in Australia and Canada Quebec

IT Professionals Job Opportunities in Australia and Canada Quebec

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IT Professionals Job Opportunities in Australia and Canada Quebec.
IT Professionals Job Opportunities in Australia and Canada Quebec.

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Published by: Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. on Nov 08, 2011
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Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. | www.abhinav.com
Worldwide Immigration Visa Options Open to IT Professionals Presently!
Getting permanent resident visa of popular immigration destinations has, perhaps, never been tougher for the IT professionals!Here is some highly valuable and updated information for such professionals, as on November, 2011.
Getting H-1/L-1 gets tougher and expensive; even where one can get or already has H-1/L-1 visa, the road to converting thisstatus into Green Card is rather long and uncertain. At times, one has H-1 visa but no local (read US) employer sponsorship. Andremember that the H-1/L-1 does not offer US residence status!
Canada Federal:
Federal skilled worker (FSW) program to Canada was the most popular choice for the IT professionals. But sinceJune 2010, the news flow on that front is not very encouraging. In permitted occupation lists announced by the Citizenship andImmigration Canada on June 26, 2010 and June 26, 2011, the IT professionals figured nowhere.And thus they might have to wait for one more year
till June 2012
for new list to open up. And, what if the list on 2012 also doesnot find mention for the IT professionals? Also, most of the IT professionals who filed earlier are still waiting in the queue with noclear indication on when, and if, their application will be picked up for processing.
Canada Quebec:
Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the best possible option for applicants to immigrate to Canada. All you need tohave is the time, and the inclination, to learn the French language. One can file the application and learn the French language whilethe interview is being scheduled. Quebec offers one of the best employment options for the IT professionals in Canada. So, learn aforeign language as a skill and get immigration to Canada
all at the same time! ABHINAV has been filing applications under QuebecSkilled Immigration since the last 10 years and it provides services of a Quebec authorised representative while filing your
application under the program. What’s more, the overall application processing time currently stands at around the predictabl
e 18-24 months from the date of filing of the application. Further, the Quebec Skilled immigration program requires no high IELTS scoreand very limited financial settlement funds as part of the application. Interested, send details (mentioned at the bottom of the page)to ajay@abhinav.com right now!
Outside of Canada, Australia is the best and the most definite option for the IT professionals. Major IT occupations -- likeDatabase Administrator, Systems Administrator, Systems Analyst, Computer Network and Systems Engineer, ICT Business Analyst,Network Analyst, Software Engineer, Developer Programmer, Analyst Programmer, Software Tester, ICT Security Specialist, Softwareand Applications Programmers -- are open for immigration.What is more, the application processing time can be as less as just one year! Australia is just unmatchable when it comes toavailable employment opportunities for the IT specialists. IT professionals with excellent English communication skills should go forAustralia as option one. Interested, send details (mentioned at the bottom of the page) to ajay@abhinav.com right now!
Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. | www.abhinav.com
New Zealand:
A young Engineering degree holder with just 3 years of experience in the IT is hardly likely to be qualified for manycountries. And even applicants with many years of IT related work experience may not qualify for Australia or Canada if his IELTSscore is just 6.5 overall. Well, good news is that qualified IT professionals with IELTS score of 6.5 can apply under the NZD skilledMigrant Program. They can migrate to New Zealand, work for few years, get international experience, save some money and then
 if they still wish to do that
migrate to another major country, say, Canada or Australia or the UK. Interested, send details(mentioned at the bottom of the page) to ajay@abhinav.com right now!representative, or with a company that offers you theservices of such an authorized representative. It is difficult for a busy executive or businessmen to find time to deal directly withimmigration agencies.
Possibilities exist for restricted category of professionals. But uncertainty also exists, at the same time, about applicationprocessing time frames. Much more importantly, the visa one gets is not a Permanent Resident Visa but more of a Work Visa for 18months. One is not successful in settling and he needs to leave the country. Interested, send details (mentioned at the bottom of thepage) to ajay@abhinav.com right now!
Hong Kong:
Not a very well-known immigration destination, Hong Kong offers excellent job opportunities and a shorter applicationprocessing time frames of around only 12 months. Just a short flying time from India, Hong Kong is a major financial and businesshub and next to China
one of the fastest growing economies across the world. Only negative aspect is that one can, at maximum,become a resident and not a citizen of Hong Kong. But still it is a good option to consider. Interested, send details (mentioned at thebottom of the page) to ajay@abhinav.com right now!
With tier 1 program closing, the options to migrate to the UK for the IT professionals are also limited or almost non-existent.
European Blue card:
Application is only possible if a confirmed job offer is available from an employer based in EU. There areconsultants who are misleading clients by promising them a successful search but all are aware of European job situation at thisstage! So your guess is as good as ours whether you should be paying such consultants for a highly unlikely cause. Rest assured, asand when the employment situation improves in EU and such offers will be easily available, ABHINAV will be providing the relatedservice.
Singapore Landed Permanent Resident Program is suspended till further notice and the application under the programcannot be filed at this stage.
Singapore EPEC program:
Singapore Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) visa carries validity 6 to 12 months and permitsthe holder to stay in Singapore and look for a job. Even if you find an employer, he will need an assurance that you will be issued anemployment pass if they decide to hire you. So do you wish to take a visa that requires you to leave you current job, go to Singaporeat your expense and look for a job at your costs for months? What if you do not get a job? You are neither here nor there and areout with all your savings. Keep in mind as well that even if a Singapore employer hires you, it will just be work permit with PRapplication being filed at a much later stage. How do you know whether you will be meeting the PR application filing requirement atthat stage? Still, if you are interested, we can readily file your EPEC application for Singapore.
Austria Red While Red Card:
This is just like Singapore LPR with almost same features and disadvantages. You just get a 6 monthsresidence permit in Austria to look for a job. The RWR card will be issued for 12 months after finding a Job which is relevant to yourqualifications. After 5 years of Residence Status, you get Permanent Residency and eventually Citizenship at a later date. Austria isamongst one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in! So you want to leave you current job and spend your life
savings (some of you even take loans) to take a visa that is just offering you permission to look out for a job? And what are thechances of you landing a relevant job without knowing the Local language? And should you apply for such a job search visa whenyou can get a full-fledged resident visa with all related for Canada (Quebec), Australia or New Zealand skilled program from day oneof landing? Ask your-self all these queries before paying the misguiding consultants.
Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. | www.abhinav.com
Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. | www.abhinav.com
Norway's Skilled Jobseeker Residence Permit:
This permit is valid only for six months and permits you to look for jobs and beinterviewed by local employers. Check our comments listed under Austrian and Singapore program before taking a final decision onwhether this is an appropriate program for you.Send the following details for free of charge assessment by none other than Ajay Sharma, Principal Consultant, ABHINAV andpioneer of Immigration consultancy in India:1) Latest updated resume of self and if married, spouse. The resume should provide description of your duties andresponsibilities during employment.2) If applicable, number and age of children3) Information on whether you have ever learned any foreign language at any point of your studies and professionalexperience
Summary: What’s really
the point in waiting for a positive change in programs for UK/USA/Canada federal in future which may ormay not happen in the first place? Go for Canada Quebec/Australia/New Zealand/Hong Kong
countries that you may qualify for.Look at personal limitations
be it the IELTS score, the number of years of experience or limited financial settlement funds, and optfor a program that you may be really qualified for.

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