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Say Goodbye to Fear

Say Goodbye to Fear

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Published by nymufti
Few Great Tips On Public Speaking.....
Few Great Tips On Public Speaking.....

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Published by: nymufti on Nov 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 In times of economic uncertainty,When communication skills are paramount To either keeping the job you have or acquiring a new one,
Wouldn’t it be great to have the speaking skills? 
Optimizing Your Presentation Skills can
completely change
the way you think about the art and science of speaking to a group thoroughunderstanding and grasp of the skills needed to speak like an expert.
"And now for something completely different..." 
everything you’ve heard from your public speaking education about eye-contact, body language, and voice - it’s likely either old-school, or just plain wrong.Now, in one very entertaining, interactive class, you will see and hear for yourself what has been imprisoning the
excellent presenter inside you
, and how you canfinally break free of the common chains that have limited the advancement abilitiesof so many businesspeople for generations.
each of the behaviors they employ when speaking causes a
specificphysiological result
, and how by modifying those behaviors, they can change theway their bodies and minds respond. We don't use pep talks. We don't tell you to'imagine' that you're feeling something that you're not. You will learn that althoughyou can't change the way your body responds to certain stimuli, you can certainly
change the behaviors
that create and
the stimuli in the first place.More good news: you can also
what they’ve always told you about “
practice,practice, practice
”? Who today can follow “rules” such as “
For every minute youspeak, spend 60 minutes practicing
”? A presentation designed and delivered withour 3-Step method never needs to be scripted or memorized. You will have the skillsto look and sound like an expert, even the first time out of the box
All great speakers share a common trait: They learned to be great by studying thosethat went before them. Although we are enamored by the oratory skills of publicfigures from time to time, none was
with the ability to persuade or inspire.
Instead, what makes them good is the depth of their desire to study and learn the
basic skills
that set great speakers apart. Jack Kennedy studied FDR and Churchilland put his own very human stamp on their style. Bill Clinton studied Kennedy andMartin Luther King; Obama has studied them all, and when he shares stories fromhis life, you can even hear the comforting tones of Ronald Reagan.

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