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Is Crowdsourcing Your Business Custom Logo Design A Good Idea?

Is Crowdsourcing Your Business Custom Logo Design A Good Idea?

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Nov 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Is Crowdsourcing Your Business CustomLogo Design A Good Idea?
Submitted 2011-11-07 00:47:46
Smaller businesses cope with several challenges, a few of which are associatedwith cash flow. This is especially the case throughout a company's start-up stage.Due to the prospective very high cost of expert logo design, it is understandablethat many business proprietors may seek out approaches to reduce the costAmong those ways is to crowdsource the task.Crowdsourcing with regards to logo design basically involves arranging a contestamong several designers. A company owner would offer a prize (e.g. $100), andallow dozens of developers to contendThe victor - that is, the person whose custom logo design is selected by thebusiness proprietor - would get the prize.In this article, we'll provide the advantages and disadvantages of using thisapproach to have a custom logo design made for your company. We'll very firstdescribe the advantages you will enjoy, and then list a few of the possibledisadvantages.Advantages Of Crowdsourcing Your Custom Logo DevelopmentThe obvious gain is the lower cost. With rare exceptions, business logo designsborn from crowdsourcing initiatives pose significant savings - at least, at first - forthe customerTo demonstrate, the price of a specialized brand mark might cost several hundredsof dollars while the cash prize for a custom logo design contest might be $100 orless.An additional benefit would be that the business owner is able to tap into a largercollection of creativity. Each of the developers will probably generate conceptsthat other contributors lack.
Finally, there is usually much less time and interaction associated with the designprocess, which might appear beneficial to active clients. The truth is, the lack of discussion is often harmful to the ultimate design since there is little opportunityfor the company owner to offer feedback.Not Enough Substance And CredibilityOne glaring downside of crowdsourcing your company logo task is that thedesigners are not likely to know anything at all about your enterprise. They will notbe acquainted with your brand. Nor will they have any knowledge concerning yourcompany's history, the area of interest you inhabit, and how your company pertainsto others in your sector. A professional designer is going to commit the time tostudy these and other particulars.A common outcome of these contests would be that the ultimate design (i.e. the"winning" logo) does not catch the brand identity of the organization for which itwas developed. Failing that test, the custom logo cannot effectively symbolize thecompany.Just Plain DullOne other issue with crowdsourced design assignments is that the participantsmight "take inspiration" from other companies' logos without informing you thatthey're doing this. This may appear harmless, but could lead to a variety of concerns regarding ownership.As an example, suppose you select the winning design without realizing it is quitesimilar to a custom logo employed by a different company; further assume youmove ahead with publishing the logo on stationary, catalogues, pamphlets, andother collateral. If the business that is the owner of the original mark discovers thatyou are using it, they can file a cease and desist order. Unless you challenge theorder in court, you'll need to scrap your custom logo design as well as anymaterials on which it's printed. This can be expensive.Plagiarism is common in logo design challenges. Unfortunately, a lot of it neverwill come to light until the company owner has started to incorporate theplagiarized design.Potential Waste Of Time And Money

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