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Sedona - Psychic Energy Vortexes 2

Sedona - Psychic Energy Vortexes 2



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Published by: api-3728258 on Oct 18, 2008
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Chapter 6
"Ley Lines Link SedonaTo All Earth's Power Spots"
By Kathie Dame-Glerum
In China, they are known as Dragon Currents, in Irelandas Fairy Paths, in the Americas as Serpent Power. TheAborigines in Australia refer to a "line of songs." And inEngland, the ley line systems are referred to simply as theOld Straight Track.Ley lines are lines of natural magnetic currents—alignments of prehistoric sites and natural landmarks. Anumber of ley lines mark some extreme position of the sunor moon. Frequently, they are ancient roads or pathways,clearly visible from the air; sometimes they are only brieflyvisible as shadows or light paths.Locating ley line energy was an ancient art not unlikethat of dowsing with divining rods; a carefully taughtscience handed down through magicians, Druidic priests inthe early mystery schools, and Chinese geomancers. The jobof the geomancer was to interpret the earth in terms of theheavens, to detect currents and assess their influence on theland. Migrating birds, following a line of magnetic current,were often studied.Ley lines are marked by giant earthworks and mounds in<%-2>the American Midwest; by dirt roadways leadingfrom Chaco<%0> Canyon, New Mexico, to Teotihuacan,Mexico; by a series of long, straight tracks emanating fromCuzco, the old Inca capital high in the Peruvian Andeswhich is associated in local tradition with a primeval, god-like race; by lines crisscrossing the Nazca plains of Peru—lines with great astrological significance, oriented in such away as to predict equinoxes and solstices. And they aremarked by visible lines tying together every major religioussite in Britain, from Stonehenge to the legendaryGlastonbury Tor, home of King Arthur, Merlin and the HolyGrail.Every early Christian church was sited along the flow ofley line current, the great energy located directly beneath the
tower to produce the strongest fusion of heaven and earth.The Dragon Currents of China mark all sacred paths andcenters throughout that country. These currents are dividedinto those of yin and yang, positive and negative, thecurrents of the White Tiger and the Blue Dragon. TheChinese believe that the dragon pulse—the energy vortex—is at its peak where the yin of gently undulating countrymeets the yang of sharp rocks and peaks, particularly if thissite is quiet and sheltered and secluded, as is much ofSedona.Sedona is noted world-wide for its high concentration ofactive energy and power. The residents will often speak of a"genii loci." Sedona spelled backwards is "anodes": in anelectrolytic cell, the positively charged electrode towardwhich the current flows; in an electron tube, the principalelectrode for collecting electrons. Also, according toWebster's, "a way up." Perhaps this is indeed what Sedonaprovides. It is the only spot on earth to contain four majorvortexes within a few square miles.A vortex is a high concentration of energy, a receivingstation for direct influences; by definition, a state resemblinga whirlpool. It is surrounded by grids—a similar energyfield that is not yet centered—where ley lines share acommon point of intersection.The vortex areas have been likened to acupressure pointson the body. In a similar manner, grids can be compared tothe nervous system. At the point where these areconcentrated, as in Sedona, emotions run high. Thingshappen at these points first—on the earth's body as well ason our own. Together, they form a sacred geometric patternacross the earth with universal repercussions.Like attracts like; therefore, electrical vortexes will beconnected via ley lines or electrical currents to otherelectrical vortexes. In Sedona, the Bell Rock and AirportMesa vortexes are connected to other major electricalvortexes on Mt. Everest, Mt. Ararat in Eastern Turkey andMt. McKinley (Denali) in Alaska. The magnetic vortex atCathedral Rock is connected to the major magnetic vortex ofGlastonbury Tor in Britain, another recognized site of greatregeneration.As you meditate in any of the vortexes in the Sedonaarea, you are tying into a universal energy pattern ofastounding magnitude and not just one particular energy
facet. The key seems to lie in certain sound combinationsreverberating throughout the universal ley line system: inhumming, as reported by guides in certain chambers of theGreat Pyramids; in the legendary song of the Sirens; inchanting heard by those who have remained quiet longenough while deep into Boynton Canyon. The HealingCircles of Dick Sutphen, held in Sedona, are extremelypowerful; the vibrations of the "OM" chant combining withthe human magnetism of the group and resounding in auniversal spirit of love and healing physically felt.The ley line system has always meant healing, therenewal of the life force. The lines themselves becomeanimated at certain seasons of the year by a vital force, arejuvenating influence that can be drawn through the earth.And the direction of its flow varies with the phases of themoon.From time immemorial, ancient rites have beenperformed on the ley lines throughout the earth withinarrangements of carved dots and stone circles to ensure thereturn of this force—from the Druids of Britain and theAborigines of Australia to the Quiche Maya of SouthAmerica. The Hopi Indians use the lines as cables of mentalcommunication. It is said that stone can be levitated bysound along the ley lines of magnetic intensity, the level ofintensity altered by tone and pitch.The late Dr. Wilhelm Reich in
The Discovery of theOrgone
proved the existence of this pure life force, which hecalled orgone energy, by storing and channeling it toproduce dramatic changes in the weather with the use of asimple apparatus. He felt, by using the ley line system, evenspace travel was possible with the flow of intergalacticcurrents of energy.It seems only logical to believe that there was, long ago, auniversal civilization with an advanced knowledge ofscience and magic. A magic based on numbers, whichunified all the individual arts and sciences, customs,folklore, mythology, monuments and cultures universally. Itis a physical fact that the prehistoric sites fall into perfectlystraight alignments when shown on a map. And all thesesites were mathematically equated and built withextraordinary precision. The actual key to all these ancientand natural sites seems to lie in numbers.

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