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Table Of Contents

Introduction and Changes from First Edition
A. Obtaining the R Software for Windows
B. Libraries in S-PLUS and Packages in R
C. Setting contrast types using Options()
D. Credit for functions
E. Editing functions
F. A note about using S-PLUS Menus
G. Notice of errors
H. Introductions to the S Language
I. References
J. Acknowledgements
A. Summary of Chapter 1, Agresti
C. Proportion of Vegetarians (Statistical Inference for Binomial Parameters)
D. The Mid-P-Value
E. Pearson’s Chi-Squared Statistic
F. Likelihood Ratio Chi-Squared Statistic
G. Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Chapter 2: Describing Contingency Tables
A. Summary of Chapter 2, Agresti
B. Comparing two proportions
C. Partial Association in Stratified 2 x 2 Tables
D. Conditional Odds Ratios
E. Summary Measures of Assocation: Ordinal Trends
Chapter 3: Inference for Contingency Tables
A. Summary of Chapter 3, Agresti
B. Confidence Intervals for Association Parameters
C. Testing Independence in Two-way Contingency Tables
D. Following Up Chi-Squared Tests
E. Two-Way Tables with Ordered Classification
F. Small Sample Tests of Independence
G. Small-Sample Confidence Intervals For 2x2 Tables
Chapter 4: Generalized Linear Models
A. Summary of Chapter 4, Agresti
B. Generalized Linear Models for Binary Data
C. Generalized Linear Models for Count Data
D. Overdispersion in Poisson Generalized Linear Models
E. Negative Binomial GLIMs
F. Residuals for GLIMs
G. Quasi-Likelihood and GLIMs
H. Generalized Additive Models (GAMs)
Chapter 5: Logistic Regression
A. Summary of Chapter 5, Agresti
B. Logistic Regression for Horseshoe Crab Data
C. Goodness-of-fit for Logistic Regression for Ungrouped Data
D. Logit Models with Categorical Predictors
F. Extended Example (Problem 5.17)
A. Summary of Chapter 6, Agresti
C. Using Causal Hypotheses to Guide Model Fitting
D. Logistic Regression Diagnostics
E. Inference about Conditional Associations in 2 x 2 x K Tables
F. Estimation/Testing of Common Odds Ratio
G. Using Models to Improve Inferential Power
H. Sample Size and Power Considerations
I. Probit and Complementary Log-Log Models
J. Conditional Logistic Regression and Exact Distributions
K. Bias-reduced Logistic Regression
B. Nominal Responses: Baseline-Category Logit Models
H. Generalized Cochran-Mantel Haenszel Statistic for Ordinal Categories
Chapter 8 –Loglinear Models for Contingency Tables
A. Summary of Chapter 8, Agresti
B. Loglinear Models for Three-way Tables
D. Loglinear Models for Higher Dimensions
E. Loglinear-Logit Model Connection
F. Contingency Table Standardization
Chapter 9 –Building and Extending Loglinear Models
A. Summary of Chapter 9, Agresti
B. Model Selection and Comparison
C. Diagnostics for Checking Models
D. Modeling Ordinal Associations
F. Association Models, Correlation Models, and Correspondence Analysis
G. Poisson Regression for Rates
H. Modeling Survival Times
I. Empty Cells and Sparseness
Chapter 10 – Models for Matched Pairs
A. Summary of Chapter 10, Agresti
B. Comparing Dependent Proportions
C. Conditional Logistic Regression for Binary Matched Pairs
D. Marginal Models for Square Contingency Tables
E. Symmetry, Quasi-symmetry, and Quasi-independence
F. Square Tables with Ordered Categories
G. Measuring Agreement Between Observers
H. Kappa Measure of Agreement
I. Bradley-Terry Model for Paired Preferences
J. Bradley-Terry Model with Order Effect
K. Marginal and Quasi-symmetry Models for Matched Sets
A. Summary of Chapter 11, Agresti
B. Comparing Marginal Distributions: Multiple Responses
C. Marginal Modeling: Maximum Likelihood Approach
E. Marginal Modeling: GEE Approach. Modeling a Repeated Multinomial Response
G. Markov Chains: Transitional Modeling
A. Summary of Chapter 12, Agresti
B. Logit GLIMM for Binary Matched Pairs
C. Examples of Random Effects Models for Binary Data
D. Random Effects Models for Multinomial Data
E. Multivariate Random Effects Models for Binary Data
Chapter 13 – Other Mixture Models for Categorical Data
A. Summary of Chapter 13, Agresti
B. Latent Class Models
C. Nonparametric Random Effects Models
D. Beta-Binomial Models
E. Negative Binomial Regression
F. Poisson Regression with Random Effects
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