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The Rescued Dove

The Rescued Dove

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Published by glennpease

" Though ye have lain amongst theots,yet shall ye be as the wings of a dove covered with silver ', and her feathers with yellow gold" PSALM Ixviii. 13.

" Though ye have lain amongst theots,yet shall ye be as the wings of a dove covered with silver ', and her feathers with yellow gold" PSALM Ixviii. 13.

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Published by: glennpease on Nov 08, 2011
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" Though ye have lain amongst theots,yet shall ye be as thewings of a dove covered with silver ', and her feathers with yel-low gold" PSALM Ixviii. 13.GOD delights in showing the fulness of hischaracter. All in that character is light, and,therefore, all emanations from it must belight also ; and thus must bring glory and honor tohis name.All through Holy Scripture we find this fulness,full mercy for the penitent ; full judgment for theimpenitent; the sins of the one, though they werelike scarlet, being made white as snow ; the sins of the other, bringing down upon their devoted heads" tribulation and anguish," the deep manifesta-tions of indignation and wrath.If this fulness of God were rightly remembered, itwould act with much more power than it does atpresent upon both these parties. The people of Godwould enter more deeply into his love, and be moreat peace in it ; they would enter into his goodness,and would repose more upon it; into his power,156 Pivot Words of Scripture.and expect more from it ; they would look for greatthings from a great God. And the ungodly, theyalso would, perhaps, fear to sin, if they saw howmighty he is to avenge ; they would be convicted of their sinfulness, if they saw how pure he is in holi-ness. Eternity will be ever unfolding the vastnessof God, both as regards the saved and the lost,heaven and hell, the unfathomable depths of dark-ness, the dazzling effulgence of light.This fulness is brought before us in two little
words in this verse. One of these might be said tobe brought up from the depths ; and the other todrop down from the heights ; yet do they meet to-gether to manifest the fulness of God's beneficenceto poor, fallen man. What can be more degradingthan the lying amongst the pots ? What more exalt-ing than soaring on wings resplendant with silver andgold ? The fulness of the degradation and the ful-ness of the exaltation are linked together by thesetwo little words ; and the coupling is of grace, thatwe, the fallen ones, may arise ; that we, the down-hearted ones, may rejoice ; that we, the pollutedones, may take to ourselves the grace-provided gar-ments of beauty and glory ; and soar heavenward inthe enjoyment of heaven-given strength,. and in thefulness of heavenly freedom and light.This is the subject which comes before us hereand before entering upon its application to ourselves,let us glance for a moment at its truth as regards thetemporal Israel.. Their position had been one of degradation themost complete. " The Egyptians made the childrenThe Rescued Dove. 157of Israel to serve with rigor ; and they made theirlives bitter with hard bondage, in mortar and inbrick, and in all manner of service in the field : alltheir service wherein they made them serve was withrigor." [Exodus i. 14.] If ever there was a nationvhich might have been justly described under thefimilitude of " lying amongst the pots," that nationwas Israel. But if ever there was a nation whichmight have justly been described under the simili-tude of the dove covered with silver, and her feath-ers with yellow gold, that nation also was Israel.When the time of their captivity to Egypt hadended, they went forth laden with jewels of silver,and jewels of gold, and raiment ; they entered intopossession of the fairest heritage on earth ; their tem-ple was the most magnificent object on which the suncould shine ; their shoulder was removed from theburden, and their hands were delivered from the pots(Psalm Ixxxi. 6) ; they were fed with the finest of the wheat, and with abundance of honey out of the
rock.True, Israel's beauty and Israel's wealth lastedbut a little while ; and given up by God unto theirown hearts' lusts, and to walking in their own coun-sels, they sank down amid the pots again ; theyfound the level to which the baseness of the humanheart will ever lead. And there they are now. Asa nation they are amid the pots ; as a communitythey are, in most places, in no better plight ; even asindividuals, they bear upon them the mark of their .bitter fall. But Israel is not cut off, though it is cutdown ; there is life in the stump and hidden roots of 158 Pivot Words of Scrtyture.that wondrous tree. True, it has been blasted bythe lightning flashes of heaven ; it has been hackedand hewn by the axes of earth ; its bark has beenseamed with the names of its conquerors cut downdeep into it with the sword, and branded on it withirons heated seven-fold more than is their wont ; therains from above have been withheld from it, the juices from beneath have refused to succor it ; theheavens have been to it like brass, the earth likeiron ; every influence of good has conspired to standaloof from it ; every influence of evil to come uponit ; yet Israel " is not dead, but sleepeth ; " livingbranches shall spring from her seared and wornstump ; branches which shall blossom and fruit, andmake melody with every breeze that blows ; theheavens shall refresh her from above, the earthshall feed her from beneath ; for what shall therenot be done to one whom the king delighteth tohonor, when that king is " King of kings," and thelordship that he exercises that of " Lord of lords."And when this time of Israel's glory has arrived,and she has shaken off her garments of heaviness,and been robed in her vesture of praise ; when shearises and shines for her light is come, and the gloryof the Lord is risen upon her, what similitude, whatprophecy, will be better understood than this of therescued dove ? Israel shall read the depth of hernow bygone misery in the light of her new glory ;she shall know what her degradation was when shelooks back upon it; the wings covered with silver,

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