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Course Plan of Brand Mangaement

Course Plan of Brand Mangaement

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Published by Rabin Joshi

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Published by: Rabin Joshi on Nov 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THAMES INTERNATIONAL COLLEGEBachelor of Business AdministrationCourse Plan
Course Title: Brand ManagementCourse Code: MKM 202Level: BBA 7
semester (MKM)Term:
Fall (Kartik-Falgun) 2068
Start Date:
20 Kartik 2068
11:35 to 12:30 pm
Total Class Hours:
Keshab Bhattarai
Email: keshab.bhattarai@thamescollege.edu.npCOURSE DESCRIPTION:
This course contains different theoretical and skill-oriented concepts on brand building of anorganization. Major topics that are included in this module are: Brand and Brand building, Role of Brand Management, Brand Equity, Brand positioning, marketing strategies for brand building, Brandextension etc.
This course aims to develop students’ skill in brand management with a s
pecial focus on brand-building in the competitive and market-driven business environment.
 Basic Books Reference Books
Kevin Lane Keller 
 , Strategic Brand Management,
Pearson Education : New Delhi
 Jean Noel Kapferer 
 , Strategic Brand Management
Kogan Page : New Delhi.
 David A. Aakar 
 , Managing Brand Equtiy,
Free press: New York 
Week 1:
Tentative Date: Kartik 20
Kartik 26Introduction of the course, Concept of brand and branding, Importance of branding to consumers,firms, and society.
Week 2:
Tentative Dates: Kartik 27
Mangsir 3Branding of various marketing entities, Types of brand: Brand hierarchy. Brand management process.
Week 3:
Tentative Dates: Mangsir 4
Mangsir 10Branding challenges of the 21
Century, Concept of brand equity. Sources of brand equity: awareness,associations, values, and loyalty.
Assignment 1
Week 4:
Tentative Dates: Mangsir 11
Mangsir 17Brand building blocks: Brand salience, brand performance, brand image, brand judgement, brandfeelings, and brand resources..
Week 5:
Tentative Dates: Mangsir 18
Mangsir 27Brand positioning concept and importance, Brand positioning concept and importance, Positioningprocess: Identifying target market, nature of competition, and points of parity and points of difference
Assignment 2Week 6:
Tentative Dates: Mangsir 25
Poush 2
Selecting brand positioning (PoP and PoD). Core brand values, brand mantras, and internal branding.
Week 7:
Tentative Dates
Poush 3
Poush 9 (
Tentative Dates
Poush 3
Poush 9 (
Week 9:
Tentative Dates: Poush 17
Poush 23
Criteria for choosing brand elements. Selecting brand elements: brand names, logos, symbols,characters, slogans, jingles, packaging and URLs.
Week 10:
Tentative Dates: Poush 24
Poush 30Product strategy: perceived quality and value, and relationship marketing. Pricing strategy: consumerprice perceptions and price setting.
Assignment 3Week 11:
Tentative Dates: Magh 1
Magh 7Channels strategy: direct and indirect channels for services. Promotion: marketing communicationoptions, integrating marketing communication programs.
Week 12:
Tentative Dates: Magh 8
Magh 14Pricing strategy: consumer price perceptions and price setting. Channels strategy: direct and indirectchannels for services.
Assignment 4Week 13:
Tentative Dates: Magh 15
Magh 21Promotion: marketing communication options, integrating marketing communication programs.
Week 14:
Tentative Dates: Magh 22
Magh 28 (
Week 15:
Tentative Dates: Magh 29
Falgun 6 (
Tentative Dates: Falgun 7
Falgun 13 (
REVISION)Assignments Due Dates
Assignment 1 Mangsir 2Assignment 2 Mangsir 23Assignment 3 Poush 29Assignment 4 Magh 13

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