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Basic Info on SAP

Basic Info on SAP



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Published by api-3807682
It is usefull to beginer to get basic information on SAP
It is usefull to beginer to get basic information on SAP

More info:

Published by: api-3807682 on Oct 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is SAP?
 SAP is the name of the company founded in 1972 under theGerman name (Systems, Applications, and Products in DataProcessing) is the leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)software package.
SAP Basics feature
 * Configuration of the SAP moduleso Transaction SPRO - this is the main tree for all theconfiguration.* Function Keyo F1 - Helpo F4 - Possible entries or matchcode for the field you areaccessingo F5 - Selection screeno F7 - Previous screeno F8 - Next screeno F9 - Technical infoo CTRL+X - Cuto CTRL+C - Copyo CTRL+V - Paste* Navigationo /n Skip to the next record if you are processing one batchinput sessiono /bend Cancel a batch input foreground processo /nend Close all R/3 sessions and logoff o /nxxx x Call the transaction xxxx in the same sessiono /o Generate a session listo /oxxx x Call the transaction xxxx in an additional sessiono /i Delete the current sessiono /h Turn the debug mode ono /$tab Reset all buffers (for System Administrators)o /$syn c Synchronize instances buffers (for SystemAdministrators)In 4.x, you can have long SAP transaction code up to amaximum of 20 character
2. Different types of ERP?
 SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, Siebel, PeopleSoft.Among all the ERP’s most of the companies implemented or tryingto implement SAP because of number of advantages aver other ERPpackages.
3. What is ERP?
 ERP is a package with the techniques and concepts for theintegrated management of business as a whole, for effective use of management resources, to improve the efficiency of an enterprise.Initially, ERP was targeted for manufacturing industry mainly forplanning and managing core business like production and financialmarket. As the growth and merits of ERP package ERP software isdesigned for basic process of a company from manufacturing tosmall shops with a target of integrating information across thecompany.
4. Explain the concept of “Business Content” in SAP BusinessInformation Warehouse?
 Business Content is a pre-configured set of role and task-relevantinformation models based on consistent Metadata in the SAPBusiness Information Warehouse. Business Content providesselected roles within a company with the information they need tocarry out their tasks. These information models essentially containroles, workbooks, queries, InfoSources, InfoCubes, key figures,characteristics, update rules and extractors for SAP R/3,mySAP.com Business Applications and other selected applications.
5. Why do you usually choose to implement SAP?
 There are number of technical reasons numbers of companies areplanning to implement SAP. It’s highly configurable, highly securedata handling, min data redundancy, max data consistency, youcan capitalize on economics of sales like purchasing, tightintegration-cross function.
6. Can BW run without a SAP R/3 implementation?
 Certainly. You can run BW without R/3 implementation. You can usepre-defined business content in BW using your non-SAP data. Hereyou simply need to map the transfer structures associated with BWdata sources (InfoCubes, ODS tables) to the inbound data files oruse 3rd part tool to connect your flat files and other data sources
and load data in BW. Several third party ETL products such as Acta,Infomatica, DataStage and others will have been certified to loaddata in BW.
7. What is IDES?
 International Demonstration and Education System. A sampleapplication provided for faster learning and implementation.
8. What is WF and its importance?
 Business Work Flow: Tool for automatic control and execution of cross-application processes. This involves coordinating the personsinvolved, the work steps required, the data, which needs to beprocessed (business objects). The main advantage is reduction inthroughput times and the costs involved in managingbusinessprocesses. Transparency and quality are enhanced by its use.
9. What is SAP R/3?
A third generation set of highly integrated software modules thatperforms common business function based on multinational leadingpractice. Takes care of any enterprise however diverse in operation,spread over the world. In R/3 system all the three servers likepresentation, application server and database server are located atdifferent system.
10. What are presentation, application and database serversin SAP R/3?
 The application layer of an R/3 System is made up of theapplication serversand the message server. Application programsin an R/3 System are run on application servers. The applicationservers communicate with the presentation components, thedatabase, and also with each other, using the message server. Allthe data are stored in a centralized server. This server is calleddatabase server.
11. What should be the approach for writing a BDC program?
Convert thelegacy systemdata to a flat file and convert flat fileinto internal table. Transfer the flat file into sap system called “sapdata transfer”. Call transaction(Write the program explicitly) orcreate sessions (sessions are created and processed ,if success datawill transfer).

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