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United Nations IAEA Report on Iran Nuclear Capabilities 8 Nov 2011

United Nations IAEA Report on Iran Nuclear Capabilities 8 Nov 2011

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Published by Zim Vicom

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Published by: Zim Vicom on Nov 09, 2011
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Board of Governors
Date: 8 November 2011
Restricted Distribution
Original: English
For official use only
Item 5(c) of the provisional agena (!O"#2011#$%)
Implementation of the NPT Safeguards  Agreement and relevant provisions of Security Council resolutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran
 Report by the Director General
'his report of the Director !eneral to the oar of !overnors an in parallel to the *ec+rit, -o+ncil is on the implementation of the N.' *afeg+ars /greement
 an relevant provisions of *ec+rit, -o+ncil resol+tions in the Islamic ep+blic of Iran (Iran)& 2&
'he *ec+rit, -o+ncil has affirme that the steps re+ire b, the oar of !overnors in its resol+tions
 are bining on Iran&
 'he relevant provisions of the aforementione *ec+rit, -o+ncil resol+tions ere aopte +ner -hapter "II of the 3nite Nations -harter an are manator, in accorance ith the terms of those resol+tions&
 'he /greement beteen Iran an the /genc, for the /pplication of *afeg+ars in -onnection ith the 'reat, on the  Non6.roliferation of N+clear 7eapons (IN-I-#214) hich entere into force on 15 9a, 1;4&
 'he oar of !overnors has aopte ten resol+tions in connection ith the implementation of safeg+ars in Iran: !O"#200%#$ (12 *eptember 200%)< !O"#200%#81 (2$ November 200%)< !O"#2004#21 (1% 9arch 2004)< !O"#2004#4 (18 =+ne 2004)< !O"#2004#; (18 *eptember 2004)< !O"#2004#0 (2 November 2004)< !O"#2005#$4 (11 /+g+st 2005)< !O"#2005#;; (24 *eptember 2005)< !O"#200$#14 (4 ebr+ar, 200$)< an !O"#200#82 (2; November 200)&
 In resol+tion 12 (2010) the *ec+rit, -o+ncil: affirme inter alia that Iran shall itho+t f+rther ela, ta>e the steps re+ire  b, the oar in !O"#200$#14 an !O"#200#82< reaffirmeIran?s obligation to cooperate f+ll, ith the I/E/ on all o+tstaning iss+es partic+larl, those hich give rise to concerns abo+t the possible militar, imensions of the Iranian n+clear  programme< ecie that Iran shall itho+t ela, compl, f+ll, an itho+t +alification ith its *afeg+ars /greement incl+ing thro+gh the application of moifie -oe %&1 of the *+bsiiar, /rrangements< an calle +pon Iran to act strictl, in accorance ith the provisions of its /itional .rotocol an to ratif, it promptl, (operative paras 1@$)&
 'he 3nite Nations *ec+rit, -o+ncil has aopte the folloing resol+tions on Iran: 1$$ (200$)< 1;%; (200$)< 1;4; (200;)< 180% (2008)< 18%5 (2008)< an 12 (2010)&
 Atoms for Peace
!O"#2011#$5 .age 2
, virt+e of its elationship /greement ith the 3nite Nations
 the /genc, is re+ire to cooperate ith the *ec+rit, -o+ncil in the eAercise of the -o+ncil?s responsibilit, for the maintenance or restoration of international peace an sec+rit,& /ll 9embers of the 3nite Nations agree to accept an carr, o+t the ecisions of the *ec+rit, -o+ncil
 an in this respect to ta>e actions hich are consistent ith their obligations +ner the 3nite Nations -harter& 4&
In a letter ate 2$ 9a, 2011 B&E& Dr ere,o+n /bbasi "ice .resient of Iran an Bea of the /tomic Energ, OrganiCation of Iran (/EOI) informe the Director !eneral that Iran o+l be prepare to receive relevant +estions from the /genc, on its n+clear activities after a eclaration b, the /genc, that the or> plan (IN-I-#;11) ha been f+ll, implemente an that the /genc, o+l thereafter implement safeg+ars in Iran in a ro+tine manner& In his repl, of % =+ne 2011 the Director !eneral informe Dr /bbasi that the /genc, as neither in a position to ma>e s+ch a eclaration nor to con+ct safeg+ars in Iran in a ro+tine manner in light of concerns abo+t the eAistence in Iran of possible militar, imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme& On 1 *eptember 2011 the Director !eneral met Dr /bbasi in "ienna an isc+sse iss+es relate to the implementation of Iran?s *afeg+ars /greement an other relevant obligations& In a letter ate %0 *eptember 2011 the /genc, reiterate its invitation to Iran to re6engage ith the /genc, on the o+tstaning iss+es relate to possible militar, imensions to Iran?s n+clear  programme an the actions re+ire of Iran to resolve those iss+es& In a letter ate %0 October 2011 Dr /bbasi referre to his previo+s isc+ssions ith the Director !eneral an eApresse the ill of Iran to remove ambig+ities if an, s+ggesting that the Dep+t, Director !eneral for *afeg+ars (DD!6*!) sho+l visit Iran for isc+ssions& In his repl, ate 2 November 2011 the Director !eneral inicate his  prepareness to sen the DD!6*! to isc+ss the iss+es ientifie in his forthcoming report to the oar of !overnors& 5&
'his report aresses evelopments since the last report (!O"#2011#54 2 *eptember 2011) as ell as iss+es of longer staning an in line ith the Director !eneral?s opening remar>s to the oar of !overnors on 12 *eptember 2011 contains an /nneA setting o+t in more etail the basis for the /genc,?s concerns abo+t possible militar, imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme& 'he report foc+ses on those areas here Iran has not f+ll, implemente its bining obligations as the f+ll implementation of these obligations is neee to establish international confience in the eAcl+sivel, peacef+l nat+re of Iran?s n+clear programme&
Facilities Declared under Iran!s "afe#uards A#ree$ent
3ner its *afeg+ars /greement Iran has eclare to the /genc, 15 n+clear facilities an nine locations o+tsie facilities here n+clear material is c+stomaril, +se (FOs)&
 Notithstaning that certain of the activities being +nerta>en b, Iran at some of the facilities are contrar, to the relevant resol+tions of the oar of !overnors an the *ec+rit, -o+ncil as inicate belo the /genc, contin+es to implement safeg+ars at these facilities an FOs&  
 'he /greement !overning the elationship beteen the 3nite Nations an the I/E/ entere into force on 14 November 15; folloing approval b, the !eneral -onference +pon recommenation of the oar of !overnors an approval b, the !eneral /ssembl, of the 3nite Nations& It is repro+ce in IN-I-#11 (%0 October 15) .art I&/&
 'he -harter of the 3nite Nations /rticle 25&
 /ll of the FOs are sit+ate ithin hospitals&
!O"#2011#$5 .age %
&nric'$ent Related Acti(ities
-ontrar, to the relevant resol+tions of the oar of !overnors an the *ec+rit, -o+ncil Iran has not s+spene its enrichment relate activities in the folloing eclare facilities all of hich are nevertheless +ner /genc, safeg+ars&
)atan*+ Fuel &nric'$ent ,lant and ,ilot Fuel &nric'$ent ,lant
Fuel &nric'$ent ,lant -F&,+
 'here are to cascae halls at E.: .ro+ction Ball / an .ro+ction Ball & /ccoring to the esign information s+bmitte b, Iran eight +nits are planne for .ro+ction Ball / ith 18 cascaes in each +nit& No etaile esign information has ,et been provie for .ro+ction Ball & &
/s of 2 November 2011 54 cascaes ere installe in three of the eight +nits in .ro+ction Ball / %; of hich ere eclare b, Iran as being fe ith 3
 7hereas initiall, each installe cascae comprise 1$4 centrif+ges Iran has s+bse+entl, moifie 15 of the cascaes to contain 1;4 centrif+ges each& 'o ate all the centrif+ges installe are I61 machines& /s of 2 November 2011 installation or> in the remaining five +nits as ongoing b+t no centrif+ges ha been installe an there ha been no installation or> in .ro+ction Ball & 10&
eteen 15 October an 8 November 2011 the /genc, con+cte a ph,sical inventor, verification (.I") at E. the res+lts of hich the /genc, is c+rrentl, eval+ating& 11&
Iran has estimate that beteen 18 October 2010 an 1 November 2011 it pro+ce 1;8; >g of lo enriche 3
 hich o+l res+lt in a total pro+ction of 422 >g of lo enriche 3
 since pro+ction  began in ebr+ar, 200;&
 'he n+clear material at E. (incl+ing the fee pro+ct an tails) as ell as all installe cascaes an the fee an ithraal stations are s+bGect to /genc, containment an s+rveillance&
 'he conse+ences for safeg+ars of the seal brea>age in the fee an ithraal area
 ill  be eval+ate b, the /genc, +pon completion of its assessment of the .I"& 12&
ase on the res+lts of the anal,sis of environmental samples ta>en at E. since ebr+ar, 200;
 an other verification activities the /genc, has concl+e that the facilit, has operate as eclare b, Iran in the Design Information H+estionnaire (DIH)& 1%&
,ilot Fuel &nric'$ent ,lant -,F&,+
.E. is a research an evelopment (D) facilit, an a  pilot lo enriche +rani+m (FE3) pro+ction facilit, hich as first bro+ght into operation in October 200%& It has a cascae hall that can accommoate siA cascaes an is ivie beteen an area esignate for the pro+ction of FE3 enriche +p to 20J 362%5 (-ascaes 1 an $) an an area esignate for D (-ascaes 2 % 4 an 5)& 14&
In the pro+ction area Iran first began feeing lo enriche 3
 into -ascae 1 on  ebr+ar, 2010 for the state p+rpose of pro+cing 3
 enriche +p to 20J 362%5 for +se in the man+fact+re of f+el for  
 'he 54 installe cascaes containe approAimatel, 8000 centrif+ges< the %; cascaes eclare b, Iran as being fe ith 3
on that ate containe $208 centrif+ges& Not all of the centrif+ges in the cascaes that ere being fe ith 3
 ma, have been or>ing&
 'he /genc, previo+sl, verifie that as of 1; October 2010 a total of %1%5 >g of lo enriche 3
 ha been pro+ce since the start of operations in ebr+ar, 200; (!O"#2011#2 para& )&
 In line ith normal safeg+ars practice small amo+nts of n+clear material at the facilit, (e&g& some aste an samples) are not s+bGect to containment an s+rveillance&
 !O"#2011#2 para& 10&
 es+lts are available to the /genc, for samples ta>en +p to $ 9arch 2011&

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